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  1. So just to summarize:


    Will Ospreay

    Marty Scurll

    Timothy Thatcher

    Mike Bailey

    Chris Hero

    Biff Busick

    Mark Andrews

    Brian Cage


    Tommy End

    Trevor Lee

    Pentagon Jr.

    Drew Gulak


    Trent Barreta

    Andrew Everett


    Rich Swann

    Jack Evans


    Matt Sydal

    Aero Star

    Zack Sabre Jr.

    Drew Galloway


    Thought 1: God damn this is mind blowing. 

    Thought 2: Why no Willie Mack?  I'd much rather have him than Galloway.

  2. Moreover, they state legislatures cannot create new laws prohibiting SSM under the Equal Protection clause. 


    Also, this will probably be the only time I link to Fox News, but the comments are literally coming so fast, they are unreadable.




    The tears are fucking delicious.


    "next up,,, pedophiles will be allowed to adopt children thanks to Obama"

  3. The "gay bitch" story, which was apparently in Jericho's book until Jericho removed it: I'm just going from memory here but apparently Benoit saw a referee crying backstage.  I think someone died or something, and Benoit pointed at him, laughing, and said "what a gay bitch."  This, combined with the stories of brutal hazing, etc really paint Benoit as an angry little dude with issues.  You see a guy with a tiny frame and he hits the juice to put on 100lbs of muscle, the dude probably has something going on upstairs.

  4. It looks like the ring's a million miles away from the fans in that photo. Couldn't they have moved it a little closer?



    Wow.  I just saw that picture.  The two times I went to wrestling shows at baseball stadiums, when WWE used to come to Frederick MD during the Summer, they put the ring on the pitcher's mound and absolutely sold floor seats (ground seats?).  Here's a pic of one of those shows that I found online:




    Having the ring as far away from fans as GFW did, with that wide open expanse of nothing, is just bizarre and it had to feel weird for the wrestlers and the fans.

  5. Did the discovery of how damaged Benoit's brain was impact anyone's opinion of him?


    Not really.  From accounts like the "what a gay bitch!" story and just hearing about how he came up, the guy more than likely had some pretty bad issues before you factor in the concussions.  I'm no Sidney M. Basil but he always struck me as a short, angry nutcase.  Did the concussions and brain damage push him over the edge?  Sure, but he was already partway there IMO.

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  6. I just saw this lame spot that needs to die last night but it's been around for quite a while. 


    TJ Perkins has Mike Bailey in an ankle lock.  Bailey scratches and claws finally manages to touch the bottom rope, but Perkins hangs onto the hold and pulls Bailey back to the middle of the ring.  Ref doesn't break the hold.


    This spot is so dumb and needs to go away.  There's never been a rule that says he needs to grab hold of the ropes or touch them for X amount of time.  When a guy touches the ropes, the hold is supposed to be broken, period. 




    Well the WWE sorta released the final 13


    And that one dude I was pimping from DC made it


    Is it just me, or does the long-haired, bearded dude to the right of Hunter look like a non-Samoan Roman Reigns?


    If Reigns push doesn't get him over, maybe they can give that guy a tan and a shirt and try again.



    Team him with Darren Young as White Reigns and Black Cena.

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  8. I can recall at least two women being given the "Single White Female" gimmick over the years (Tori and Mickie James) and I'm positive there was a third and I just can't recall who it was.  That's how WWE books women.  One can't just be focused on beating another one for a belt.  She has to secretly want to fuck/kill/become the other one.  Every women's feud has a psychosexual element to it.  None of them are athletes competing to win; all women are crazy, jealous harpies who secretly would rather hate-fuck each other instead of competing in a sport. 


    I want to see someone in the men's division booked like that. 

  9. Not even PWG has a guy take a piledriver off the apron through a table and get up a minute and a half later.  :lol:


    ROH did the same shit on TV a few weeks ago.  Kyle O'Reilly wrestled one of the members of The Addiction, I think.  The match STARTED with O'Reilly taking a DDT on the steel entrance ramp but then he came right back and worked a full, competitive match, not even selling any kind of head trauma, wooziness, etc.  Holy fuck, there's got to be some middle ground between the tired old Cornette/Ross shit and this kind of no-selling garbage.

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