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  1. The Cena match made it really clear to me how badly miscast Rollins is as a heel. It is a testament to his ability that he's producing so many high end matches, but everything about him screams babyface except for maybe his awesomely douche-y hair. His strengths are bumping, quick counters, and flashy moves. I have no doubt he has the talent to pull off a real show-off heel gimmick like AJ Styles could in his prime, but it doesn't really fit in with the Shield's mercenary gimmick or WWE's general desire to make their heels all plodding and "methodical." 

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  2. We would have been crazy about that Usos/Wyatts match in 1999 if it was on Raw then.


    First thing I thought after that match was over was how much it reminded me of the early Hardy Boys matches. Fun stuff. Rowan and Harper are a great sprint team, too, because it really helps to hide Rowan's weaknesses and Harper can hit his big moves in rapid  succession.


    The Shield series was really fun, and I think a big part of it was all 4 non-participants work around ringside. Ambrose and Henry never stopped selling their matches, and Reigns was tearing it up with his facial expressions and trash talk as per usual. Then the final brawl was very effective with no wasted motion and ensured no one lost any heat. The individual matches were all pretty good too. Roman looked amazing in his match against Henry. I'm fully on board with him now. His strikes were on point, he showed a great mix of speed and power, and had a videogame-esque finishing run. I think Cena/Rollins could've benefited from being a little shorter. Didn't really buy the first half with Rollins controlling Cena in a slugfest. The bomb-trading finishing run was as good of one as you'll see in that style, though. Rollins is going to be a really good upper midcard/main event babyface one day. He's everything Dolph Ziggler wants to be, but effortlessly.

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    Kind of wish Nikki would use the burning hammer as a finish.

    Because if there's one person on the WWE roster who should get a dangerous head-dropping finisher from 90's-era AJPW, it's the less talented Bella...



    Reactions like this is what makes it work. 


    But more seriously, doing "movez" would probably help the divas stand out a lot, since I don't think anyone but AJ has had a storyline or character worth a damn in 3+ years. Yes, ok, if we need to cut through the sarcasm, we can probably leave out the burning hammers and TD91s, but surely some of them are capable of doing a shiranui or northern lights bomb or something. When you're talking about matches and wrestlers with such low expectations, one move actually can make a big difference to how they're perceived. 

  4. I really don't get how WWE can so consistently produce Raws that are 10x better than the ppv the night before.


    Cena really buried Orton in that opening promo there, didn't he?


    I'd  love to see Henry/Langston get a big push as a team. Maybe give Big E double gold (or gold and copper in this case) to give him that extra push. I just hope they don't do the super-cliche Henry turn after a few weeks. He needs an extended face run.


    I could listen to Punk and Michaels bicker on the mic all day. Both guys are just so good at working with the crowd and thinking on their feet. Heel Michaels was long overdue for a return, it's just too bad we can't see what he can do in the ring with this character.


    Shield match was another fine outing by them. The Usos are totally underrated and have great chemistry with The Shield also. Loved all 6 guys trash-talking throughout the match. I don't wanna be that guy that says he's sold on someone after some totally trivial spot that really doesn't mean that much in the grand scheme of things, but Roman's "Nah, I got him, I just had to test the waters" almost made me that guy. Weird booking to have The Shield win the 6 man and lose the 3-on-1, but whatever.


    Crazy hot finish to the divas match. Nice surprise there. Kind of wish Nikki would use the burning hammer as a finish.


    Bryan/Orton was a great match, probably not as good as their No DQ match, but way better than their two ppv matches. I love matches where both guys actually sell fatigue and damage from the night before. The only other match I've seen where two guys pull it off better was the Punk vs. Jeff Hardy cage match on SD after their Summer Slam TLC match. You really got the feeling that both guys were running on fumes and every little move hurt that much more from the leg kicks to the elbow stomp. The use of desperation biting and head-butts was also a fine detail. The DQ finish was ok here since it protected Bryan and actually fit with the story pretty well. Orton is beat up and knows he's getting out-hustled by Bryan so he just says fuck it and leaves (then sneak attacks Cena for extra heel points). 

