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  1. Thought this was a pretty good show for the most part.

    Mox/Nagata was decent and didn't ask either guy to do too much.

    For 4 guys I don't care about, SCU/Bucks was a pretty good match. I don't think the Bucks should've had to cheat that much to put SCU out to pasture.

    Cody's promo was the cringiest "both sides" shit ever, and I don't think the average AEW viewer is into that. Ogogo should definitely win this match if they have any sense, but their senses also told them this was a good promo idea, so...

    I actually think Kenny/Pac/Orange is a good use of the triple threat gimmick. Neither of those two guys one on one with Kenny is particularly interesting or credible right now, but combined, it gives Kenny enough of a challenge in a match that isn't as overused in AEW as it is in WWE.

    Wish they would've come up with something different for the Pinnacle/IC segment. The drink spray is WWE's spot forever, and this felt like a cheap knock-off, which AEW is usually much better at avoiding.

    Miro/Darby was exactly what it should've been. Didn't need to be a full squash, but Miro was dominant and Darby's hope spots weren't even all that hopeful, just enough to keep him looking tough in the face of a massive ass-kicking.

  2. Santos/Kushida was really good. Both guys got to show a lot, made good use of the 2/3 structure, and not a hint of overkill. Instead of going too crazy with a back and forth finishing run, Santos got his shine by fighting through the hoverboard lock after the quick tap to save himself in the second fall, but Kushida still had a nice sequence to put him away right after.

    Dunne/Ruff was a good semi-squash. I'm digging Ruff as the unhinged underdog self-destructively chasing that high of beating Gargano once.

    Glad to see Swerve get a stable and hopefully move on to bigger things. Not sure what his first program is, but I see some potential with them clashing with The Way down the line.

  3. As someone who watched the commercial free version, it didn't affect the match quality. I think the only good thing that happened during a break was the barbed wire for Cash's blade spot. The other two were Wardlow wasting most of his 2-minute advantage standing alone when everyone else was in the other ring and Jericho very slowly climbing the truss.

  4. Most of the B&G match was really good and captured the feel of the 87-92 WG matches. I think they tried too hard at the end, though. The rooftop segment wasn't that great, and the rest of the match ceased to exist at that point. There were probably better ways to end the match in the cage that could still write Jericho off, while still featuring the other participants. MJF could've smashed Jericho's leg with the bat, then used that to get him to surrender as they threatened to do something especially heinous to Sammy.

    The #1 contender announcement was strange. I know AEW is lacking for main event faces at the moment, but neither Pac or Orange vs. Omega sounds like a ppv main event. Omega decisively won a feud with Pac a year ago, and Orange Cassidy is about as midcard as it gets. Orange/Omega would make a fun Dynamite main, or a good title match if you had say a Blood and Guts match to run at the top of the card. Not sure why they didn't just use Christian here. His long-term role in AEW should be like 2000s HBK, where he's in featured angles, but rarely the main title picture. Now's a perfect time to make sure you get at least one big match out of him in case his body doesn't hold up, and he's got the right balance of being a credible opponent for Kenny to beat, but also wouldn't lose heat for taking a clean fall.

    Also, you can take the "immortal promo" title from Jericho and just hand it over to Miro. "I don't care if you're healthy. It doesn't make a difference to me, and it doesn't make a difference to you either" and "You get to see what happens when the man who doesn't mind dying meets the man who doesn't mind killing him" are the most epic promo lines in some time. I hope he gets a long run with the TNT title.

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  5. I know WWE will never go this deep, but the Grimes/Dibiase story should totally be a message about the inability of millennials to truly grab the levers of power from long-overstaying institutional boomers.

    Swerve/Ruff was pretty good. Swerve dominated enough of the match that he wasn't too hurt by the finish, and Ruff had to land some big moves to stay in it.

    Women's tag was fun. That Alabama slam on the table was nasty. Candace/Indi winning the belts is good because the matriarch of the Gargano Family should have some gold and it highlights Austin Theory's excellent performance as the adult fail-son.

