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  1. I guess now we know what Jess McGrath and Buck Woodward have been up to.
  2. That and when the heels would meet backstage, the camera would be shooting through a window or crack in the door. i always thought that looked better and made more sense than the WWE style. Where the heels stand in front of the camera, acting like it's not there, reciting their nefarious plan to fuck over the babyface.
  3. Correction: Jeff Jarrett and Barood will stop the giant bug invasion.
  4. As a guy who has watched TNA for the last 12 years, I can tell you its not a TNA move. TNA would have been sure to bury Taker (no pun) way before he could even reach 2-0 at Mania. Taker losing was a legit shock and I'm glad they pulled the trigger on it. If Taker would have beat Lesnar then WWE would have had only 1 Mania moment (depending on how you feel about Cesaro's awesome strength) with Bryan. Good move and people will always remember Mania as Taker's last stand. If this was TNA, Brock would have still won but his contract would have expired a week ago.
  5. A Fallout 3 style, First Person RPG, set in the Marvel Universe. Where you can use gear from heroes or villains you've defeated. I wanna live in a world where the Punisher can roam New York on a Goblin Glider, wearing Doc Ocks tentacles but with an M16 in each hand.
  6. Is it extra for him to show up wearing the big hat? I'm uh......asking for a friend.
  7. Was watching the Raw from 98, with Austin riding the Zamboni. I noticed during that segment Vince had the "Winged Eagle" belt in the ring. I remember they'd switched to the newer belt 6 months before, on the Raw after Wrestlemania 14. And I don't remember ever seeing the older belt on TV again. Did it ever show up again, other than that one time?
  8. Vince sounding like he's about to have a stroke from naming the participants is the most Wrestling thing ever.
  9. Has anyone found any AWA or Mid South footage on VOD?
  10. He was drunk while doing the alternate commentary for the first One Night Stand. If you haven't listened to it, you need to. Just for his reaction to the Tanaka/Awesome match.
  11. Well, at least in Canada, you don't get severance pay or social assistance if you quit, if you get fired/laid off, that's a different matter. Same here. However, WWE wrestlers are technically "independent contractors", they aren't eligible to receive unemployment benefits. Are wrestlers still paid while they're under the 90 day no-complete clause? That might be a difference? KC James said on Cabana's podcast that he was actually able to get Unemployment Insurance from WWE. Because the state he lived in (I think Kentucky?) said he wasn't an Independent Contractor.
  12. The Nielsen boxes are a statistically significant sample, but all they tell is how many TVs are tuned to what channel, not how many eyeballs are actually watching those TVs. Sports programs, and we'll include WWE under that category, tend to be "event" shows, where people gather to watch them. It's what makes sports programs so valuable, because A) they're watched by more people than the ratings indicate, and B) because they're more likely to be watched live rather than DVRed. Nielsen boxes do take this into account. They make you create profiles for the people in your home, along with the demographic information about each person. Then every 15 minutes, you're prompted to enter who is currently in the room watching that specific TV. It's how Nielsen gets demographic breakdowns for quarter hours.
  13. They'd better not. Now's the time for Milton Bradley to relaunch Karate Fighters.
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