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  1. I know I'd seen that Booker T/Big Show segment someplace
  2. Jesus what a stat. The Bills have had 16 head coaches in their existence. They are a combined 0-16 in their debuts.
  3. And Terrelle Pryor has just ensured about half the country stays alive in their suicide pools
  4. Oh man. It's Dolphins game day. They had a ton of cap room and went out and got some big free agents Ryan Tannehill is a year more experienced and now has the weapons to compete The defense is stacked and the team is ready for a playoff run And Coach Philbin has this team not only ready to play, but ready to win! LET'S GO DOLPHINS!
  5. Marc Hochman (@MarcHochman) tweeted at 2:32 PM on Sat, Sep 07, 2013:NCAA to launch investigation of University of Miami for violating Florida Gators.(https://twitter.com/MarcHochman/status/376427865740673024)
  6. So for Fashion Week, a bunch of designers were asked to re-do 90's cartoon characters as fashionable 2013 characters. Witness their unholy hellspawn: http://swaggernewyork.com/2013/09/04/exclusive-lisa-simpson-daria-and-other-90s-cartoon-characters-take-on-new-york-fashion-week/
  7. http://sobadsogood.com/2012/11/14/38-of-the-weirdest-unexplainable-images-on-the-internet/ Be sure not to be at work when you visit that link. And you're welcome for your nightmares tonight.
  8. 37 I find it hysterical that this thread started out with people thinking we were all in our 20's.
  9. My main problem with it being a "Play-In" style playoff game is that baseball is such a human sport that you can, and probably will at some point, have a single blown call end a season for a team. Then it expands to Best of 3... Then Best of 5... Then the World Series ends in fucking December.
  10. This thread was a lot more fun when two teams weren't fighting for the right to be swept out by Atlanta or Los Angeles. Fuck both St. Louis and Pittsburgh. Stupid second wild card.
  11. Indianapolis has cut rookie TE John Boyett after he assaulted a cop over the weekend and while being arrested screamed "You can't arrest me, I'm a Colts player" http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000237531/article/colts-cut-john-boyett-after-arrest-on-multiple-charges
  12. Android news... the name Key Lime Pie is out. It's replacement:
  13. I am praying to god I read something wrong and this is unwarranted, but.. CLEAN PIN OVER JOHN CENA & CAREER CROWNING EXTENDED WWE CHAMPIONSHIP CELEBRATION Kick Wham Pedigree immediately after said celeration. Lay down for 2 minutes while Randy Orton walks back in and cashes in. And who cares if he beats the Shield over and over? On the top level they're jobbers. The #1 Contender to the WWE Championships SHOULD beat the US Champ and the tag champs one on one easily. He hasn't even had the opportunity to get physical with Orton or HHH. Which to the crowd means one of two things: a) They're terrified of him. or He's not a threat to them. One sided booking leads to thinking the latter.
  14. I'm as patient as the next guy, I'm just really, really fearful Night of Champions is ending with Bryan ending on his back KO'ed at the fist of a freshly turned Big Show. Which of course, draws out the angle more and is what they ultimately want. I think the natives are restless because Bryan is not getting anything at all. And yeah, I know they're trying to change the way stuffing instead of potatoes is booked to make people more patient for payoffs, but the fact is, when you're booking yourself to be SO dominant, you really run the risk of people tuning out. For the last 15+ years, we have been collectively trained to think an angle lasts 2-3 months and sometimes the good guy wins, sometimes the bad guy wins. But if the good/bad guy wins over and over and over people are just not going to know how to react other than "well this guy just can't hang with the other guy so screw this, what else is on". Also, completely unrelated.... AJ is in a weird tweener mode. Running down everyone on the Divas Forever or whatever the fuck it's called for not being as good as her, and the crowd is reacting wrong because they're not saying "Boo", they're saying, "Hey, she's right." I have no idea how they're playing out this angle, but none of those other 3 in the Fatal 4 way can lace AJ's boots in the ring or on the mic.
  15. Georgia/South Cackalacky Miami/Florida and Notre Dame/Michigan in a battle of who will be more disappointing.
  16. This is Brian Hartline, Cat Lover. Welcome back NFL!
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