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  1. Swapping “ Go to Jail” for “Eleven Dies” was a bit much.
  2. Rest In peace Vangelis. I’ve never seen Chariots of Fire but Blade Runner is top 10 for me and his music was a huge part of it.
  3. I disagree. The Elite stooge and heel in ways the NWO never did. They are classic heels, not cool heels. The Bucks don't dress in garish shit because they think it looks good. It makes them look like jokes and they know it. Ironically, that's along the lines of Cornette and the gaudy multicolored shit he used to wear. Hall and Nash were middle aged white guys wearing backwards bandanas and Fubu because they legit thought that shit looked cool and edgy. And the NWO was dominant and made everyone look bad. They beat everybody like chumps and showed ass once in a blue moon. I think last night or the week before was the first match Cole won without a nutshot, interference, or both. There is just a huge, easy to see, fundamental difference between Cole & The Bucks' heel act and the NWO's.
  4. She sounds like the fill-in weather girl on DC NBC4 who speaks normally during banter but for the weather segment she drops her normal voice two octaves and over enunciates everything. Weirdly specific reference for my DC MD NOVA peeps.
  5. I think he was supposed to flip from the lariat and land on his feet like he rolled through the move, then go back on offense. But he stumbled and fell, so it had to turn into a "bump and no sell."
  6. I'm guessing The Bride in Black from Insidious? No idea.
  7. First thing I need to mention because it's important: CM PUNK'S T-SHIRT. And the fact that it was allowed on TV. Clown on "wokeness" all you want but that shit would not be allowed to fly at the other place. LOL the whole arena bit on JOHNNY ELITE thinking it was Johnny Gargano. Also, I'm bored to death with John Hennigan. MJF's body says Moon Knight but his hands say The Thing. Statander is awesome but she needs to put in some reps with Christian to up her promo game like JB did. Takeshita is so fucking great and Hangman gave him a bunch. Such a good match. My wife came in and was asking me about something and I heard in the background the announcers talking about El Generico and had no fucking clue what was happening. PS: El Generico is a big boy. Punk was on point the whole time and it was excellent. Chuckie T running in looking like Tommy Vercetti. Rappongi Vice calls FTR "JAM UP GUYS!" Kyl'O vs Rey was amazing. Fuck yes. And then we get Joe vs O'Reilly. Daaaaamn. This company has an embarrassment of riches. I liked the Deeb/Dustin angle but yeah, Deeb is a little dodgy on the mic. Content was good, delivery was wanting. BEAST IMPLANTS FOR OLD PERVERTS! God damn, give a star to Paul Turner for directing that match. LOCKJAW LOCKJAW LOCKJAW! We need a remix of Lee's theme where you hear "SWERVE" yelled out during the beats. Stadium Stampede is sports entertainment bullshit!
  8. Can you do a whole week on fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches?
  9. Everybody is job scared, sucks up to the higher-ups, and desperately blasts anyone who dares to question their position or use and knows their own value? All those moves Nick Khan has made so WWE works just like any other American corporation? It worked.
  10. I'll have you know the Kree are much worse when it comes to harassment.
  11. AWESOME. I'm grilling tonight so I might be six beers in when the show starts. Glasses are chilling and I got some Lagunitas IPA and Sierra Nevada in the fridge.
  12. AH SHIT, can someone merge the threads? I swear I looked and didn't see the other one.
  13. Drink some booze! Light the fuse! Hey, it's Wild Card Wednesday, where we find out who the Jokers in the Hart tournament are. THREE Men's tournament matches and ONE Women's! At this rate, the Women's tournament will wrap up in 2024. HANGMIN PAGE vs Konosuke Takeshita: This should be really good! Looking forward to JR absolutely murdering Takeshita's name. Speaking of, I just watched The Jumping Bomb Angels vs Glamour Girls from the 88 Rumble and Vince & Jesse don't even try to use the Angels' names until making a half hearted attempt at their first names maybe halfway through the match. That was certainly a choice. Owen Tournament: Adam Cole vs Jeff Hardy. It still kinda ridiculous that Jeff got to beat Darby last week when old guys should really be elevating the next generation. I, too, am tired of Adam Cole's cool heel act and Jeff is really broken down. This will be the match I don't care about but surprises me by being good. Owen Tournament: Joe vs The Joker. This is a weird spot. Do you debut a new guy and job him to Joe? Do you have a guy make a return (MIRO) and job him to Joe? Or do you beat the ROH TV champion, who is in an active program? Owen Tournament, token ladies' match: Britt Baker vs The Joker. Britt can lose to a debuting person here because she can then complain about the conspiracy against her. Again, it's kind of shit that they have this tournament going on and are front loading all these men's matches while keeping to the "one women's match per Dynamite" edict. Owen Tournament: Kylo vs Rey. This should be really good! Wardlow gets the lashes! Will he be a sympathetic babyface like Cody was (that was an excellent angle!) or will they go in another direction? I'm predicting they have him no sell it. Jericho and Regal Town Hall! I mean, it's Regal, so it'll be good. But holy fuck enough with trying figure out a way to get Jericho on TV every week.
  14. The legal long and short of it is WWE does whatever they think they can get away with. Wrestlers don't challenge their contacts in court due to any or all of the following reasons: Lawyers are expensive Fighting WWE in court would take a long time -- and you're not working during that time Unless you're a generational talent, fighting them in court kills any chance you might have of ever working for them again In short, they don't have the law on their side; they have the all the shitty trappings of the legal system on their side. It's not about right or wrong -- it's about whether you have the stomach to fight and in most cases, it's not worth it.
