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  1. From George's last album Symphonica, Some of my personal favorites by George: George Michael was IMO and still is, very underrated as a vocalist & songwriter and it's sad when somebody passes, like with Prince & David Bowie most recently it makes you really respect & admire their artistry. I think George was somebody who could even gone on to bigger & better things because he had the talent to do so. I wouldn't say he would ever have replaced Freddie, but George & Queen would have been a really cool combination. R.I.P. George Michael
  2. I think "Blackberry Way" is The Move's best song. I'd say the induction is more for Jeff Lynne himself, since he's worked with a who's who of rock music - George, Paul & Ringo (even John too posthumously), Brian Wilson, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty, Del Shannon et al. Del was going to be a Wilbury after The Big O passed away, but sadly committed suicide. ELO as a band have some great songs though, "Out of the Blue" is often cited as their tour de force, but there's some other great tracks which never really get cited by critics when discussing their music. It's usually "All over the World" & "Mr Blue Sky" but songs like "Wishing", "The Diary of Horace Wimp", "Shine A Little Love" among others which deserve their due too. Some rarities by Jeff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWYQcimjUEQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaWa9f_Coao Jeff's disco record~!
  3. Finished watching TLC yesterday, I also watched it in parts. The main event was definitely the best match on the show, it's a pleasant surprise to see how well AJ's fitting in at WWE and he's solidified himself as legitimate star now. His promo work has come on leaps & bounds too. Only downside of the match was Ellsworth interference, but when you think about it it made sense. James helped AJ win the match so he gets his title shot. They should go with Ambrose/Ellsworth now, not sure whether a one night only title win for James Ellsworth would be beneficial now, if he was still a babyface then maybe a Mikey Whipwreck-esque world title win would be have been cool. But again is he really no longer as a 'face as Deano was getting little to no crowd reaction, AJ was getting more of a babyface reaction. I like AJ's heel schtick so I wouldn't turn him, Ambrose I think with his 'crazy' gimmick works better as a heel. Have him do his Loose Cannon 2.0 and push the PG envelope boundaries. Get him to work shoot beat the hell out of James and then have AJ make the save (if you're doing a Demolition/Power of Pain double turn type scenario). I'd have actually put Ambrose with the Wyatt's ahead of Orton, but I think he fits in well with them too. Nikki/Carmella was OK, Becky vs Alexa would have been better without the table stipulation. I'd keep Bliss as a heel for sure, Becky's better as a 'face. Miz/Dolph was very good. The Miz is arguably the best heel on the SmackDown! roster & his character isn't stale IMO, adding Maryse has been a really good choice. I think she could get more involved in his matches and I don't know if she's still an active wrestler but if they do plan on turning Alexa Bliss babyface, I'd have Maryse win the women's title and the Miz beat AJ (if they turn AJ babyface too) for the world title. I think Miz's heel schtick is very old school and I definitely like the idea of him having his own stable. As he one got the approval of the Nature Boy, maybe create a Horsemen-esque stable. I'd bring in Bobby Roode from NXT in the Tully role, Scott Dawson as Arn & Samoa Joe in the Barry/Sid role. Maybe interchange a few pieces of the puzzle but I think that would be a strong stable. Back to TLC, tag team was good. I like Orton in the Wyatt family, I'd have him dress more like a Wyatt family member though, maybe wrestle in a t-shirt/jeans combo ala Dean Ambrose so he fits in more. Kalisto v Baron was good too. I think Kalisto destroying himself for little to no reaction wasn't so good. That's a big thing I noticed. You've got the guy & girls really busting their asses out there and only on the big spots do they get a reaction. I'd re-educate the audience more and lessen up the amount of big bumps they take because you're not going to see the likes of Dolph, Ambrose et al have 20-25+ year careers because of the amount of bumps they take. I have a renewed respect for the talent who go all out to entertain us all & I'd like to see the non-fan audience be more receptive to the fact that they put themselves on the line every time they step into the ring. I really dislike the 'fake' stigma attached to pro-wrestling/sports entertainment. It's pre-determined yes, but nothing about it is fake. I think the Strong style-lite aspect of the product has a detrimental as it's almost a game of one upmanship, even Sasha, Charlotte et al are working a similar style now and I think down the line you are in a danger of shortening careers. I'd have them ease up on the hard shots, do more mat work, less emphasis on high flying big spots & powerful impact moves. As when you see that in every match like Dolph, Kalisto et al bumping all over the place it's like a case of 'Seen it' and it lessens the impact. One big OMG! spot per show is fine, even then it can be overkill. I think they went too far with chairshots in the Attitude Era which is why they cut them down and the Hardcore matches aren't really a factor because they were overkill too. For the TLC PPV I'd just have the main be the showstopping match, Bliss/Lynch didn't need the tables gimmick, Corbin beating Kalisto minus the chairs would have just been as impactful, because of the David v Goliath aspect. So you're cutting injury risk(s) by not doing too much. That would nullify the action some what, but a forgotten aspect of pro-wrestling is the storytelling aspect. Back in the day wrestlers didn't need to throw themselves around the ring, or jump off ladders etc. In hindsight some of the old school matches might be antiquated but Steamboat/Savage still stands up with any match of today. Granted there was high spots, but aspects of the match are mat based too. Same with Liger/Pillman which I watched today on the network. That match would fit in on today's WWE programming and doesn't look a bit out of place. Again, yeah there were high spots, but no one was risking themselves too much and the big bumps did get a big crowd reaction because they told a story. So really it's just re-educating the fans and working a more safer/smarter style. Today's WWE is more influenced by Ring of Honor & the Strong Style than it's more traditional origins. There used to be talk of the WWF(WWE) & WCW style, but now I think there isn't a WWE style that needs to be learned since it's evolved into a hybrid of Strong Style-lite Puroresu and Ring of Honor with the false finishes spots, they work much more stiff than ever before. Bret said the art of wrestling is to look like it really hurts when it doesn't. They need to bring that aspect back to prolong careers and cut down the injury list. But to conclude, a thumbs up for TLC, but I think some matches didn't need the additional stips.
