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  1. Macho documentary lost all credibility with me the second Bubba the shit sponge showed up on my TV. A guy who’s big claim to fame is getting thrown off radio for castrating a live pig on his show. A guy who also spent at least a decade burying Macho on his show with his buddy Hogan including a story they would bring up every time about Macho shitting himself at a gym supposedly.
  2. It’s not a lack of women it’s a lack of ability to book the women. If one of these women doesn’t just catch on the women in this company will just continue to tread water like they have since the company’s inception.
  3. If you cover the facial hair with your hand you can see how absolutely LIT Rude looks in this picture. Put some lines in the goatee and it is literally current day Teddy Hart.
  4. He has a brain the size of a squirrel.
  5. If the Minions were marshmallows.
  6. Gallows is the Todd Packer of pro wrestling.
  7. Honestly think your reaching here but I’m sure you can find way better examples to try and stoke the flames some more. The network has been around how long? For which you have no doubt been a subscriber to at some point and now that this shit is on Peacock and someone finally gave a shit to censor WWE that isn’t WWE your ready to go all Occupy Titan Towers up in this bitch? I despise Vince and his sleazy ways as much as the next dvdr poster but to think wrestling will ever change or be truly cared about by anyone other then the people who watch it is foolish at this point.
  8. Is that the same Jigsaw from Chikara?
  9. He’s the Original Head of the Table.
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