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  1. Devin

    Alan Vega Died

    He was 78 so it isn't that sad, but still, damn. :'( All you youngins go listen to some Suicide
  2. Grabbing the phone away during a 911 call is what abusers do and hence why it is frowned upon heavily in the law. And, there is no excuse for grabbing anyone, especially a lady when you are a big dude, by the head during an argument. Sorry, I can't share your shock. With that said, unlikely he does any time.
  3. Yeah, that is also signed by Super Dragon, Low Ki, Jardi Frantz, Donovan Morgan, Scoot Andrews, Christopher Daniels. APW booked Khali ridiculously well so I never minded much.
  4. An awesome thing I done found in my piles of shit that I'm cleaning out. Signed by everyone but Bison Smith - may he rest in peace - and Tony Jones. So basically this has Am Drag, Spanky, Styles, Doug Williams, and Samoa Joe. I guess I should frame it and then my friends will laugh at me.
  5. well, there's a couple minutes of my life I won't get back
  6. Sandra Bullock in "The Blind Side"
  7. Well look who it is. I'm trying my hardest to not look these days.
  8. Here is my Pepper. Spoiler due to hyoooge size pic of tiny doge.
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