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  6. 13 hours ago, hammerva said:

    The Way would be a great group if it was JUST Candice Larae and Indi Hartwell.  

    This is like saying The Simpsons would be great show if it was only Marge and Lisa.

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  7. The Elite angle has really gone off the rails and appears to be bad for everyone, except for maybe the Bucks who get cover for a lot of their weaknesses. As bad as the "emotionally conflicted" Bucks were, there was a lot of utility for them in a tweener role. It hit me this week that their full turn completely ruined what Omega and Callis had going. Kenny as the paranoid kingpin with an ever-shrinking inner circle (for lack of a better term) who was prone to lashing out violently with Don pulling some strings and Gallows/Anderson as the hitmen was a great dynamic that didn't seem redundant amidst all the other heel stables in the company. Now the stable is a shit-talking heel with lots of insulation, which makes 5 of those in the company now I think. On top of that, they have no one to feud with except known loners Mox and Kingston, whose only real beef is with the middle tier members of the group.

    You'd probably have to put up with some bad acting that's well out of the Bucks' range, but them as tweeners who don't like what Kenny has become but also aren't going to let Moxley push them around would've been infinitely better for show-writing purposes. They could still feud with Mox/Kingston, Kenny's arc progresses as he drives away his close friends, and your main champ isn't being overshadowed by a tag team angle.

  8. On 4/16/2021 at 10:05 AM, EVA said:

    I don’t know why this just occurred to me, but they’re definitely going to book Ogogo vs. Paul Wight at some point, aren’t they?

    I know everyone has been traumatized by TNA being WWE's only "competition" since 2001, but I think AEW has more self-awareness than this.

  9. I think it was primarily for a photo op or video package material. It did seem off as a "next generation" type of thing, since the 4HW are all still in their primes and figure to have many more title runs before their careers are over.

  10. Wesley Blake is like the most generic wrestler ever, but seems like a guy that could mop up on the indies and find his way back to the big time in a few years.

    Joe could be washed, or he could be like Kobashi and compensate what he's lost in mobility with charisma and stiffness. Definitely worth a shot for AEW if he's interested.

    Had no idea Bo Dallas was still on the roster. Not JTG-level, but an impressive overstay nonetheless.

  11. 58 minutes ago, HumanChessgame said:

    I like Kross as a wrestler but he, Damian Priest, and Aleister Black have more or less the same character. He and Scarlett's entrance is more corny than anything else.

    Eh, Priest is more of a goth partier than a dark arts guy. The comparison to Black in NXT is good though. Much Like Black, Kross' entrance starts to come across as corny because he has no character reason for it, so we're just left to assume he's doing it because he thinks it looks cool, which of course makes it a lot less cool. If Scarlett was still doing her psychic puppetmaster thing, then an entrance that highlights her god complex backed up by a big scary guy who does her dirty work would make perfect sense (in pro wrestling terms).

  12. Kushida beating Escobar in an impromptu match is perfect booking. Escobar is ready to move up, Kushida badly needs something positive after months of losses, the CW belt doesn't lose any momentum because despite the aforementioned losses, everyone knows Kushida can go and is a very credible champ relative to that division. I have to say I love a good jackknife pin too. Anyone who has ever play-wrestled as a kid knows how little pressure it takes to keep someone down when they're folded up like that. So much more believable as a flash win move than a school boy.

    The main event was super fun and if this was WWE testing the waters on more intergender style matches instead of their stupid mixed tag rules, I'm here for it. The women can all hang, and it's pretty easy to do non-uncomfortable intergender pro wrestling when it's all technical stuff. Pro wrestling is all about presentation and if you present the women as equally matched with the men, the audience will buy it.

    The only disappointing thing on the show is more Karrion Kross talking like a normal person. If you lean into the supernatural and mysterious aspects of the Kross/Scarlett act as heels, you have money. Kross cutting generic babyface promos while no one can discern his relationship with Scarlett or explain why he acts weird sometimes and normal at others is a recipe for a quick failure of a title run.


