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  1. No real news to speak of, just thinking of recent events and wow it's amazing how much Batman's penis could destabilize an entire company.
  2. Look, I realize I may be the only person in the world who will say this, but I can't express how hyped I am to have the first half or so of Mutant X in trade paperback.
  3. Way better than DK2, not as good as DKR or Last Crusade. It's a lot of fun and the art is great. Really it's closer to a Superman or Justice League story than a Batman one though.
  4. I really liked the new Halloween but it did have some issues. It couldn't seem to decide whether it wanted to be gritty and brutal or slasher ridiculous at times and while it sets the stakes early there's a real mid-film lull. Still, the whole theatre was invested in the Strode women and there was real tension at times and some of the best shots I've seen in a horror flick in a while.
  5. I mean, they may just not want people to feel like they're investing in series that are doomed before they even air them. I wouldn't expect Netflix to say the partnership is done until the last scheduled season has dropped and been out for a bit.
  6. 2002 RoH completists mostly, I'd guess with a smaller amount of mid-2000s US indie diehards. Although he *has* washed up in NOAH but folks wanting him for NOAH stuff seems less likely.
  7. I actually don't even dislike his Superman run. It's not AMAZING but there's some fun ideas and parts of it genuinely worked for me. Doesn't entirely come together though.
  8. I'm perversely entertained by uniquely next level terrible comics. Needs to be on that Uwe Boll level of so terrible as to become strangely compelling in its own way though, so mediocre and plain boring stuff doesn't work for it. Sort of relatedly, they're putting out a trade of angel Punisher the same month.
  9. Chuck Austen's X-Men getting collected. I'm already clearing shelf space on my worst ever shelf with Smith's Batman for when it goes on distributor clearance for $2 a year later.
  10. They've already announced two. One is by Aaron and Ribic, one by Gerry Duggan and Ron Garney. A third is either rumoured or confirmed but without a creative team announcement, I can't remember which.
  11. This. Honestly, the fact that it turned into Conor losing and then his whole crew eating shit in a massive brawl is the most interested I've been in MMA since Rouseymania.
  12. DC Primal Age comics written by Marv Wolfman coming to Target and toys coming to Amazon. DC meets Masters of the Universe basically. Looks like a ton of fun.
  13. It's a whole teen line by Bendis. Young Justice with the classic gang. Wonder Twins back in continuity. Ginny Hex, descendent of Jonah and science action hero. I'm so into this.
  14. Harley Quinn teaser, full trailer to come at NYCC
  15. It's really, really good. I'm hoping this Vertigo gen gets more attention than the last decade of cohorts. So many good books have gone unloved there.
  16. I actually just all around liked it. Superhero murder mysteries are interesting and the delivery is too. It's inconceivable that either Harley or Booster could kill some of the folks who are dead and it's all set to piece together from the aftermath. And King nailed a lot of the emotional beats along the way. I think it could turn out more Killing Joke than Identity Crisis: A great comic that nevertheless probably sacrifices more than it was worth.
  17. They're at a point where once Doomsday Clock is done they're going to need a Zero Hour style cleanup event to fix outstanding continuity issues and explain the current timeline in detail.
  18. Sort of? Super unclear how the Superman Reborn retcon affected that, honestly. Pretty sure Clark now just remembers this timeline but it's been altered to mostly resemble his post-Crisis timeline with some post New 52 mixed in.
  19. For Batman 66, I wonder if streaming rights were included in the deal?
  20. I mean, they only have minority ownership of BOOM! but if this is any kind of indication, it'll be where they cluster their adult tv/film tie-ins I guess.
  21. In general, growing up in the post-Image 90s superhero scene it was real hard for me to get into a lot of older comics art. Oh man, here's one. William Moulton Marston. I can't deny the value of his work but I also still can't get into any of his Golden Age Wonder Woman stuff because the art BOTHERS me. It's not just the Golden Age adjustment either. I've read plenty of other comics from the period. Something about his I just can't do.
  22. Honestly I only really trust BC here. They have a track record for this sort of stuff. And it's weird, I hate this in principle. It's Identity Crisis v2. But Tom King isn't Brad Meltzer. I've enjoyed nearly all of his work enough to give this a shot.
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