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  1. If it's TV Asahi responsible for the crackdown then sadly that doesn't bode well for a change.
  2. Every now and again I try to remember to thank posters on this forum because I barely ever actually watch wrestling but love reading your thoughts. Extra appreciative of the G1 talk this time round because from what I'd seen of NJPW talk so far this year on this and other sites, I'd resigned myself to the possibility that there may not have been any.
  3. To me this would be the perfect antidote to what Ibushi did earlier this year.
  4. I'm maintaining optimism for a ZSJ push on the basis that NJPW are starting to realise the value of a talented foreigner who isn't only wrestling for them because there wasn't an English speaking alternative offering their pay grade when their contract was negotiated.
  5. The linearity is a common complaint for Fusion but I appreciated it. Gunning for the end credits isn't really getting the proper Metroid experience but I always have to balance that with my impulse to backtrack over every step of my game so far whenever I get a new ability so that I'm up to date with my upgrades. Fusion segmenting the map into sections and restricting access to one or few at a time still allowed for rewards for going off the beaten track / remembering prior obstacles but helped funnel me into a far more sensible backtracking : progress ratio. Speaking of the beaten track, there were plenty of moments where you would be told to go to point X on your map like it was a GTA mission but some shit would go down en route and you'd have to go off-grid to find some other way there. So my initial reaction to tasks would be 'this sucks I'm meant to be playing a Metroid game' but instead of trying to find exploitable nooks and pathways as one of many sweeps looking for upgrades as I would in past Metroids I would end up doing the same things in Fusion to get to my next objective. Felt like they melded those two parts of the Metroid experience together well. Maybe not the most Metroid way of doing things, but considering its GBA neighbour is the formularific Zero Mission those little set pieces helped set it apart from the rest of the series.
  6. To add to the Japan comparison, NJPW definitely promotes guys trained in-house over others and will adopt signees into that system whenever they can get away with it, but at least when taking on people who are still inexperienced excursions are also an important part of the formula. I'm sure part of that is for general life experience purposes when you're trying to move guys on from years of sleeping in a dojo living the drill sergeant subordination dream, but in terms of wrestling I interpret it as: a) a value to the company to have outside influences to avoid their style becoming too incestuous. Parking guys in different corners of the world means hopefully no two have the same upbringing and they can bring something new to the group rather than regurgitating what it already had. b) a value to the individual of being outside the system. Different locker rooms. Adapting to random opponents. Trying to appeal to crowds that respond to different things and don't know who you are. You know, the indy experience. I don't think it matters that much where they go or how they're used (Okada's TNA run didn't seem to deter them too much). More that they get the opportunity to put it all together themselves after they've been given the tools and to find some new inspirations along the way. So it's agreeing with WWE that if you want to drill in your fundamentals it's easier when you get them early rather than re-training after they've had years to establish themselves, but it may be disagreeing with how useful the other part is. If you want your roster to be told what to do, work TV matches only and happily sign on the dotted line when their contract is up for renewal, maybe not so much.
  7. I think people are sleeping on just how well Shingo has been protected and pushed up the card since his debut (I posted about this back in April and you can now add 'loses title shot but gets another one > wins title > main events two dome shows' on the end of that list). The only time this dude loses is when he's about to get promoted. Maybe when he comes in we're thinking he wouldn't get a shot because he's an outsider and the NEVER run seemed to slot him in the Ishii role but Shingo is bigger (by a bit), younger (by a chunk) and a better talker (by PLANETS) along with a similar level of ring performance. Looking at his push and the commitment to having new faces on top since the belt switch to IWGP WHC, I think he would have always been in the mix somewhere down the line. Though I agree the unlikely champ / carrying the company angle is a good one to make him stand out if they want to spin it that way.
  8. Can understand wanting Nintendo games cheaper, not so much attacking Nintendo for it. Saw a headline last week that the three biggest selling games in Europe for the first half of 2021 were Super Mario 3D World, FIFA 21 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. You can't critisise charging a standard release price for some of the most in-demand games on the market. (Side note: It's insane and super cool that good but commercially irrelevant games can be re-launched years later with proper marketing and become chart-toppers second time round. C'mon Nintendo do Excite Trucks next.) Similarly why should they be dropping the price on games like SMO and BOTW just because they're four years old? Other games don't drop in price because they're old. They drop in price because they aren't pulling in revenue anymore. Those two games are still shifting millions of units each quarter. Now someone tell me why Yoshi's Crafted World is $60.
  9. One wig away from the perfect cosplay.
  10. Was recently introduced to Dan Soder's Macho Man impersonation. I am absolutely smitten. This has had me smiling all day (if you'll excuse the nsfw line in the middle):
  11. I can't say that I've played many battle royale games, but it's impossible that any could be greater than Super Bomberman R Online.
  12. Put all five remaining wrestlers in an Island Deathmatch each show via video wall. Paying fans get hours of wrestling for their money and it's completely covid safe.
  13. Simple provocation. We all know how Cody feels about unions.
  14. Between the did-he-mean-to-say-that 'you didn't come here to live the England Dream', listing Gabriel Kidd as among the best wrestlers the UK has produced and not knowing what irony is, that was a textbook if stereotypical dumb American heel promo.
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