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  1. We knew from the beginning that they'd find an Oswald for this story.
  2. Impromptu NXT event would be disastrous. It would get better ratings and feedback than any Raw of the past year, causing Vince to go insane and cancel NXT completely.
  3. "Our current stars will never be as big as our past stars and we have given up trying"
  4. OMG ROGERS SAID HE DEFLATES BALLS TOOOOOO He said he deflates them as much as the rules allow. The Patriots deflated them below that. Fuck, how hard is this to understand?
  5. I want to see Wes Anderson's Ferguson. Everybody wears a funny hat and an ironic mustache, the whole thing looks like a twee diorama, and Owen Wilson plays the cop who shot Mike Brown because Brown allegedly stole an old timey turntable.
  6. What bugs the shit out of me is when someone gets caught doing something wrong and they act like it's not something they normally do. Like Jon Jones saying he only did coke twice in his whole life and the second time is the time he was caught. Or like a husband being caught cheating and claiming it was just that one time. Wow, that guy has some seriously bad luck. The one time he did something wrong and he was caught! My point is that it's dumb to focus on whether this helped or didn't help the Patriots this time. The focus should be on what other underhanded shit they have been doing the whole season and in previous seasons but were never caught. Because those guys are shady as fuck. Somebody else brought up bountygate and that's a good example. The whole Saints coaching staff and multiple players were suspended on hearsay. Here we have evidence of wrongdoing and if all that comes of this is a fine and some patsy equipment manager gets fired, that's some bullshit right there.
  7. "It's not ISIS" is the most disingenuous shit. The old "don't you have other things to worry about" argument. It's the mark of the dishonest, stupid and lazy. As if nobody can concern themselves with more than one issue at a time.
  8. Brady has handled more balls than a Catholic priest and he has no idea what an underinflated football feels like.
  9. Man, I have it good. My company upgraded to Windows 7 a while back, moving from Server 2008 to Server 2012 on the network side as new servers are built and we only have a few 2003 servers left that we're phasing out before EOL in July. I need to print this thread and show it to my boss whenever he thinks we're not doing enough to get rid of old stuff.
  10. I remember some interview during the Attitude Era where Vince said something like, "other people in the entertainment business ask me, 'when are you going to get rid of that ring?'"" Granted, these people only existed in Vince's head, but that tells you what his mindset is. The man despises the thing that made him successful and desperately wishes he was doing, I guess, some sort of scripted entertainment variety show of something. You know, "legitimate" entertainment instead of rasslin'.
  11. Nothing says S&M like hitting a chick with a backpack stunner and a heel hook.
  12. XP is no longer supported or patched and the code is essentially public now.
  13. What did they upgrade to? XP on desktops and 2003 on servers?
  14. One guy looks like a model, one guy looks like Palpatine. Go figure.
  15. Yeah, it hit me when Rhodes & Sapphire vs Macho & Sherri started and I realized that 3 out of the 4 are dead. Then Dusty introduced his special guest, Elizabeth.
  16. The main tragedy of The Interview not getting a wider release is that not enough people were exposed to the fact that Katy Perry's music deserves to be a punchline.
  17. Watching WM6 and realizing 1/3 of the workers on the show are dead now. Also Elizabeth and both Morellas.
  18. Wow. Just. Wow. Win2k hit EOL 4 and a half years ago. Your IT department has some balls. Not smarts, but definitely some balls.
  19. Wow, the WON subscribers really do drink the Dave Kool Aid, don't they? LOL @ the Most Outstanding Wrestler, who crippled a few guys this year with his lame finisher and had back to back bed-shittingly bad matches at major indy shows (BOLA).
  20. The firefight with the wife did actually happen. In fact, there were two different instances where Kyle was on the phone back home when fighting broke out - once with his wife, once with his father. I read that it didn't and certainly not the way it was portrayed here. I'll tell you who I don't believe on anything. Chris Kyle. He lied and lied and lied some more. Word is lied about the lies that he lied about. I also have it on good authority that he even lied to his aunt when he went down South.
  21. WWE Films is missing its calling as a mockbuster studio. "All-American Sniper" starring John Cena and "March on Selma" with Big E would be glorious.
  22. Maybe Clint was doing some sort of meta commentary on how fictional the book is.
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