  13. Surprised to see a consensus of night 1 being significantly better than 2. I thought the good stuff was pretty evenly spread out, and night 2 was probably a better overall show on its own.

    Lashley/Drew was the opener, but it should not have been worked like an opener. Fine match, but pretty forgettable in the grand scheme of things, which isn't something you want for one of your main titles.

    The tag turmoil was nothing but botchamaina material and if they were just gonna do one-off challenger, the Riott Squad would've been way better to give that rub to.

    Cesaro/Rollins was solid. That was one of Cesaro's better looking UFOs too, got several hands free rotations in.

    Interesting role-reversal in the tag title match. Omos appears to be more on the Khali end of the hoss spectrum, but there's some potential for the act with AJ working behind him.

    Shane got too much offense on Braun, but overall was pretty inoffensive as far as Shane McMahon matches go.

    Bad Bunny doing a Canadian Destroyer is the nadir of the overuse of that move. Good for him putting the work in, though, not too bad for a couple months of training. Priest doing so little in the match was weird, like he was hurt or something.

    Sasha/Bianca was good, though a bit overrated I'm thinking. I think the result being obvious based on the pre-match reactions hurt it. Break character after the match, not before. At least that hair whip will live forever in WM lore.

    I have to say I loved the 6-month feud with people coming back from people being set on fire ending with one RKO in the ring. I say this every time Bray loses a feud that went on way too long and I'm always disappointed, but still... I hope this is the last we see of Bray Wyatt.

    Women's tag was as good as you could hope for given the participants. Shayna is doing a lot of thankless work these days.

    Sami/KO was fun as usual. With as nuts as they were going with moves, they should've just let KO dust off the package piledriver for his Mania Moment.

    Sheamus/Riddle was also a nice midcard match. Sheamus looked monstrous and Riddle is athletic enough to always deliver credible offense. Sheamus has found that spark again, and he got a well-deserved win, while Riddle didn't look bad at all in the clean loss.

    Shame about Apollo's gimmick, but at least he's finally getting to show some of his skill. Another good midcard match that had big moments without going full overkill. Didn't mind the fuck finish since E should be protected somewhat even though Apollo badly needed a win.

    Rhea/Asuka was not as good as I would've hoped. Not sure if Rhea is supposed to be a heel now or what, but the match felt off most of the way. Methodical is not her style.

    Triple threat was fine. They still shouldn't have Jey helping Roman win every match, but they haven't stopped for the last 4 months, so why start now? It makes less sense, because KO is exactly the level of guy you have your new heel ace beat clean to establish dominance, and neither of the two guys here really needed protecting. If we can't get rid of Bray forever, I'll settle for getting rid of Edge. I can't think of a less inspiring "legend" comeback, and I enjoyed most of Edge's career.

  14. So Matt Jackson's "acting" was terrible and that main event angle was cringey af, but it is a necessary step to Mox/Kingston as tag champs, so silver lining there.

    I enjoyed how much like MJF had a hard time finding something good to say about Spears, Jericho had a hard time finding something bad to say about FTR. Hopefully they get a "Can't tell us apart? One of us has hair, dipshit" jab back at him at some point.

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  15. Show pretty much played out like I expected with the first half being excellent and the second being mediocre.

    Kushida/Dunne was a nice match that would've looked a lot better on Night 2. Great pace, full of smooth transitions and hurty looking moves, and a great finishing sequence. Their biggest problem was that Walter went out and put on a master-class of selling that made their lack of long-term selling look amateurish in retrospect.

    The gauntlet thing was a pretty good showcase for everyone involved. Tough to balance a match like that when you need 5 of the 6 to look strong, but they managed. I liked Swerve getting a lot of spotlight here, since he's easily the most under-utilized person on the roster. Grimes is pretty teflon with his new gimmick, you can insert him anywhere. Lumis/Knight is a good feud to splinter off this match. Reed is meh, but fine as a one-off challenger.

