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  1. RIP Sasha's knees after that Meteora. I picked up on some interesting storytelling in Sasha/Bayley (he understated). Bayley didn't do her characteristic "woo" after rolling back from her corner spear, Sasha's arm-wringer into the corner followed by double-knees was something out of Banks/Lynch Unstoppable, and slapping her way out of the Bayley-to-Belly only to have Bayley slap back and lead into a Frye/Takayama was also notable. Also, *losing clean* off a Frog Splash could easily be a "stop trying to be the next Eddy, start being a BOSS again" moment.
  2. I remember hearing that it was a spot intended for Roman...?
  3. If she doesn't give a week's notice, her first defense is against Asuka.
  4. I will be disappointed if we don't get an F5-into-Kokina Clutch spot.
  5. Brigit O'Regan (one of Nakamura's Toronto violinists, and a friend of a friend) has some stories about the whole experience here:
  6. The emperor has no clothes. (Predominantly, I am now bored by Nakamura, but that comment could apply to so much on this godforsaken card. )
  7. ... Dear lord. [Spoilers for chants. ]
  8. 2155 Mackay is now a vegan restaurant, popular with students from the nearby Concordia University.
  9. On a completely different note: I thought it looked like Sami had injured himself in the battle royale until Gronkowski came into play.
  10. After Saturday's very sharp elimination match, we had Sasha and Bayley not manage to eliminate Charlotte before turning to each other. Sigh.
  11. I feel pretty down on this show. - Ruby Riot didn't do much, and what she did looked unintentionally awkward. Tye not catching a break feels like it's gone on long enough, and I don't have enough of an idea of Sanity to approve or disapprove of them. And the eyeshadow was trying too hard. - Almas did great work, but seems to have settled into a Tye-lite Intro Guy rut. - Ember's failure to scout the running hip attack and subsequent dive to the guardrail don't speak well of her character (whatever it is?), and I don't think Asuka was evil enough to set up a compelling rematch. Tag and main were great though.
  12. per the pre-show, Jose is out of the 8-person tag. Itami, Ohno, or a handicap match?
  13. I'm guessing we get Nia/Bayley again for number one contender, Sasha interferes, and then we get a fourway in the same way we got the three-way last year. :\
  14. This is my favorite post in months. I have nothing to add but a reference to Sasha Banks' well-documented fondness for Sailor Moon and a hope for a match between the two where we learn that yes, it IS physically possible to counter the Eclipse into the Bank Statement.
  15. I wonder if it's too un-NXT/swervy to have one of Billie or Payton take the fall immediately for the other, and then have Regal restart the match as elimination and give us a lengthy Asuka/Cross after tossing the other Aussie.
  16. At risk of fantasy-booking entrances, I want Gallagher to come down in a three-piece suit every week. And then have a striped beach tent by the ring that he steps into and changes in.
  17. I'm not sure if this belongs here or in the INTERNET MATCH OF THE YEAR thread, but here's a 13 minute video of Becky Lynch fighting a can of pineapple.
  18. I will add at least one other AA/Revival, and the other Revival/DIY. I also really liked ZSJ/Metalik -- worked at a furious pace appropriate to its place in the tournament, and said pace covered up a lot of sloppy execution.
  19. They're giving Mustafa Ali the gimmick that belonged to Daivari's brother.
  20. I read that they're cancelling Superstars in favor of 205 Live... if that's the case, does it also mean that this show will be on air in foreign markets?
  21. of all the things to expect on the DVDVRMB, GIGLI WAS NOT ONE OF THEM, SIR.
  22. I've grumped about it before and I'll do it again: The End and the 2/3 falls on the weekly show were both better than the Dallas tag. The only thing Dallas has is the feel-good ending and a less cloying babyface shine at the top...
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