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  1. It will be fun to fantasy book the super show, but I’m not sure NJPW has the roster to really stack this with desirable matches.

    Once you get past Okada/Tanahashi/Naito/Ishii/Suzuki/White…..who else do I care about? I dunno. And their tag division absolutely sucks. 

    Miro vs Ishii though please 

  2. I will always appreciate Dave’s exhaustive work and dedication to pro wrestling, but it’s not debatable that his tastes shaped a view of what made good wrestling by the early internet wrestling community that absolutely sucked and led to the Johnny Kickpads generation.  Shame on you Dave.

    Shit, appreciation for Sid / Mark Henry / Bunkhouse Buck / Dusty Rhodes is what drove a lot of us to DVDVR in the first place. Finally, sanity. 

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  3. I’m not sure what the disagreement is here. It’s completely within the WWE’s right to revert to the formula of training sports athletes rather than poaching indies. It’s worked for them in the past and is a step up from underwear models of the mid aughts. 

    There have always been and will always be veteran Indy-born guys on the card like Steamboat, Goldust, Rude regardless. I think it makes sense to target your developmental recruiting on the athlete types moreso than the Indy types. 

    I unabashedly prefer NXT 2.0 over the Gargano/Cole/Ciampa era NXT though. Vince was 100% right that they product stunk and was contributing nothing to the main roster.

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  4. AEW really isn’t great at booking women after they lose the title. Riho was left twisting in the wind, Shida twisting in the wind until the Deeb feud and now Baker doing nothing. 

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  5. I love it that the Acclaimed are in AEW’s post show dark stuff spot. Like, the fans won’t go home fully satisfied without seeing them. Really feels like they are in that still-early heel New Day / New Age Outlaws phase where they are a hot feud and face turn away from the top of the division for a long time.

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  6. That was the turdiest ending to a Dynamite since that early Dark Order beat down one (not the later, awesome, Brodie Lee title win beat down)

    Politely, TK, no one gives a shit about Jay Lethal. Let alone Dollar Store Omos.

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  7. Well this thread took a turn toward ruining decades of my disbelief.

    “Coming to the ring, from Branson, Missouri, accompanied by the Baldknobbers….Stone Cold Steve Austin!”

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