  4. Does anyone know which Nitro has that really fun tag between the Outsiders vs I think, the Stenier brothers maybe?, where they have a real close match and the Steniers (although for some reason I'm thinking Ric Flair was involved so maybe it was against two of the Horsemen?) who almost beat Hall & Nash for the belts. The crowd were super into too IIRC. I have a vague recollection of the match which seems to be from a late 1996-1997 time frame. In hindsight it might not be so good but at the time it was a great tag match.
  5. Yep those were the ones I heard were missing. I assume it's mostly/if not all of the big non-PPV cards/events listed on here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ECW_supercards_and_pay-per-view_events#1992. These are what I'd definitely be interested in seeing too. Although if I'm correct, some of these shows were broken up and shown over consecutive weeks on ECW TV like the Cyberslam 96 for example. Earlier Eastern championship wrestling (pre Paul E) has some novelty value and I'd like to see some of the big events from 1993 like the Funker v Eddie Gilbert.
  6. The Goldust, Truth & Booker episode of Table for 3 is worth checking out, probably my favorite episode so far. I also enjoyed the Show/Kane/Mark episode too. Agreed they need to be longer, but maybe because they are short it makes them more accessible. For example if they were like a 1hr-2hr long I think unless it's a fun group of guys/girls it would drag on. But some like the two I mentioned and the Horsemen one would definitely benefit from being a lot longer than 20 minutes.
  7. OK thanks. Also does anyone know if there's a WWE app for the Virgin Media TiVo box?. I know it's available for the normal TiVos. Had a look online for the UK version, but it doesn't mention it, so I assume it's not possible.
  8. Is the entire ECW library really on the network, as I've heard some shows are missing?. I'd like to check out some of the more notable earlier shows, I think I have some on VHS & DVD but the network makes it so easy just to click on a show and it comes up instantly instead of hunting thru DVDs etc. As for new content - Wrestling Challenge, Superstars, WCW Thunder, WCW Worldwide, WCW Pro among others. Maybe if he gets back in their good graces, Hulks Rock & Wrestlin will be back. I'd also like to see a new Legends roundtable series as I'm assuming its a show they could produce fairly cheaply and get a great panel of guests together for it too.
  9. So I've been watching this on the network and I maybe in the minority here but I kinda like it. Best episode so far is when Noelle hangs out with Becky Lynch and when she's trained by Becky & Sasha. Are there any new episodes coming up as there's only 5 so far. Haven't looked for spoilers, but I'm assuming Noelle hasn't been signed up by the WWE (as of yet anyway).
  10. Badda bing, badda boom, luckiest guy in the room How ya doin'!
  11. Anyone else notice the similarity between the enhancement talent guy who faced Braun and soccer manager Alex McCleish?
  12. If the match had a faint "Fight Forever" chant that would have been the icing on the cake. Props to Matt & Jeff for the FINAL DELETION~!. It was legit TNA's best bit of TV for a long time.
  13. Haven't visited for a while so just saw this and it's John's newer one. Now reading Willie Nelson's autobiography.
  14. Good question. Ric Flair would be top of my list. He had charisma, very good talker and good in-ring too. I think with any big draw you need a solid supporting cast around them so you'd have to have a Harley to put him up against (if Flair worked 'face). Dusty's another good choice, but again he would have to be put up against the right heel. But really what worked say in the 70's, even the 90's doesn't necessarily mean it will translate well today. Say a young Flair came up thru the NXT ranks onto the main roster he could be criticised for the OTT bumps, the OTT promo style etc. Another name which comes to mind from the old school is Gorgeous George. I mean James Brown, Muhammad Ali all borrowed from him and I think his gimmick would translate well that he'd be a fixture on late night talk shows and such. Bruno was super over but I think his strong point was his in-ring work. He's the equivalent of say a Cesaro today. Harley's an interesting one because whilst he isn't somebody you could build a company around as the #1 guy because he does have the flamboyance of a Flair or Dusty, but he's definitely an important corner stone. Superstar's a given really because he's been emulated already by Hogan, Jesse & Big Poppa Pump.
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