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  1. Vickie was great. I'm really not sure how she managed it but I went to a UK Smackdown taping that opened with her, in the wheelchair, in the middle of the ring and there was about 4 minutes of solid booing and she would start her sentences and cut them off abruptly to keep the heat building. Then, she'd snap with the huge "EXCUSE ME!" and the place went up another notch. She got it, man.

  2. Man, Marty Wright had/has so much raw charisma, it's a shame that he never became a better worker. I liked the smackdown match with Regal where he sandwiches his head between the ringpost and his boot. That's about all I remember; that and him putting worms in Matt Striker's mouth.

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    Why would anyone want to lose to anyone but Cena? He's big match, the only real star left on the active roster. It's ok to lose to him on a big stage and recover. It's not ok to lose to the Duck Dynasty guy with a cup of coffee in the big time, no mic skills, and a history of being beat by the Usos.


    This is a vicious circle. Cena's the only star on the roster because he's the only one that gets consistently presented as one, so instead of presenting other people as stars, we just don't bother and book everyone else to job to the Usos for four straight months, which of course means that the job guy isn't a real star, unlike Cena of course. 




    I know a lot of people say this, and I agree to an extend. But as talented as the current roster is, how many people truly have any kind of star power in them? Like if the WWE was push them hard, they would instantly get over and make them some real money?


    Which is why I am such an advocate of Wade Barrett. He came from no where in 2010, got people to buy those ugly as Nexus shirts (wish I wasn't cheap and got the Nexus hoodie :( ) , got destroyed and had to start from zero, but still managed to make people believe that he is gonna be a star because he carries himself like a fucking star. He is still the best reaction when they are in England/UK and can work a US crowd well.



    'Good' workers are a dime a dozen. Being able to make money for a company is what makes you valuable.



    Del Rio=boring.


    Bland English midcarder =next mega star.



    I don't know, I kind of agree with her. Del Rio was capable of getting good heat when they let him but Barrett's work during the Nexus stuff is really, really great from that point of view. At least, on the mic anyway; he has arenas full of kids screaming for Cena and his buddies to kill the Nexus off. I don't think he's a mega-star in waiting or anything (or that's what she's saying) but he had potential to be an over act who could linger around the top of the card. I suppose that's Sheamus' role, and he's a better worker than Barrett, but they both suffer from WWE's approach to building guys up. Both guys carry themselves well and have good looks, Barrett is better on the mic but Sheamus is a step above in-ring. I don't know why it's so crazy to suggest there was room for them both around the top of the card considering fucking Kane is still hanging around.


    I don't get the Ziggler stuff because I think, outside of the bumping, he isn't really great but whatever, he has an obvious connection with the crowd so I have no idea why they don't run with him more. Or maybe that nonsense with MITB and Cena was their idea of running with them? I think a lot of guys on this current roster could be, at least, viable draws if you gave them the chance. Cesaro, Sheamus, Barrett, Ziggler, Ambrose, Rusev, The Usos and Wyatt/Harper are all capable of being over, credible acts and have been in the past. And in Rusev's case, he is now, perhaps more than anyone. It's what they do in the next few months that will make or break him and I have absolutely no confidence in their ability to do it right.


    The Raw Guest Host era had some pretty surreal episodes (with crazy dead crowds) but is this the most surreal? Between Vince and Jesse on commentary, Vince shitting on the commentary idea, Sheamus winning the thing and then an immediate contract signing where Jesse rants and raves about conspiracies for 5 minutes, I don't think there was a crazier one in it's entire run.


    EDIT: oh man, I;m down the Youtube rabbit hole now



    This is a so-so TLC match (with a crazy bump by Jericho toward the end) but it's a solo JR job on commentary and fucking damn, it's incredible. 

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  5. The Hardys would be great for a quick one-two shot whenever they show up in North Carolina for a week or so. A couple of tag matches with whoever is around the tag division at a time. 


    I'd like to see MVP back. From what I've seen of TNA this year, he's been one of the few bright spots, cutting good promos and having fun matches. I don't know how he's holding up physically with regards to a full house show schedule but he'd be great, in and around the top guys and you could plug him back in no problem.

  6. I even tuned out of Ambrose's stuff right around the time he was messing with Rollins like he was Dennis the Menace. It's like they can't decide if he should want to rip Rollins' throat out or goad him into chasing him down the street with a rolled up newspaper. At times, they're booking that feud like it's an episode of Tom and Jerry.

  7. Those pics of Lance Russell are awesome and it's great to see him looking so well. I hope I'm as good as him when I'm nearing 90. It was great when lawler introduced him before Raw and his voice is still perfect! Suddenly, I was awash with disappointment that Lance Russell wasn't commentating the Nexus invasion in 2010. Can you imagine Lance, microphone still on, berating Bryan for choking out Justin Roberts? Admonishing Darren Young for pulling up the ringside mats? Man, the moments we've missed.

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  8. Shane McMahon is basically the best backyard wrestler ever but should have really called it quits after the Angle match. I mean, even then, didn't they do a spot where Shane outwrestled Angle on the mat in that match? I mean, come on. It's one thing to present Shane as a lunatic who will take any risk to take down his opponent, it's another to have him out-wrestle an Olympic champion on the mat. Still, cool spot with Blackman at Summerslam.

  9. "These guys just wanna have fun and entertain!"


    Yep, this. Any WWE attempt at comedy where guys are like "Hey, man, it's great to go out there and give the fans a show" Yeah, it's just a shame that the show they want to see is pro wrestling, not embarrassing comedy theater.


    In fact, any of WWE's ridiculous attempts to establish their own vernacular make me irrationally annoyed. Like, they've been saying "Sports Entertainment" for decades and absolutely nobody, not one person on earth, is going around calling it that. The WWE Universe, I sort of get, as an attempt to foster a community and sense of interaction amongst the fan base but that always sounds ridiculous in promos too because it's one or two syllables too many. "We are entertainments" was the latest one, right? What does that even mean?! I honestly think that, with the passing of time, WWE has done well to establish itself as something on the fringe of the mainstream, with a lot of the stigma being removed from it and their cringe-worthy attempts to eradicate the word "wrestling" has had nothing to do with it.

  10. I'm glad Cesaro is still featured on the main shows, but damn, that's some lazy-ass writing right there. Lose a match for one meaningless midcard title, immediately win a battle royal to be the #1 contender for the other one... Come on.


    Of the many terrible, lazy things that this company falls back on, this might be the worst. "fuck it, throw everyone in a ring and that'll work" 

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