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  1. I tweeted them asking about the availability of the Thatcher matches. Specifically the Jack Gallagher match, because it's Gallagher and Thatcher. Never got a response.
  2. Trust me, we're paying attention. Love this project very much
  3. His insanely high defensive value makes up for the lack of production from his spot in the batting order once every five days.
  4. I recall him talking shit on Twitter over not being booked for either this year or last years BoLA.
  5. Was there some sort of purge of posters or something like that?
  6. Having the Cardinals in that first grouping is being mighty charitable at this point. Watching some Cards fans go all doom in gloom now that they aren't division favorites is weird. I'm a Cubs fan, unless you were referencing other people. Then, my bad.
  7. Having the Cardinals in that first grouping is being mighty charitable at this point.
  8. There's a whole subgenre of WoS tribute acts right now out on the indies. Yeah, there's more technical wrestling on the US indie, UK indie, and Lucha scene now than ever before maybe. There's even sprinklings of it in Japan again.
  9. May they get cancer for even suggesting it. Jesus. Is he a smoker? Not sure, but these days there are so many people who get throat, mouth, lung cancer simply through second hand exposure.
  10. Oh, and the Tiger Mask/Dynamite Kid match you have listed, it says All Japan, but do you mean the New Japan match from 08-05-1982?
  11. Has there been a post made yet that started providing links to matches that are available online? No big deal if there hasn't, but didn't want it to slip between my fingers so to speak.
  12. New website just started up that I'm a part of. Reviews, previews, long form opinion pieces, podcasts; you name it this site has it. A great group of guys doing some great things covering the world of pro wrestling and MMA. Come check it out if you feel so inclined. Wrestling with Words
  13. Good thing is, he's so young that he will still be an elite player during those last years. It's his next contract where the backloaded part would be quite scary.
  14. Question, are you guys planning on adding old reviews or maybe even doping new reviews? I know it means more work, but I really think you guys are doing something great here and having reviews from the DVDVR crew on there would make this thing the best thing to happen to wrestling in forever.
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