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  1. I started watching "Masters of Sex" and I'm really enjoying it BUT this trope is nagging at me like crazy every time I watch it. There was a great article about this somewhere recently illustrating how we've combined this trope with the "competence porn" trope. We like watching hyper-competent assholes because we like to be told that while there are people smarter than us, they're socially inept, so it's okay.
  2. I'd have to agree, given that pretty much every major sports team in that metro area has won their sport's top prize in the last decade or so. Sure, that and the fact that there are teams that have been shit for so long that would just love to make the playoffs sometime. "I once lamented I had no shoes until I met a man with no feet."
  3. Nobody said shit about Jeremy Shockey's meathead jingoistic tattoo -- huge American flag and eagle; all he needed was the Twin Towers and "nevar 4get" and it would be perfect -- that covered his whole arm, but somehow Kaepernick, with his sleeves, looked like a "convict" and there was much pearl clutching. This is the difference in perception between whites and blacks in sports.
  4. It's the football version of "first world problems."
  5. He's a nice, humble, sweet Irish guy just happy to be competing here in America.... until you piss him off. Then he paints up like a demon and fucks up your whole world. He's Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde. That's his character. Please don't tell Vince he's Irish.
  6. LOL "Dusty, from now on, refer to me as 'tha bull of tha woods.'" "YOU GOT IT BAYBEH"
  7. Sabu never needed ECW, ECW needed him. He was already getting stories in the big wrestling magazines when ECW was not even getting a spot in the ratings section. Douglas had been in every major promotion in the years before ECW. A fairly successful run in WCW as Steamboat's partner, he left on his own. Sandman was about the only thing keeping Nitro watchable in 1999. Taz was in WWE for nearly a decade before he quit. I think a lot of wrestlers would love to have the post ECW careers of these guys. What Heyman did well was discovering what made people special and exploiting that. I said "never amounted to much." I know it's subjective but come on. Sabu was nobody before ECW made him huge. Did WCW sign him before of after ECW? Douglas was a career midcarder and a punchline (Dynamic Dudes???) whom Heyman made a main eventer. Taz was exposed in WWE as being tiny, not very talented and only able to get over when booked one specific way (the way Heyman booked him). Sandman may have been fun in WCW in 99 but he wasn't a main guy. Heyman made nobodies main eventers and they never again had the success they had in ECW.
  8. This is a company that almost lost John Cena, their top guy for over a decade now, because they weren't able to see anything in him. It's conceivable that we DO have the next Rock or Austin, and he'll be cut or quit. The current system has no creative outlet for guys to get over organically and it's only getting worse. Heyman could take what McMahon sees as the bottom 1/4th of the current roster (all those guys who "don't have it," "can't connect," or "are Swiss") and make a successful promotion.
  9. Did you binge watch any of it? I thought of it as the anti-binge show since every episode was so bleak I wanted to hang myself afterward -- no way could I watch more than one in a sitting.
  10. A major part of the problem, which I forgot to mention, is that there is no more competition. WWE has gone from being a competitive wrestling promotion to just a content generator, which is kind of what Niners Fan said above. They need to create a shit ton of content and it doesn't even have to be good enough to beat another promotion, just good enough to keep their base group of fans happy enough to keep watching. That makes for a shitty product.
  11. I've witnessed this with some MMA fans (or fans of any sport). Arrogant/obnoxious white fighter/player = passionate/he cares. Arrogant/obnoxious black fighter/player = Arrogant/obnoxious. It's a real issue but who knows how prevalent. Yeah, this. Tom Brady screams FUCK like a Tourette's patient on the sidelines = he's a passionate leader. Black guy does it, he's a "thug."
