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  1. The Australian and New Zealand indy scenes have been getting closer to back to business as usual the last few months so I thought I'd post some matches from this year. Most shows have been running to about 50-75% venue capacity and enthusiasm has been pretty high from audiences and wrestlers alike. Charli Evans vs Jessica Troy from PWA in Sydney last week. Violent, hate and weapon filled brawl. Marcus Kool vs NIWA from SPW in Invercargill, New Zealand. Fun and aggressive match. Riot City Wrestling in Adelaide, South Australia put up all their shows online for free and put out a really fun product. This is a show that's produced with Adelaide's Fringe Festival and is basically wrestling moving into a lot more mainstream circles here. The show is fun and the main event tag is great, very character and story driven. Melbourne City Wrestling having their return show after 12 months in February with Slex vs Adam Brooks headlining. I figure this is a match that some might either love or hate, this is an over the top epic. Last one. One of the better matches of our scene revival in 2021, a death match fed but the undercards have matches of heavyweights just beating the shit out of each other in straight wrestling matches. Tommy Knight is probably going to be the next big thing to come out of Australia, 300lb guy with a fighting background and an adoration of old school violence.
  2. I remember seeing a quote that he was trying to find something he could relate to as he wasn't in to most of the bands that Rowan wore shirts of, so he eventually decided to start wearing the Snapcase shirt as he related to them being from Buffalo and him from Rochester.
  3. Uno I think would make a great babyface based solely on him being entertaining and self deprecating, he's a funny guy and he just leaned into the absurdity of the Dark Order skits on BTE so I could see people cheering him as a slightly dorky mid card babyface. 10 seems like a long term project for the company, he looks the part and he's already well on his way. They seem to be progressing him slowly though. Of the entire group, I think Stu could be a massive star. From seeing his stuff in other companies for years, he's a phenomenal in ring talent, he looks the part and BTE has shown that he's got a very quirky charisma to him.
  4. Gutted. Beyond anything wrestling related, he just seemed like a really good and genuine guy who cared about his family and enjoyed his life. One of my fave stories about him was on an old episode of The Butcher and The Blade's podcast where they talked about how he had a day off from WWE and turned up at the local wrestling school in Buffalo and just offered advice and helped out because he wanted to help guys get better. 41 is waaaaaaay too fucking young. Fuck.
  5. There was a post about a few days back about how there was a student in one of the 101 intro courses at the Wrestlefactory who said they had previous neck injuries and Travis Huckabee who was running the class made this student do high neck bridges and was putting all of his weight on this students body while they did so. But Huckabee was still with the company. Ophidian last wrestled for Chikara back in late Feb, but he'd been all over their weekly show on IWTV and the main story arc of the last year of Chikara was the Crucible stable being made up on students that basically haze and beat up newcomers under Ophidian's command.
  6. Danielson has been one of my fave wrestlers since my interest was piqued by an article in one of the Apter mags on the 2001 Super 8 and I got a very average quality dubbed copy of that show, been a fan of his show ever since. That show was also my introduction to tape trading as well. One of my fave matches of his was on a show that hardly anyone saw, there's a touring company that runs in Australia called World Series Wrestling, that have bought many indy names to Australia over the last 15 years. On the 2007 tour, they had Danielson, Nigel and Aries at the peak of their powers, plus some randoms like Kidman and Kid Kash, the Friday night in Sydney had the Danielson vs Nigel match that was every bit as good as you'd expect. But on the Sunday night in Newcastle, about 110 miles out of Sydney they did Danielson vs Kidman where they just went at an absurd pace for half an hour and had one of my fave live matches ever in front of maybe 200 people. Not sure if it would still hold up as well, as I haven't seen it back since, but I remember it being a masterclass from Danielson, basically doing his arrogant dickhead ROH champion character to the absolute max.
  7. If anyone is interested in checking out Australian indies, one of the best companies in Australia EPW are releasing their entire video library for free until the live events ban in Australia is lifted. Add in promo code EPWSupport to take a look. Varied wrestling, good production and mostly logical storylines.
  8. Slex pretty much made his farewell from Australia last night, so i'm assuming his ROH debut is imminent. Will be very interesting to see how he goes, he's not the greatest talker, but "The Business" character works for him, he's not the tallest guy but he's built like a brick shithouse and looks the part and he can go. It's a weird situation, two of the major indies in Australia in MCW and PWA have New Japan connections through Fale, Robbie and Gino and they've been expanding into the Australia/NZ market, but ROH seems to be a target for some Australian talent and would probably help ROH out with new blood in return. Adam Brooks was mentioning having signed a contract late last year, but I don't see him in NXT or AEW, but MLW or ROH would be a fit.
  9. I'd forgotten about that too, the ropes broke when he was doing a springboard right?
  10. I did find it amusing that he listed Evolve as an example of an indy company "doing things right" in light of the things that have come to light about Evolve's business practices.
  11. Whole show is up now, the main event is a lot of fun too.
  12. My hometown's best indy are doing their biggest show this weekend and they've released this video individually featuring 4 of the 8 participants in the two night tournament, am genuinely curious to get the opinion of those outside the Australian wrestling bubble. I'm flying back home for the shows, am really keen to see how the weekend progresses, PWA is a really fun fed with almost a production line of very talented guys and girls.
  13. I agree with the golden opportunity bit, I wouldn't be surprised that the next tour the roles are reversed and Sydney gets the major show and Melbourne the house show.
  14. From being there live it was a smaller crowd than last time, as they'd closed off more of the bleachers and tried to put more of the crowd on the floor section. Bury getting the shot was great, he's a mainstay in the Melbourne indy scene and is a good dude. Ospreay vs Eagles should've gone on last, they just match up insanely well. The main event tag was fine, mostly the charisma of it's participants carried it but during the match a relatively big portion of the crowd started leaving.
  15. Mikey Nicholls is the man in question. Always thought he was a better fit for Japan than he ever was in NXT. I'm really keen to see Robbie vs Ospreay again, the two have great chemistry. Their match they had for PWA in Sydney last August is still the best match I have ever seen live, when they've faced off previously, they've always done something different stylistically each time, one match being just crazy moves, the other aforementioned PWA match being a lot less big moves and a lot more striking and submission based. I'm really keen to see how the match goes. Also, a lot of the guys who have been in the Fale Dojo in New Zealand who have graduated to NJPW Young Boy status are appearing on this show with Andrew Villalobos, Mark Tui and Michael Richards debuting on the Melbourne card while on Sydney the Filip Brothers make their debuts as well. Also, a lot of speculation that Slex who wrestled Okada for MCW and Switchblade on last years tour may be going full time for NJPW in the near future. Hopefully they get a decent sized live crowd, they have reduced the price on some of the remaining tickets in the last week to try and fill the venue, Festival Hall holds around 4000 at a guess. It's very cool that a venue with major wrestling history dating back to Jim Barnett's WCW in the 60's and 70's.
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