  5. It's the little things that make this show.


    John Cena working a "Quite Frankly" into his promo to Nikki's friends.


    Random shot of Fandango oiling himself up backstage, that was slightly longer than the usual flash cut filler on this show.


    The long scene with Steph sitting there playing the progressively drunker voicemails left by Nattie and both of their facial expressions as it played out was great, though.

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    1. Punk vs. Lesnar (Summer Slam)

    2. Del Rio vs. Ziggler (Payback)

    3. Del Rio vs. Show - LMS (SD 1-11)

    4. Bryan vs. Rollins (Raw 6-10)

    5. Bryan vs. Cena (Summer Slam)

    6. Bryan/Usos vs. Shield (SD 9-20)

    7. Punk vs. Taker (Wrestlemania)

    8. Hell No/Kofi vs. Shield (Raw 5-20)

    9. Cena/Sheamus/Ryback vs. Shield (Elimination Chamber)

    10. Bryan vs. Orton - No DQ (Raw 6-24)

    11. Del Rio vs. Christian (Summer Slam)

    12. Punk vs. Cena (Raw 2-25)

    13. Usos vs. Rollins/Reigns (Money in the Bank, pre-show)

    14. Orton vs. Christian (Raw 8-19)

    15. Cody/Dustin vs. Rollins/Reigns (Battleground)

    16. Bryan vs. Swagger/Cesaro/Ryback - Gauntlet (Raw 7-22)

    17. Cesaro vs. Kofi (Main Event 5-1)

    18. Del Rio vs. Big Show - LMS (Royal Rumble)

    19. Orton vs. Big Show - Extreme Rules (Extreme Rules, the ppv)

    20. Hell No/Orton vs. Shield (SD 6-14)




    I was really hoping I would be able to make some serious changes to my list by the end of the year, but I don't think much would move beyond #17. I'd add Cena/Sandow for sure (probably in the 13-15 range), but maybe not anything else. The Survivor Series elimination match, Punk/Bryan vs. Harper/Rowan from Survivor Series, Shield vs. Cody/Dustin/Rey from Raw a couple weeks ago, Usos vs. Harper/Rowan from Raw last week, and the 4 way tag from TLC would be borderline candidates. None of those jump out as clearly better than the Cesaro/Bryan portion of the gauntlet match, though. I'll admit I haven't seen the big tag clusterfuck on SD several weeks back that got good reviews.

  7. Pretty mediocre show, as has been the norm since Summer Slam.


    Punk/Shield felt as much like a ppv match as a 3 on 1 handicap match possibly could. Roman's bump over the table and Punk's subsequent targeting of the eye gave the match a special feel. Punk going over is kind of silly despite all the shenanigans, but these four did their absolute best to make it work. 


    Divas match was the usual forgettable affair. At least Nattie didn't win.


    The IC match was also total filler, and god damn, get Big E a new finisher already. 


    Fatal 4-way tag got real good after Ryback and Axel were eliminated. Swagger and Cesaro both took great bumps for the KO punch, and that finishing run between Rey and Cody was hot. Easily the best match of the night.


    The "bonus" matches both sucked. Why can't WWE experiment with Kofi as a heel? There are very few things less interesting than face Kofi vs. heel Miz at this point. Tons of Funk breaking up is gonna end up so bad for both guys. Brodus is gonna get the first push and flounder if not outright bomb in singles. His ceiling is IC material, but even then, Langston appears to be a much more promising prospect who should hold that belt for a while. And while it'd be fun to imagine a successful singles push for Tensai, I can't see him going more than two ppvs before he's solidly locked into the Superstars/ME circuit with his "dancing big man" gimmick.


    Bryan vs. The Wyatts was fine, but really felt like a Raw match. There wasn't anything special or ppv-worthy about it. Harper was great as usual, Bray looked amazing during the finishing run, and Bryan was Bryan, but overall I felt like there was a lot less effort here than Punk/Shield. 


