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  1. Wait when did she do the Nakamura entrance?
  2. Bringing back Shelton brings us 3/4 of the way to American Alpha/WGTT.
  3. The Revival/American Alpha 2/3 falls match is not getting nearly enough love. I'd say it's on par with The End and clearly better than Dallas.
  4. Oh. Easy way out. Sasha just locks Dana in a closet and goes after Charlotte 1-on-1?
  5. Spoilers for the octofinals are on Wikipedia and other sites. Be wary.
  6. I agree with everything Offspring515 says above. Also, Joe's promo was fantastic.
  7. Becky and Natalya are occupied, Paige ... doesn't make much sense, nor Summer or Eva. Maybe Naomi or Tamina? Incredibly long shots: Nikki, Trish, Lita, Nia. Massively underwhelming: Fox. I have faith in Dana performing a compelling and justified "oh no"-face if it's Asuka. I do not have faith in Charlotte doing the same if it's Bayley.
  8. From the youtube highlights of Bayley-Bliss: - Bayley's Buckle Bomb looked vicious, I suspect thanks to Alexa selling it by hitting the top buckle, then falling to hit the middle one. - the crowd seemed to sour a bit on Bayley when she started to pander by taking Alexa on a tour of the turnbuckles and repeating her running strikes. I liked the corner knee though. - Alexa's punch and knees were fantastic.Her choke continues to look ridiculous.
  9. I'm going to guess Gran Metalik going over Tozawa. ZSJ covers the UK, which I think hurts Gallagher's chances, and the same logic applies to Tozawa by way of Ibushi. Semis then being ZSJ v. Metalik and Ibushi v. Swann, with an outside shot of Gargano...
  10. I can't tell if I liked this or the End tag title match more. Superb. Alexa and Bayley were really good too.
  11. According to this: http://www.cagematch.net/?id=2&nr=13511&page=4&year=2016&promotion=1 untelevised, mostly.
  12. Perhaps a more vicious chant would be "ROMAN ROIDS". Perhaps I am too optimistic in my hope that aggressive crowd trolling would short-circuit the push.
  13. Liv and Murphy each made Nia and Nakamura look tremendous. Fantastic ragdollery.
  14. The other spoiler thread says that Dana took the Banks Statement.
  15. I know it's trolly, but I'd really like to see what the reaction to a crowd chanting "STEROIDS" would be.
  16. Haas and Benjamin managed it! Vengeance 2003, in a tag against Mysterio and Kidman. Christ, that was a great match.
  17. ...a second consecutive episode with no live Rollins/Reigns content? As with allegedly keeping Sasha off TV to not screw her booking up pre-Summerslam, this is a notable and weird model for programming.
  18. This week's Main Event has a really weird Sasha/Summer match. The one recognizably-Sasha move that she hits is the running knees in the corner, everything else was strikes and a weird running pin. Even the Banks Statement was just a crossface -- no backstabber beforehand. Summer hits a fabulous DDT and Sasha takes a great dive off the apron into the post, but ... it felt odd seeing Summer control as much of the match as she did, moreso because Sasha's traditional arsenal wasn't at all represented. No straightjacket or neckbreaker, no double knee drop... I don't know if it's Summer being unfamiliar with Sasha's offense or Sasha losing her edge as a face or Sasha retooling her style for less impact a la post-injury Austin, but I think this is a match that should be looked at.
  19. Del Rio reminded me of Mitt Romney in the backstage segment. This episode was mostly a joyless slog.
  20. I really hope they're not reaching for the Game of Thrones crossover audience.
  21. Thumbs up to whoever came up with Rusev going "we are known as the League of Nations, but you might as well call us THE UNITED NATIONS!" (I guess that if they stuck together, they'd end up as the New World Order? )
  22. Sasha has the Becky and Bayley matches. Charlotte has the Flair lineage. Becky should be the one to beat Asuka?
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