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  1. That isn't even kind of what you said.
  2. This is the third album. And still that song will not die.
  3. Nobody is happy about your hearing loss. I was just pointing out that more good things have happened than bad things. Which is a good thing. Now back to your regularly scheduled good news.
  4. I think it was when I was 5 years old and the Undertaker showed up. Before that I don't recall any gimmicks that couldn't be kayfabed to some degree. Terry Taylor really might have thought having a rooster-themed gimmick would get him noticed, Luke and Butch really might be backwoods New Zealanders that greet people by licking each side of their face, Tugboat really might be a fun loving fat dude that just really likes boats and the water (and renamed himself TYPHOON when he turned - dude loves water no matter what), etc etc etc. But why is this zombie dude wrestling? Why is he controlled by a
  5. Here's some good news - this thread made it to three pages before the "Fuck You" thread started.
  6. I can't tell you how happy I am to not be on the same side as you.
  7. If Punk thinks you're whiny, you are probably whiny as fuck.
  8. This thread would be two pages long if it weren't for the "Does (person it was pointed out in the first post doesn't count) count?"
  9. It worked fine for decades before Vince wanted to trademark everything.
  10. Saying Booker, Sting, Rock, and DDP were/are nothing special on their own seems outrageous to me. DDP-Goldberg is right there.
  11. At least we know the thread can only go up from there.
  12. Cyclops was always my favorite character and the direction they went with him in AvX was a huge part of my reason to stop reading Marvel books.
  13. Heel Cole went out of his way to bury Bryan, much more than anyone else at the time.
  14. How long has Gabriel had that terrible dubstep theme? It's still better than Generic Active Rock Song #436.
  15. Exceedingly happy you aren't in charge and didn't get to ruin the segment of the year.
  16. Pretty sure I remember hearing that the reaction Buff got from the crowd when Vince was listing the various WCW stars is what influenced this.So it's all our fault.
  17. So, is there an actual thing TNA didn't do right here? The whole "longest reigning TNA champion" deal did a lot to push Roode to the next level and get the belt over. It was one of the few good booking decisions that the company has ever made. And Meltzer shits all over it to make a reference to Walter Mondale's campaign directors? Epitome of old man yells at cloud.
  18. Dipping out of this thread until everyone is done putting things in numbered lists.
  19. I think it was a good demonstration of RVD's value. I hope he sticks around. Isn't Jericho due to leave soon? Would you really want him to come out with short hair? And what, no hating on the Punk segment? I thought Wyatt and Harper were great, and didn't think Rowan was so bad that it hurt the segment.
  20. That is an extremely strange and narrow way to judge a film.
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