    Main event was very disappointing. Cena and Orton have had some great matches, but this was subpar. Not straight bad or anything, but really uninspired. Lots of stalling/slow ladder climbing and atrocious no-selling of big spots until the end. The finish was creative, I'll give them that, but I thought Cena had a legit broken his neck on that bump. I was so relieved to see him moving after the match. Scariest thing I've seen in the ring in a while. As a distant second to Cena surviving the finish, the other good part about this match was at least we had a clean winner. It means more Raw-main-event and ppv-opening-promo HHH unfortunately, but hey, decisive finish. 

  8. That last segment was awesome. If I hadn't been conditioned to expect horrible ppv finishes the last 6 months, I'd be looking forward to TLC more than I am already. Cena and Orton just work so well together. Both of their promos were way more inspired than they've been in a long time. Punk and Bryan did something relevant. The spot with Orton crying "I'm sorry" in the corner while Cena stood awkwardly next to the authority was intriguing, which I don't think is a word I've used to describe anything on WWE tv since Summer Slam. Good stuff all around.


    On the down side, it looks like they are going with two separate 3 on 1 handicap matches with no other gimmicks for a ppv. The Shield teasing a break-up and the Wyatts looking to recruit Bryan don't make them anymore interesting. Punk/Ambrose and Wyatts/Usos were fun matches, though.


    Cena/Rock winning MOTY should've been retroactively nominated for LOL moment.

  9. Craziest thing about Total Divas is that, IMO, it's actually the guys who are the stars of the show.  Cena's weird rant about the laundry is 100x more interesting than anything Eva Marie has done so far. Likewise, Vinny just owns the screen any time he appears.


    Makes me wonder why WWE never pitched a Cena reality show. He obviously doesn't have huge issues with having cameras around all the time and it would probably do great ratings.


    I think it's just that "the guys" are the characters we're already interested in because they've been in our favorite tv series for years and this is a slightly different role for them. I'm sure everyone on this board is more interested in watching Daniel Bryan, John Cena, or even Jimmy Uso than Eva Marie, but I'd be interested to hear a non-wrestling fan's view on the show.


    Personally, I love all the suits on the show. Steph in full corporate executive mode and that one guy Mark who is always lurking backstage or making a phone call just as soon as the plot needs to advance make the show for me.

  10. I think I'm the only one here who really likes it when Cena and Orton feud. Of course, I'd rather the undisputed gimmick be used to cement new guys like Punk and Bryan, but I don't mind Cena and Orton having a main event angle at all. I thought Orton's promo was one of his better ones lately, but then Cena just obliterated him with a really underrated promo of his own. The "underachiever" line only works coming from John Cena because he absolutely has overshadowed Orton every step of the way and everyone knows it. Coming from anyone else, it wouldn't work, but with Cena, it was awesome. They always have good matches together too, so I'm excited for what they can do in a TLC, even if I fear for Cena's life at this point.


    The 6-man was good as expected, and Goldust continues to be awesome. Good to see the Shield has finally learned how to beat him, though.


    Also I really hope something happens next week so we don't get two fucking 3 on 1 handicap matches on a ppv. Despite liking everyone involved sans Rowan, I have no desire to see either of those matches. It's bad enough when that shit's on Raw. Get the Rhodes Brothers and the Usos in there for an elimination tables match.

  11. Sounds like an upcoming heel turn for Bryan. 


    I'm thinking it'll be a fake turn where they tease the same thing that happened to Kane, but in the end, Bryan and Punk get the drop on the Wyatts/Shield and clean house. Turning Bryan or Punk would be monumentally stupid at this point since they're the purest main event babyfaces (in terms of reaction) and fluctuate between the top 3 spots in overall heat with Cena.

  12. The main event was really least interesting part of the show. Despite the big names, I couldn't have been the only one to think "you know, I really have no desire to see that match" when it was being announced. It was interesting for the 5 minutes or so Show was selling the head injury, but nothing significant came out of it.


    Loved Cena's opening promo for all the wrong reasons. "These people are chanting for Daniel Bryan because they want to see John Cena vs. Randy Orton." Sure. That said, I do think the TLC match will be good until the fuck finish. God I really hope the crowd shits all over it if the do the (likely) thing where each guy gets one belt. Hearing the announcers act shocked when literally everybody called it as soon as the stip was announced will be terrible. I'd kill for a ppv with a "non-controversial" ending these days.