  15. I'm loving how Saul's move into the deeper criminal underworld is going to happen because the criminal veterinarian is going legit. "I think we found the Zodiac Killer!" Also, the vacuum cleaner repair man's business card was in there. Poor Francesa! Spends all that time getting the office redone into a calm, safe space, only for it to literally get pissed on. Do we get to see the remodel into the gaudy shithole it eventually becomes or is it left offscreen? Return of the student filmmakers! For a while there, I thought this was the midseason finale. Glad it wasn't, thought it was a step up from last ep. Like @Ultimo Necro said, LOTS of table setting here.
  16. I like it a lot! Similar to the title font from the old Hulk comics.
  17. I had to rewind that six times to try to figure out what the hell Reynolds was trying to do there. It looks like he hit the brakes, turned around, and tried for a rolling elbow? Looked like the dude was doing Riverdance out there.
  18. Oh man, don't teach me that. I've been hung up on "less" vs "fewer" for the longest time already.
  19. LOOOOOL Power Pack. Thanks for giving me New Universe flashbacks.
  20. That skit is the only reason I know that word. Thanks!
  21. *Moot But yeah, I just read another thread and this is just really bad. Apparently, Sasha and Naomi wanted to elevate the belts and work Doudrop and Nikki at the PPV and instead, they were just going to be jobbed in singles matches to help elevate the singles champions. But seriously, this is just how WWE books tag teams and especially tag champions. I guess they should consider themselves lucky they didn't both get tapped by Rousey in a handicap match. But talk of them talking to Vince to change the match, him agreeing, and then producers/writers blowing up and calling them spoiled? And then burying them in a press release and making them look like they talked shit on their coworkers? That's fucked. Let this be a lesson to anyone thinking the grass is greener there. Don't judge WWE by how they treat the people they think are top guys. Don't look at Cody. Look at the people down the card.
  22. LOLLL okay that got me. Thanks! Highly unlikely. Who were they set to wrestle? Didn't Orton just mention in an interview how he pretty much doesn't trust anyone from their newer crop of wrestlers? Now I'm not saying management has issues with sex and race (AND not discounting that all this could be a work), but something tells me if Orton and Riddle refused to work with Taytum Prestin and Jayden Frenton from NXT 2.0, the match would be changed post haste.
  23. Julia can be forgiven for that, seeing as she was a baby when the Kill Bill films were released. And that is my daily reminder that I am old.
  24. Random train of thought bullshit from the last bit of wrestling I watched, feel free to scroll on by if it's not your bag. I watched two matches from Survivor Series 1987! First, can't they clean this shit up a bit? I know it's 35 years old (FUUUUUCK THAT MAKES ME FEEL ANCIENT) and it's 4:3 but you're telling me they can't digitally clean up the picture and make it sharper for my big motherhonkin' Samsung TV that I kind of hate? I gotta believe there's software that does this automatically now. We can create a passable virtual Luke Skywalker but we can't clean up old wrestling footage that is on a modern streaming platform? Fuck you! So I watched the IC level match and the tag match. I skipped the ladies' bout because I cannot deal with 80s WWF women's wrestling. Here are some notes: 10 guys in the first match and only four are dead (Savage, Bass, Herc, Harley)? I call that a win. Is Ron Bass Jr. still wrestling? I saw him on a few late Covid era Paradigm Pro shows and thought he was okay, albeit with a very weird build. He definitely looked like a badass unpolished shitkicker in a few UWFI rules matches. 80s WWF was so cartoony with its heel and face logic. We're 19 months out from Jake trying to squash Steamboat's brain with a DDT on the cement and we're a year out from Savage crushing his larynx with a ring bell. Both led to months-long blood feuds. And now they're all teaming together. And it's not like Jake and Macho did some sweet introspective soul searching and realized how horrible their actions were. Honky Tonk was just an asshole to both and then they became faces. So two hate-filled feuds in roughly a year and a half and now they're all buds. Speaking of Steamboat, it's striking how short his hottest WWF run was. He came in before Mania 1, heated up after Mania 2, won the IC title at Mania 3, lost it in two months because he dared to want time off for the birth of his kid, apparently was sat out June-November 1987, wrestled this show, puttered around until March, jobbed in Mania 4, and that was it. So really his big run was about one hot year and that was all. Damn. Jake was so fucking over, by the way. The crowd goes crazy when he tries for the DDT, then their souls collectively leave their bodies when he finally hits it. Jesus. Not really a lot else to say about the midcarders' Survivor Series match. It ends with Honky vs three guys who have reason to hate him (Savage, Jake, Steamboat) and he walks out for the countout loss. You could do that in the 80s and the fans would be fine with it just to see the faces get their hands raised. I also watched the tag match, as mentioned. I thought this was the famous match where the Rougeaus were eliminated early and the Bulldogs went out late so Jacques and Raymond could GTFO before Davey and Dynamite got to the dressing room but, checking wikipedia, it looks like that's next year's show. Still, their eliminations were like 20 minutes apart so you can understand my confusion. Holy fuck Bill Eadie does next to nothing as Ax. Nothing but clubbering forearms and clubbering axhandles as far as the eye can see. Speaking of which, pretty good job protecting the team you're building as the next tag champs by having them go out on a DQ. Weirdly booked match as the top two babyface teams (Strikeforce, the current champs, and the Bulldogs) are eliminated earlier and two heatless babyface teams, the Bees and the Young Stallions, are left to finish out the match. I guess Tito dropped the fall to the Harts to start a house show program? But yeah, we get four on two, advantage babyfaces, and the babyfaces still cheat to win with the Bees' masked gimmick. Fucking bizarre. That was it. Maybe I'll watch the main later. Yay.
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