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  1. Is there a training montage in the new version of this game? "Songs I could have sworn were in Vice City but weren't" for $500 No thanks. I wish Adam Levine had moves like Cobain instead.
  2. God dammit ROH. Every time I try to like you....
  3. Looking at that gif, I'm just happy they nailed Rowan's deep, soulful eyes.
  4. I'm still catching up but, as a PWG fan, it's cool to see Rick Knox on national TV and getting a paycheck. I think PWG's Fat Elvis-looking ref might be on Lucha Underground as well. Matt Striker just referenced Psycho Realm. Jesus Christ. Chavo's hair transplant is looking pretty sweet. Son of Havoc just looks stupid. Matt Cross could work the biker gimmick without a mask and he'd look fine. If they had reservations about his face with the gimmick, like it's not haggard enough, give him an eyepatch. With the hood he just looks like Charlie Brown from Outta Town. lol @ the Blue Demon skit where he was about to "lift weights" when Catrina interrupted him. If she hadn't, he may have actually had to burn some calories. Dario's accent: I thought he said Johnny Mundo and Big Rick would meet next week "in the minivan." At least they're ride-sharing, I guess.
  5. Holy fucking shit. What was the eventual penalty? And forget throwing his hat; the ref should have just poured out a 40.
  6. ECW on the network has been my go-to for a while now. It's not great but it's easy to digest when I just want to watch some short, simple stuff. You don't always feel like Flair/Steamboat. And at that moment, it's time to watch Sullivan and Tazmaniac fuck up some jobbers or Sandman and Sabu have a psychology-free match where they lazily walk around and beat each other with plunder. I love Sandman's fat lazy guy one hand on the rope plancha. Best part of the match I watched was seeing him waddle across the ring with a ladder in hand, vault (haha not exactly) the top rope and lob the ladder onto Sabu in midair. Fucking hilarious.
  7. I'm absolutely a craft beer guy but I do like Guinness, especially on draft. It's definitely a go-to when I'm at a bar that has a limited selection. I read a review of their "Blonde" (because calling it a "pale lager" isn't as sexy) and it's apparently not good. Great analogy with Porsche vs Ferrari. I didn't even think about their new bland yellow beer but it's pretty obvious this and their recent advertising show they're aiming at the crowd who only learn about their beer options from football game adverts. Can't wait for Guinness commercials with cowboys, pickup trucks and John Mellencamp songs.
  8. I remember Tri State. They were pretty much the pre-ECW ECW, with Eddie Gilbert and Cactus Jack, right? When I was a dumb kid, I'd make quick chocolate milk by taking a sip of milk, holding it in my mouth, then pouring in some Hershey's and swishing it around. I imagine Sandman was doing the same and making some ghetto-ass White Russians and just didn't have Kahlua on hand.
  9. I watched Sandman vs Sabu from some November to Remember last night. Was Sandman an actual trained professional wrestler? Because sometimes I have my doubts. Everything he did looked clumsy and awkward as fuck. Maybe he was just legit drunk for every match? All I can tell you is he bumps, moves, and misses the mark with everything he does like a guy who has never actually been trained. This started off as a purely rhetorical question asked facetiously. Then I checked his Wiipedia entry and the first mention of pro wrestling is that he debuted in Tri State Wrestling. No mention at all of training. Maybe I'm on to something here.
  10. I think you misspelled "out of touch narcissists."
  11. I had to resurrect this thread after seeing the new commercials for Guinness. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rx0MRawkrj4 I guess they're going after people who typically only drink Bud and its ilk with this type of America Fuck Yeah jingositic glurge. "I'd never drink none of them foreign beers but I guess Guinness is okay since they Support Our Troops !" Fucking barf. Appreciating our brave men and women fighting overseas is fine regardless of how you feel about whatever conflict we're involved in today. Using them in pull-at-your-heartstrings spots like this to sell a product to "patriots" is an exploitative load of shit.
  12. I'd love to read about Brock facing off with Great Power Uti down in the African brush. He's defending the title in the notorious tournaments of Rio De Janeiro. "He was behind 15 men but he still came out on top"
  13. Maybe it's a new TNA innovation where you have to win by submission OR by retrieving a pinball machine (from a pole, naturally) and dropping it on your opponent.
  14. I've been watching and I think this may be the best season since the first. But I never liked the whole Carrie/Brody romance.
  15. I haven't seen a film this far up its own ass in a long time. I could feel the Nolan brothers screaming "THIS IS IMPORTANT AND DEEP STUFF" in my face for three hours. When Anne Hathaway started her soliloquy about love, I tapped out. How many times did we need to hear Yoda Michael Caine read that poem? This was like a self-satisfied 17 year old art school kid took 2001, Solaris, Gravity and Event Horizon and threw them in one of those pretentious $300 blenders. This was sci fi for people who think they're above "genre films." Also, I think we have all had enough of Matthew McConaheyheyhey playing the everyman used car salesman bro philosopher in every film and TV show. I was hoping Jodie Foster would show up in the wormhole just to bring the "pretentious sci fi" bookends together. I caught the last hour of The Terminator on TV when I got home and that was infinitely better.
  16. There's a thin line between being a wrestler whose gimmick is you do a lot of strikes and submissions and being a wrestler whose gimmick but maybe not a gimmick is you wish you were doing MMA. Davey is on one side, O'Reilly is on the other.
  17. Oh man, same here. Also awesome: turning off wanted levels and stickybombing everything and everyone in sight.
  18. Word. O'Reilly turned the corner for me when he started doing more wrestling and less fake MMA.
  19. I wish someone would explain it to me. My best approximation is punk + reggae + polka.
  20. Didn't they have a relationship status thing that would deteriorate if you didn't hang out with people enough? I might be remembering wrong, but I seem to recall worrying about that before getting too tired of it to care. And I agree Technico, it would be hard to go back to the old ways. The ending of 3 almost gave me a stroke. "Oh, you made it out of the gate? Then one of the eight billion guards will kill you." "Oh, you killed all the guards? Well that chopper is taking off and you have about three rockets to shoot at it. Good luck asshole!!" LOL. Vice City was the first GTA game I ever played (I played GTA3 after that) and I recall the worst was that you still had to go and save manually at your safehouse after a mission. Which sucked if you had very little health left. Step off a curb with, say, 1 health unit left and you'd die and have to do the whole mission over. SUUUUUCKED.
  21. It's actually the normal looking ones you need to watch out for. For example, word is Alex Reilly can't climax unless a kitten is being strangled.
  22. Looking back on GTA4 and its predecessors, it's really hard to figure out how I beat all those games without the "immediately retry mission" option -- and the checkpoints -- that, I think, started in Gay Tony. I can only blame OCD or maybe just a driving desire to beat the game, because dying, reloading, driving all the way to the mission starting point, and doing an entire mission over again every single time feels like something that would cause me to throw the XBox out the window today.
  23. How could you forget all the murder and mayhem, constantly interrupted by calls from your needy cousin who wants to go bowling?
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