    Everything with Punk/Bryan, The Shield, and The Wyatts was really good. Reigns' spear to a wounded Punk out of nowhere was Kanyon Cutter levels of awesome. Good to see the Shield get a strong win in a return-to-form great 6-man too. I hope Bray gets some more ring time soon, because he was really working the gimmick in that tag match. It'll be interesting to see what the ppv payoff is for the angle on this show. A Shield/Wyatts vs. Punk/Bryan/Usos/Rhodes elimination table match would be really fun, but the rest of the card would be hurting for decent matches.

  13. Reigns reminds me of Ryback more than anything.  Unknown quantity with a good look who got over a little bit, and was pushed hard with huge expectations based off a really limited body of work.  Maybe Reigns will work out better and become the next Batista?  I still don't see him supplanting Cena, though.



    I'd say there's more potential for Reigns to end up like Ryback than Batista, but that's meant as a criticism of the writing rather than Roman's talent. It's easy to see the potential for comparisons to Batista (protected big guy in a top stable), but when was the last time any new guy got pushed liked Batista? When they started teasing dissension in Evolution, HHH was acting scared of Dave the whole time. Batista then went on to dominate a chamber (while HHH laid back and reaped the benefits), outsmarted HHH with a dominating turn (even though human chess wasn't supposed to be his forte), then beat HHH clean in 3 straight ppv matches before becoming the undisputed number one guy on SD (which was still a big deal in 2005). Not only is there not a HHH-like figure in the Shield, can you imagine him getting any similar type of push in today's WWE? No one is going to be the next Batista or Cena until they get pushed like Batista or Cena.


    Reigns was great, though, and I loved Rollins pulling out that leaping curb stomp-type manoeuvre. I don't think I've seen him use it since being called up. 


    He's been using that as a part-time finisher, although he doesn't get falls very often. He also uses the springboard knee strike sometimes, but I'm guessing they're trying to get away from that one because of Bryan's new move. He used the curbstomp on a chair to Bryan in their debut TLC match, and has used it to pin Bryan in the tag title match with Orton at Payback, as well as pinning Kofi, R-Truth, and now one of the Usos in multi-man matches.

  14. This show was exactly what I expected. The tags were fun, and everything else was boring.


    Roman vs. The World was pretty cool. He has improved a lot, so I'm pretty ok with a push for him. I'm not sure Reigns is the next big thing, but he deserves a shot. Hopefully he's not the next Ryback. 


    The only other good thing to come out of the first 2 hours was Axel and Ryback being jobbed into oblivion. I fear them quickly resurfacing as tag title contenders, but hopefully they both just disappear. 


    Bryan/Punk/Wyatts built up some nice steam by the end. I wish they would just start running Bray/Harper for important matches because Rowan just can't carry his weight in a big match at this point. He's starting to stand out in a bad way in this gimmick. That said, Luke Harper is every bit as good as Rowan is bad. That guy sells the gimmick while still doing freaking half nelson suplexes and avalanche powerbombs. Sure, it was Bryan taking the moves, so I wouldn't expect them every match, but just seeing him show that kind of range makes him special. That guy's a keeper. 


    Main event was really bad. They had a good match at Extreme Rules, but this one had nothing that made that match work. No gimmick, no hot crowd, and main event expectations heading in. The "non-physical" interference was painfully obvious. Only redeeming quality was it still had the punt. I'm actually not opposed to more Cena/Orton matches, as I'm one of the few people who really loved their feud in 09. I am opposed to wasting a unification gimmick match on them when that should definitely be used to put someone different over. 

  15. Re: Survivor Series - It is "just another ppv" at this point, but they'd be stupid to change the name. As others have said, the elimination matches haven't mattered for nearly 20 years, but it still has name value forever thanks to Montreal. No ppvs besides the Rumble and Mania really stand out anyway. They've made some attempts to make Summer Slam seem like a bigger deal the last couple of years, but it's still a distant 3rd.