    Walter/Ciampa delivered as promised. Walter was absolutely masterful again. The little touches like the way he held Ciampa's left arm different in the greco-roman knuckle lock position, the different grips on his powerbombs, or only holding the rope with his left hand showed that long-term selling is not a lost art. Ciampa is always good as a hard-hitting underdog, but this was the Walter show. That finishing sequence of stomp to the throat, that old-school neck twist with the feet, double power bomb, sleeper suplex, then finally uncorking his right hand for coup-de-grace chop was perfect. I sincerely hope that Walter is the next generationally influential pro-wrestler.

    The tag match was better than I expected.

    Io/Raquel reminded me of Benoit/Orton from Summer Slam 04. Elite vet leads a promising, but "not quite ready to lead" talent to a credible main event match. New star looks like they belong, vet loses nothing even after being pinned clean.

    The CW match was hurt by the unnecessary ladder stip which doesn't lend itself to either guy's strengths. It was still fine, but would've been better as a straight wrestling match. At least the right guy won and we got to see la flecha del infierno.

    Women's tag was the worst match of the event. Indi is clunky as hell, and neither team has natural chemistry. Shame we got this while Dakota/Raquel dissolved and Kacy/Kayden are second tier. I'd take Xia Li mostly defending the belts by herself until Tian Sha hits the vape of death too.

    Gargano/Reed was too long. Gargano's heel promos are great, but he's still Johnny Wrestling in the ring, when he should've changed up his style months ago. Reed is a guy who should be in a big-man tag team, not singles.

    Balor/Kross was fine. I think they should've ended it with the flash KO on the elbows to back of the head when Balor went limp instead of dragging out the finish. It ended up too much like a poor man's version of Walter/Ciampa, when the sudden KO would've been a legit shock and better for both guys.

    Cole/KoR was the HHH/Michaels-inspired "epic" I expected. There were some good spots, but about 20 minutes of unnecessary time-padding wankery and all the dramatic moments were super hammy and tried way too hard. NXT will be better off without Cole for sure. KoR has a lot more potential in straight matches without tons of forced drama. A rebound feud with Pete Dunne would do him good, I think.


  16. 1. Io Shirai - Just effortlessly good.

    2. Sasha Banks - I'll never not love Sasha. So glad to see her getting the ace run she deserves.

    3. Thunder Rosa - Great look and natural charisma, a real shot of life into AEW's women's division.

    4. Asuka - She's like the Daniel Bryan of the women's division in WWE. Too much ability to stay away from the top for too long.

    5. Xia Li - Couldn't have been less interested in her as a blue-chipper face, but as LU-style heel that kicks people's faces in? Give me more.

    6. Tay Conti - WWE will regret letting her slip away. She will absolutely flourish in AEW.

    7. Shayna Baszler - I burned out on her as NXT champ, but she still has some of the best offense among WWE women, and watching her glue Nia Jax matches together has reminded me how skilled she truly is.

    8. Dakota Kai - Definitely someone who deserves more. She's been great as a heel, and the team with Raquel should've gotten a real run with the belts.

    9. Britt Baker - Recent death match aside, she's still not that great in the ring, but the personality and effort is there. She'll make it.

    10. Kacy Catanzaro - So much athleticism. I hope her small frame can hold up because there's definitely something there. I'm not saying she's Rey Mysterio, but she does have the athletic ability to compensate for the lack of size, and I hope someone sees that and gives her a chance.

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  17. 1. WALTER - No bigger "oh shit" threat in wrestling now that Lesnar drained all his good will. He's like AJ Vader, Hansen, and Williams all rolled into one.

    2. Finn Balor - I was apprehensive when he came back to NXT, but WWE hasn't had an ace this good since Austin's heyday.

    3. Kenny Omega - There are few more overused and inaccurate descriptors in wrestling than "next Shawn Michaels," and ok, Kenny's way too far along in his career for that, but he is doing a damn good job combining on-screen and off-screen 97 HBK into one character right now.

