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  1. There was a period in Mid-Atlantic/Crockett when Dusty had the book and everybody had to reference Dusty in interviews.  It was like "where's Poochy" and rather insane.  Jimmy Valiant, for example, would be cutting a promo about his war on Paul Jones' Army and would have to add that Dusty had his back or something, just really awkward.  Dusty was the top babyface and every babyface's best friend and no matter who was cutting a promo, you had to be told that Dusty was the man.  It was rather neutering from a "getting over" perspective.  Every fan was essentially told that it didn't matter who their favorite guy was; he wasn't Dusty so, basically, fuck 'em.  I guess that's where some of the anti-Dusty sentiment came from.


    But shit, as someone else here said, that's a booker problem, not a Dusty problem.  If the booker is going to make himself the top guy, the least he can do is be as awesome as Dusty was.

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  2. I discussed this show with a coworker this morning and he had a great point.  Season 1 was a comedy and season 2 tried to make a really clumsy and all-too-sudden transition to dramedy.  Thing is, it's hard to do drama that when all of your characters are one-note caricatures.  Red, Black Cindy, Crazy Eyes, Tastee, etc are all very broad, overplayed characters and glomming a depressing or overly dramatic backstory onto them is just so awkward and ham-fisted.  You just can't give your comic relief characters gravitas and change the tone of the show by flashing back to their awful beginnings.  It could have been done but it needed to be carried out slower and with better writing instead of "here's the stereotypical Latina cook, now let's see the dramatic tale of how she got here."


    I did enjoy season two but there's such a bizarre disconnect there between the characters as we see them in the present, played for laughs with very little nuance, and the circumstances revealed by their flashbacks.

  3. I read someplace that Orange is the New Black is written specifically to be binged, which changes how the show is paced.  I can see that, as I watched the first episode of the latest season last night and pretty much nothing happened.  It was definitely created with the idea that I'd be watching probably the second and third episodes, at least, at the same time. 


    As a guy who really doesn't have much time to devote to TV and definitely does not binge watch, I don't like it.  "We can write a dull episode because the next one will be good so the viewers will give us a pass" is not the best way to go about creating a show.  Because if you don't binge, all you have today is a bad episode.

  4. About Dunn, all we have is the word of various former wrestlers, writers, etc.  But hearsay is the same as anything else we hear and take as fact.  I'm sure some of it is just guys with an axe to grind but still, where there's smoke, etc.  Here's former writer Alex Greenfield talking about Dunn and the look of the broadcasts, for example:



    WWE shows do look good, but they also look the same. There’s a homogeneity to the feel of the pro duct that stems directly from Dunn. His creative instinct is fast food: if it works, don’t muddle with it and keep Vince convinced it is the only way to do things by any means necessary.


    That's from this post by Greenfield, which is biased, I'm sure, but the truth is always in there somewhere.  I doubt the guy is straight-up lying.

  5. Dammit, just read that Josh Alexander is retiring due to neck injuries. He's been one of my favorite wrestlers for awhile now and has had some of the best live matches I've ever seen. I probably saw him live about 30 times and he usually had the match of the night. He was just starting to break out and I could have sworn he was NXT bound in a couple years.


    Well that just sucks.  I'd never seen him wrestle until recently, with him and Ethan Page working PWG, but I thought he was good with the limited stuff I've seen him in.


    Regarding entrances: the Kevin Dunn-inspired homogenization is one of the things I hope goes away when he steps down.

  6. Finally got around to watching "It Follows."  I liked it a lot, though the ending was a bit vague.  So "It" had an aversion to water, I get that since there were definitely little hints throughout.  But did they beat it in the end?


    10 minutes in, I thought that Hugh should have just gone to a prostitute to buy some time (that would have put at least two people between him and It) and then left for Belize.

  7. The behind the scene vids they released had Drake running a couple of contestant through some drills, I wonder if Drake is a permanent part of the coaching staff or if he's just there to help out.


    I get the impression he at least coaches/trains the NXT women, as he's usually the ref in the higher-profile women's matches.

  8. Yep, I remember when that happened.  Ridiculous.  Like you said, the drug didn't change, just the inhaler itself.  Why it's almost as if these big companies have our lawmakers in their pockets!

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  9. Prescription drugs are such a racket.  My cat was diagnosed with diabetes maybe 4 years ago and the insulin cost about $100.  Since then, it's increased steadily until now it's almost $300.  For no reason other than the makers of it know 1) that it's the main insulin prescribed for cats and there's no insurance for that,  2) if you're the type of pet owner that cares for your pet instead of putting them down, you'll pay through the nose, and 3) their patent time period is up soon, so they need to make hay while the sun shines.


    I've read that they may fuck around with the formulation in a desperate effort to keep the patent and block a generic.  Greedy fucks. 

  10. Tough Enough: The Comeback needs to happen.


    Charles Wright keeps getting cut and coming back under different identities.  "Well we cut The Soultaker in week one, Kama the Supreme Fighting Machine last week, now let's see what this Papa Shango guy has to offer."

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  11. I'm thankful I got to see Dusty do his thing live and in public if you weeeel.  I got to see him almost in his prime, working the Baltimore Civic Center in the mid 80s,some spot shows, Bashes and Bunkhouse Stampedes.  The guy had so much charisma it was unreal.  Rest in peace, Dream.  You and your friends taught young me that there was more to wrestling than the WWF.

  12. Disappointed Becky's keeping that outfit. I think the trunks look terrible. Mojo dancing before dropping a hammer amused me way too much. Can't wait for Gable to finally convince Jordan to team with him.


    I haven't watched yet but you mean Becky's keeping those horrid brown trunks that look like bloomers?  Bleh.

  13. I just finished the episode in season 1 with the hostage situation at the school and was actually shocked at the lack of visceral fisticuffs.  I believe this is the first episode without a graphic brawl and it really threw me.

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