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  1. I kind of expected Cole/O'Reilly to be the night one main. Sounds like there will be a gimmick, and it would let them overkill away without stepping on the title match, which will be more of a restrained affair. You can probably also pencil in Gargano vs. Lumis, Walter vs. Ciampa, Candace/Indi vs. Ember/Shotzi, LA Knight vs. Reed, and MSK vs. Burch/Lorcan.
  2. Can't believe it's been 6 pages and no one (myself included) has mentioned the Diamond Cutter. Perfect name for a perfect move, and inspired many terrible rip-offs for the opposite end of the spectrum (Bubba cutter and Cody cutter come to mind). I wonder if DDP is proud of the fact that "cutter" is now a generic for the move he popularized.
  3. This plus the phrase "from hell" attached to any noun means "way worse than normal." Not sure how people don't know/missed this.
  4. Not gonna lie, I'm actually interested in this match.
  5. If you're talking about names for the same move, Acid Drop to Dudley Dog has to be the biggest quality gap. Also, avalanche anything >>> super anything.
  6. Shame that Dakota/Zoey had to settle for being the second best women's match of the night. Dakota is really fun when her timing is on. Walter returning is acceptable compensation for having to watch Jordan Devlin's very inferior CW champion act. The main event angle was about the worst use of all 4 guys imaginable, and I love all of them. They're killing Kross' mystique by having him talk like a normal person, and he's like the one guy that should absolutely not be in any slopped-together tag match. Burch/Lorcan are great workers but have credibility issues stemming from being a JTTS
  7. I'm glad they put that terrible Cody/Penta match on first because the rest of the show was good to awesome. No idea why they decided it would be a great idea to kill Penta's biggest move, and then have him do the exact same turn as Scorpio did on Darby last week. Good to see Cage breaking away from Team Taz. He seems way too good for that jobber stable, although the problem is that now he has to feud with a jobber stable. The 10-man did a good job combining a lot of stories into one match. Mox and Kingston could sell me on anything. Liked the nod to Southpaw Wrestling. I never r
  8. Penta's problem in AEW is that he and Fenix got the gimmick of "resident Mexican wrestlers" and the role of "second-tier spotfest filler." That role works fine for Fenix (though he's capable of more), but Penta really needs some edge. He can go high-speed, but his matches work better when he's more of a bully striker, and works in his big moves as needed.
  9. Dakota/Raquel getting the titles and dropping them instantly was really bad. That was like something you'd see in end-stage WCW. Just do a match for the vacant belts instead of stat-padding the roster. Also the Shotzi/Ember team does nothing for me. Dakota and Raquel are a much more natural pairing than Ember just adopting Shotzi's gimmick (whatever that is) for no reason. Not sure when WWE learned how to book a dominant face champion, but I'm here for everything Finn Balor these days. I kept waiting for the overkill, and it never really came. Not sure why Cole burned his two main finishe
  10. Have to agree this was a great reset show after an underwhelming ppv. If you have to an all-time show-killing botch, you couldn't ask for 3 better promo guys in Kingston, Moxley, and Callis to run damage control at least. Hell, Kenny was great here too, had some real "DX Shawn" vibes. I won't lie, I was cracking up at "Quick north-south! 69 me Don!" Probably the best they could hope for to salvage that angle, now just let Mox and Eddie kick some ass and it'll all be forgotten soon enough. I also don't mind Christian as a filler challenger for Omega. The top-level faces are pretty thi
  11. Brian Cage's suplex stair climb with Darby doesn't deserve to be forgotten. The main event was perfect until, well... You know. I think there might have been about 10 people who liked that finish, and they were everyone involved in the planning and execution of that horrible "literal giant brass ring" ladder match that would otherwise be getting wrestlecrap memed to death. I do not envy the writers who have to figure this one out by Wednesday. I honestly think the best play might just be some video editing and gaslighting everyone into thinking it was a big explosion.
  12. What is Cesaro's contract situation? I honestly have no clue, but if there's one guy who I'd like to see get an ace run in a national promotion while he still has something left in the tank...
  13. Kevin Greene with Flair and Piper vs. Hall/Nash/Syxx. Perhaps not the most fair because the talent level in that match is considerably higher, but Greene held up his end. Pat McAfee Wargames was better too, plus he actually hyped it well. Shaq lumbering around like Khali was better than it had any right to be, though. Jade Cargill has IT. I fear for Darby Allin's health on Sunday after he and Sting made the Taz family look like chumps the last two weeks. Can Pac/Fenix squash some jobbers every week for like a year?
  14. Finn/Roddy is exactly how a champ vs. midcard non-title match should go. Roddy got enough in to look good without wasting his big moves, and Finn controlled most of the match and countered a couple of Roddy's signature spots just a beat earlier than you'd expect in a full-on main event epic and got the decisive win with his full finisher sequence uninterrupted. This version of Finn is far more credible and menacing than the demon ever was. Just great stuff from him in every match now it seems like. Next week will be his biggest test against the master of overkill Adam Cole. They blew a hu
  15. Pre-PG WWE was a hell of a place. That match in particular was part of the particularly creepy/disgusting Vince/Steph feud that culminated with an I Quit match between the two at No Mercy 2003.
  16. Does it count as a squash if the guy doing the squash gets dq'ed? The beating Kendrick takes in this one is pretty extreme, even by early 2000s standards.
  17. I don't know how Indi Hartwell fits in, but Johnny and Candace as Austin Theory's parents is pretty damn funny. The main event angle is lame, but the NXT midcard is on fire right now.
  18. This match is so fucking good. True MOTDC in an absolutely loaded decade where so much more wrestling had become widely available. Perfect chemistry between all 4 guys as the match smoothly drifts between "plucky upstarts trying to make a name on the big stage," "surly veterans battling for pride following their epic singles match," and the best parts: "surly vets getting irritated when the upstarts try to cut in on their time." Super hot crowd for a NOAH show too.
  19. Xia Li's new act is so awesome, very Lucha Underground like. She didn't interest me at all as a blue-chipper babyface, but she's got some fire as a super-powered heel. I hope there's more for the Kacy/Kayden team after Xia kills them, though. Maybe it's just the lime green attire, but they really remind me of a women's version of MSK. Feel like Escobar/Kross match went too long. Full on babyface Kross doesn't work, but this match does bode well for Escobar's prospects beyond CW champ. He didn't look out of place hanging with Kross, even with all the interference. I am disappointed wi
  20. Dolph's brother is a good jobber. I dug Moxley using the guillotine choke to set up the paradigm shift. Great transition to a move that doesn't usually look good when he tries to hit it quickly.
  21. Fun thought experiment: What if when Hogan went to WCW, he booked himself like Cody Rhodes in AEW?
  22. Depends if you count his post-invasion win against the Rock/Undisputed tournament win. Technically it's the same belt, but I think the company doing the booking is more important than the name of the belt for the spirit of this argument.
  23. More or less bizarre than reading Bix posts in an actual published book (the Benoit one)?
  24. Not in terms of size, but a lot of the ex-wrestler announcers (Ventura, Piper, Savage, Booker T, Wade Barrett to name a few) had enough size and/or presence that they wouldn't be pushed around by most of the active roster at their respective times. The most egregious example might be Coach, who played a dopey character, but was a legit big dude/athlete. He looked like an small dweeb next to Dwayne Johnson, but he towered over guys he feuded with like Lawler and Tajiri. Whoever said Wight should be used like late-career Andre was dead on. It'd be a hilarious full-circle for his career too.
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