  12. That's always been the selling point of Heyman's ECW - that he found pretty much the perfect use for every guy on the roster regardless of talent level and put together an incredibly popular show out of mostly spare and broken parts. Hard to argue. That what I was going to say. Nobody but nobody shined a turd like Heyman. He'd take a turd and make you think you got a diamond. How many guys had success in ECW and pretty much nowhere else? Off the top of my head, PE, Douglas, Sandman, Sabu, Dreamer, Taz, The Eliminators. These were top guys who never amounted to much before or after ECW. Fuck, man. John Kronus was shoot retarded and Heyman had you thinking him & Saturn were the butt babies of the LOD and the Bulldogs.
  13. While you're right regarding credit vs blame and how we're always a little to quick with both, I disagree about Vince being a genius. He's a guy who used to have uncanny skill for striking while the iron was hot but that's about it, IMO. He's not a guy who is going to make his own breaks or create stars from nothing. I do agree that whatever skill we think he had, it's long gone now.
  14. Racists are weird, man. I've known hyooooge bigots who were MMA fans and boxing fans. They really don't give a shit about who is fighting. They were never like, "I don't like that fighter because he's black." They were more like, "I don't want that black guy moving in next door." For all the racist shitheads I've ever known, they didn't care who entertained them.
  15. Good point. He is great at doing the Mr. McMahon character. I don't consider that disagreeing with me at all. Considering how we're still relying on the Heel Authority Figure crutch almost 20 years later, I think he did more harm then good, though.
  16. I re-read my post about the Attitude Era and found myself thinking about McMahon, Russo and Kevin Dunn (I know, I know). It was always conventional wisdom that Russo had batshit crazy ideas and McMahon was the one who cut off the worst ones and took the bad ones and made chicken shit into chicken salad. I'm not sure how true that is, in hindsight. What has McMahon done, creatively, since then? All we've ever seen out of McMahon is his penchant for Beavis and Butthead humor but with less nuance. The more I think about it, the more it feels like Vince McMahon is not the genius that so many say he is. I think has the absolute worst creative instincts and when he actually succeeds it is in spite of himself. His most successful eras both revolved around Mount Rushmore type talents. Hogan in the 80s and the Attitude Era guys I mentioned above. The success of these boom periods is owed more to these guys than Vince, in my option. Outside these eras, he's been pretty much a failure. Wrestling is still the niche product it always has been. He has failed at every venture outside wrestling as well. The guy is a great promoter and businessman but that's about it. He had the drive and acumen to run those other promoters out of business and take over, but that's the extent of what he's good at. He's not creating stars, he's just taking advantage of the stars that come along and even then it's a struggle because his creative instincts are just so unbelievably bad. It's pretty depressing that he's still in charge.
  17. [yinzer bigots]Tomlin won with Cowher's team![/yinzer bigots]
  18. People who pine for the glory days of the late 90s are morons. That shit was like 75% puerile Vince humor. For every cool thing, we got 10 Beaver Cleavage skits. Things that made the "Attitude Era" good: Austin, Rock, Foley, Undertaker. Once in a lifetime talents doing their thing without being overwritten or overproduced. Things that made the "Attitude Era" garbage: poop jokes, dick jokes, fake tits, HHH being dominant because he was a member of the family If we returned to "PG 13" or whatever now, all we'd get is the latter, because the former are all gone.
  19. LOL @ Pats fan trotting out rings from days gone by as proof of...something. Please don't turn into Pittsburgh fans.
  20. Fat Daniel Bryan and Fat Chris Hero could team up and take over the indies. And my heart.
  21. Dusty's forehead is horrendous. Why, at some point in your career, do you not notice that and say, "maybe I shouldn't blade so much?" He's so young in those two pics and his head already looks like a roadmap. Fuuuuuck
  22. That's amazing. So NXT is being featured in this convention thing only because HHH is a body mark? I guess Steen and Bull Dempsey won't be on the show. Adrian Neville vs Finn Balor for the newly-created Under 15% Bodyfat Championship is the main event.
  23. I was hoping that was his nice way of letting the Bears down easy and that he would leave if a more attractive position (Broncos) was offered.
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