    Re: Miz's title run - Even as someone who hasn't been able to tolerate Miz on tv since the Lawler feud, I can't say he didn't work hard and deserve a shot. He looked to have some potential for taking the next step late in 2010, but he just never got there. Worth a shot, but it should've ended with Cena beating him at Mania and not looking back. Having him go over in the WM main when it was clear it wasn't going to work was bad enough, but I think the follow up was what really put the nail in the coffin. Does anyone remember that god-awful I Quit match at Over the Limit where Miz's master plan was to have A-Ri make it a de facto handicap match? Miz tried to copy Orton's routine from the 09 Breaking Point match, and was the worst, least convincing "psychopath" character in wrestling history. Not only was it a rare terrible John Cena match, but I think it was literally the only I Quit match in WWE history that was even below average, let alone nearly unwatchable. I never wanted to see the Miz again after that.


    Re: Names - I don't think John Cahill and Eric Philbin are too terrible, just super generic. They should probably change them before they get to the main roster. At least go with Eric Edwards, John Cahill could be serviceable if Davey stands out on his own, similar to Luke Harper. I will say that Dean Ambrose is a million times better than John Moxley, so at least whoever's coming up with names has that one going for them.

  16. If we can nail some of these teams down, I might be inspired to do an actual tournament in Fire Pro (although MGFan might be a better person to do that, since he can post videos).


    1. Detroit (Kevin Nash, Sabu, Rhino, Steiner Brothers)

    2. Chicago (Lex Luger, CM Punk, One Man Gang, Road Warriors)

    3. Minneapolis (Mr. Perfect, Rick Rude, Brock Lesnar, Ole Anderson, Verne Gagne)

    4. Houston (Undertaker, Steve Austin, Hernandez, Harlem/Houston Heat)

    5. Atlanta (Goldberg, Big Bossman Fabulous Freebirds)

    6. Los Angeles/Hollywood (Hulk Hogan, Sting, Goldust, The Fantastics)

    7. Miami (The Rock, Razor Ramon, MVP, Dolph Ziggler, Darren Young)

    8. Calgary (Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Jim Neidhart, Bad News Allen, Lance Storm)

    9. Boston (John Cena, Killer Kowalski, Perry Saturn, Kazarian, Tensai)

    10. Winnipeg (Roddy Piper, Chris Jericho, Steve Corino, Don Callis, Kenny Omega)

    11. New York City (Adrian Adonis, Jimmy Valiant, Homicide, Low Ki, Bully Ray)

    12. Jersey Shore (DDP, Bam Bam Bigelow, King Kong Bundy, Chris Candido, Balls Mahoney)

    13. Philadelphia (Chief Jay Strongbow, Sandman, Stevie Richards, The Nasty Boys)

    14. Montreal (Mad Dog Vachon, Jos Le Duc, Rick Martel, Rougeau Brothers)

    15. St. Louis (Lou Thesz, Randy Orton, Cowboy Bob Orton, Iceman Parsons, Evan Bourne)

    16. Parts Unknown (Ultimate Warrior, Doink, Papa Shango, Demolition)


    There's a pretty good tournament that will never happen.

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    Team Minneapolis: Curt Hennig, Larry Hennig, Verne Gagne, Rick Rude and either Barry Darsow or Nikita Koloff. Tom Zenk can be the waterboy.


    Sean Waltman should at least get the waterboy spot. And the last real spot should go to Brock Lesnar. Perfect, Rude, Lesnar, Verne, and Larry the Ax with Waltman running interference could give Detroit and Chicago a run for their money.


    El Paso could field a good squad just by throwing the Guerrero family out there.


    Comedy option: Team Greenwich, CT (Triple H, Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, Rodney, Pete Gas)

  18. I wish there was no rehearsal and she introduced Randy Orton from Los Angeles on live tv, just to see Orton's reaction.


    Forgetting Jinder almost had to be a work to rib on him or 3MB. You'd think they'd at least tell Eva the day of what match she's announcing so she can run through her lines a hundred times. At the very least, they were trolling Eva by telling her to memorize the entire roster then throwing a bunch of obscure low-carders at her. If 3MB wasn't a collection of failed singles guys, they'd probably forget their names too. I imagine the plan was to get funny backstage segment out of any member of 3MB, either Uso, or Gabriel. 


    Bring on the "Ginger Mahal" signs at the next few tv shows, though.

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