    4. Santos Escobar - Has made the CW title look like big deal. He has the look and skill to go much farther.

    5. Rey Fenix - Best offense in wrestling.

    6. MJF - Tough to imagine a better douchey heel.

    7. Eddie Kingston/Jon Moxley - Yeah, I'm putting them together, because their double promo segments are what I care about.

    8. Daniel Bryan - Old reliable.

    9. Tomasso Ciampa - Somehow his matches and angles usually end up being among the best on the show.

    10. Miro - He's been laying low, but few can flip the switch from clown to killer better.

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  18. On 3/27/2021 at 5:47 AM, Tuna Boss said:

    Also, I'm surprised at just how much I want to see Rey and his son win the tag titles. Has a father/son combo ever won a set of tag titles anywhere?

    Looking through the WCW tag history, I'm surprised they were restrained enough to not do Dusty/Dustin, Ric/David, or Buff/Judy which would have not been unrealistic for the time frames those pairs were on screen together.

    I think WWE missed the boat not having Chavo Jr/Sr get a tag title run in 2004. Would've made more sense than Sr's CW title run, and the champion teams of the day were like Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki, so it's not like deserving teams would've been robbed.

  19. Hopefully not opening too much of a can of worms here, but I've seen it mentioned in passing in some other threads here and elsewhere... Can someone give me a brief run down on why Jericho is toxic now?

  20. Have they also scrubbed the DX/Nation parody blackface segment? Always seemed weird to me that it not only got a pass, but was actively promoted as a major moment in the attitude era and a top example of "comedy" from that time.

    It'll be interesting to see where they draw the line. Jarrett's woman-beater gimmick? HLA? Steph getting married while drugged (can't remember if there was some type of consummation "joke" there as well)? Goldust's early stuff? JR's constant homophobic comments every time Pat Patterson was on screen? Kai En Tai dub segments? HHH's "people like you" promo aimed at Booker T? That's just what I can think of off the top of my head.

    Also, if NBC really cares about representation, actions in the present speak louder than actions in the past. Get Hogan off tv and boot Trump from the HOF please.

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  21. 22 hours ago, Eivion said:

    Could only pay so much attention to Knight/Reed. I like Reed, but they need to admit at someone point he just isn't a star and likely won't be. There was no reason for him to win this. Hell, I don't think he should have beaten Swerve last month either.

    Definitely agree with this. He's a fine midcard act that needs to win enough to stay strong, but Knight clearly has more potential even if he's more of a NA title guy. Swerve is the biggest casualty of NXT having too much talent.

    First Women's tag finish was good. I'd be ok with a Raquel squash at Takeover.

    Cole/KoR promo was so weak. Lamest blood feud in some time, and poor Roddy just relegated to battle royal status in the crossfire.

    Walter is the best thing in pro wrestling today. I like Kross, but if Finn disposed of him then dropped to Walter who then holds the belt for a year plus, that would be ideal.

    I'm getting the feeling Night 2 might be tough to watch. A Gargano match, a ladder match, an Adam Cole unsanctioned match, and a title match all on one show. No way that won't be overkill city since it's supposed to be the start of Mania weekend.

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  22. I'm surprised more people don't dig Kenny Omega. Maybe it's because I didn't watch a ton of NJ and burn out on him or something. I love his paranoid drugged-out mafia leader act, and he carries himself well as a champ in the ring.

    Cezar Bononi is destined to be a jobber anywhere, but Tay Conti was a great pickup off the WWE scrap-heap. She always seemed to have potential, but wasn't going anywhere in WWE's excessively talented women's division. She's already better than a good chunk of AEW regulars, though. It's time to strike while the iron's hot with Britt, but Tay is someone they should protect in the meantime.

    I'm here for Pinnacle cutting some old-school heel stable promos with MJF spicing them up with his youthful sense of humor. Hopefully Jericho brings his A-game when he comes back so as not to get embarrassed when that feud goes into high gear.

    Cody might have just cut the worst "heel that's supposed to be a face" promo ever. There is a high chance of QT actually getting cheered when he turns if they stay the current course.

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