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  1. I'm not the one to complain about orange guns but dang this game has a lot of them. Glad the update increased the gun safe by a ton. I did finally find an infinity pistol. I don't know why but I always kept one on bl2. Don't use it often but glad to have it. Oh and this new dlc mission is pretty dalm rough!
  2. These challenges are getting old. Kill captain haunt 25 times. I'm at 9 and tired of it.
  3. I don't know why but I just thought to look for this thread. For the longest time I just thought this was a GTA posting board. I might figure out what I'm doin one of these days, unlikely, but possible. I'll try to read through here before it gets to 10k pages.
  4. Tried this again with Jones the other night. Now, along with no animals spawning, it has included your horse. They broke this bitch bad. Whistle, whistle, whistle, no horse anywhere. They have increased the player vs player hate and crime though. All there is to do is shoot each other. Can't even do the missions. It's still a new game and in beta. Give em a week or 2 and they'll have it as smooth as GTA!
  5. 4 different sessions not a single animal spawn. This game may be on the shelf and GTA back in the console.
  6. Best thing to ride in this game is the little ass! If y'all ever see a miniature donkey get on that lil ass and ride your balls off. Most fun you'll have since your first brothel bath.
  7. Dang. Never seen anything like that. We have some propane hooked up that burns something like a pilot light on certain places here, but that stuff is nuts.
  8. I've lost most interest too. Just want to get to level 66. Then I'm probably done until new content comes.
  9. I'll hafta try that app. Robert to be fair when I blew you up with dynamite you were a red dot, and there were a lot of red dots around. Fire bottles are funny as hell. I highly recommend them. Jones told me if you play this weekend, free gold is awarded. A quick way to get 1,500 xp (if you have a decent horse) are 3 challenges under travel. Its 3 point A to point B in a specific time. If any Xbox player wants it but doesn't have a horse to make the time I'll loan ya buck.
  10. This hunter/gatherer simulator with an occasional run in with dots is still fun. Robert was referring to some dots we ran, or they ran into us. It was a great. We were in separate rooms. 2 dots came up my ass. I was handling them rather well but then Robert joined, we ran them off. 2 more dots showed up on the same horse. We were each on a dot apart from each other. The one finally killed me which made the score around 17-1. I killed him 6 or 7 times so he sends me a message. "I'm gunna kill u." I responded "when?" Then I got the famous "fuck you". Another kill I liked happened last nite. I made my money on GTA by using the mini map. Its hard to do on rdr2. Mainly because the map doesn't show when the sniper scope is up. But anyhoo I loved bouncing grenade launcher rounds off billboards, over buildings, around corners, whatever on GTA. On rdr last nite I used the mini map to throw a stick of dynamite over a little hill in the woods toward a red dot.....it worked.
  11. We fought turtles that were tougher to kill than poor Owen. He may have knocked Robert out of a little money, but we knocked him out of his boots, dignity, and self respect. He may not ever play this game again.
  12. We did some horse racing and the new gun grab team thing last night. It was fun as shit, especially when all 3 of the DVDR were standing at the end on a gun grab.
  13. It was great times. We will now start posting the fastest lap and any and all can compete. If you need commentary I will be happy to oblige. Be prepared to call in the nag though. It can get rough out there.
  14. I'll be back eventually. I'm sick and still working. Going home and getting in the bed sucks.
  15. Us hillbilly assholes trained ya right my friend. I need to do some more single player stuff. Getting close to 100% just don't much care for whats left.
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