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  1. Chargers with 4th quarter lead means Washington has them right where they want them
  2. That was one of the dumber 4th and 1 calls by the bills
  3. Good thing Lions losing is that the coach will go scorched earth and get biblical on the retribution
  4. And the Jets are still the Jets
  5. Granted Buffalo has a really good D but man this Steelers offense is non existent right now
  6. Meanwhile everything at FedEx Field is fine
  7. Sorry but seeing a linebacker with the number 8 is weird as fuck
  8. If Rodgers thought that Erin Andrews interview would help him then yeah I think he miscalculated badly.
  9. Things are so bad for Miami that even cats are trying to end it all
  10. Toledo trying to eliminate Notre Dame from the BCS already And they blew the lead
  11. Here is a match I would love to see with more time on the indies
  12. I'm starting to suspect Ohio State might not be great this year. Although that was a must needed TD on the next drive
  13. They probably realized what little leverage Zelina really has and said fuck it.
  14. Just watching a 2 hour documentary from Vice called Too Soon which talks about how comedy dealt with the 9/11 attacks. Lots of stuff discussed by most people like Bill Maher, the famous Gilbert Gottfried roast that produced the most awkward 9/11 joke and then followed up with the greatest most disgusting joke ever in the Aristocrats, Saturday Night Live, and Letterman coming back. Also talked about the impact in bringing the rise of the Daily Show, the beginning of Steven Colbert, and how it helped bring a rise in Middle East comedians like the Axis of Evil Comedy tour. Also dealt some awful things like the treatment of Jeanene Garofolo by Fox News when she called out the Bush Administration and apparently one of the guys from Kids in the Hall (can't remember the name) trying to do a low brow comedy parody about terrorists days after 9/11 that absolutely failed miserably. Many great jokes and really went through everything. Definitely recommend
  15. That argument could be made for a lot of teams. I heard a stat on Highly Questionable I think Monday that Georgia has only 2 fewer 5 star recruits on their team then the entire Big 12 and Pac 12 COMBINED.
  16. The biggest problem with Cage isn't his moves in the ring. It is that he is just an emotional robot who can't cut a promo to save himself. If anyone would have needed the Adam Cole manager idea it would be him Also doesn't help that Cage is an anti-vaxxer which is fucking hilarious if you look at a picture of him from 4 years ago.
  17. This will be the ultimate test for all those people talking how the MJF and before that Max Caster stuff was "getting great heat". If Pillman is his usual self in AEW then your argument is garbage. If he actually looks like fire and does beat the shit out of Max then you win.
  18. Shocker Tom got a gift non pass interefence call for the win.
  19. Maybe it is just my league but it is clear that the #1 waiver wire pickup is Antonio Brown. Man it is like 2017 so far for him. Tampa's defense hasn't been that good
  20. The biggest problems that I have with Dana is that he seems to not give two shits about defense and the teams severely suffered because of it. The other problem is that created an atmosphere that a bowl game and even some regular season games doesn't mean anything if the BCS playoffs are out of reach. Those last 2 bowl games not only had players playing very half assed. If Dana coached the Liberty Bowl he would have let Army run all over them because fuck it the game was before Christmas. Also personally I am never going to forget Dana being the coach of the team that allowed Kansas to break like a 25 game Big 12 losing streak in a blowout I think Brown has recruited or got transfers the right kind of players except for the most important position and that is QB. He has been bad at that.
  21. All these old farts talking about getting heat but how many of them got such good heat they induced labor
  22. By the way if you want to know how bad things are for Kansas, they are a 25 point underdog to Coastal Carolina. I would love to know last time Coastal Carolina has been a 25 point favorite against any Division 1 much less a supposed power conference
  23. Daniel Garcia with Dan Lambert is way more credible than Ethan Page who did a karate gimmick on the indies. I don't know what kind of non pro wrestling background Scorpio sky had
  24. It is funny how people are using the "Well it worked for Roddy Piper". Piper was originally made a manager because he was a great talker. Adam Cole was going to made a manager because he is short Also they wanted to use Cole for Keith Lee who doesn't need anyone to talk for him and even if it was a heel turn has been 50/50 to death that it would take a long time to get on next level
  25. I was kind of hoping that they realized that MJF needed to calm down his heel gimmick just a little. And did for the most part while still being extremely hated. Because for people who are angry about this segment hasn't really watched MJF on the indies and MLW because he was way way worse. But I guess not after yesterday This has probably been mentioned already on here but can someone explain why Dan Lambert hates AEW and yet still travels all over the country. This angle would probably make a lot more sense if the show was only in Jacksonville
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