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  1. Ending Roman's, uh, reign before WM seems stupid on so many levels.

    As someone cautiously dipping their toe back into WWE again, I want him to hold onto both titles until WM and only lose them to Cody or Bron, preferably Cody. WM is the best stage to put someone over huge and make a huge star. While you could argue that Cody already is a huge star, I think it would still mean a ton to put him over at WM. For someone like Bron though, there's a lot of ifs. I think he needs to be hot out of the gate on Raw or SmackDown, do something huge like winning the Royal Rumble, and continue being hot until WM. That's a lot to ask for someone who is currently an NXT guy, but I also think it's doable.

    The last thing I want is Roman vs the Rock.

  2. 20 minutes ago, Log said:

    The small number of matches announced and a prominent guest timekeeper make me think that Garcia/Danielson is going long.

    Danielson did complement Garcia's long match (was it an hour with Moriarty?) in that promo last week.

    I thought it was Garcia vs Yuta that went an hour.

    We need more dragons on this show. Where's Don the Dragon Wilson at? What's Taimak up to? 

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  3. 39 minutes ago, Raziel said:

    As a Yankee fan,


    Yeah, Rizzo was trying to sneak his way on and the Ump was 100% right to not give him the base.

    As a Cubs fan, I watched Rizzo do this what felt like every game. Dude knew he has a big ass body and can take a hit and so he got hit all the time. More than any other player I can think of because he always be right on top of the plate. So part of me wonders if the ump was like, "nah, not this time Riz."

    I will never not love Rizzo. Miss that guy.

  4. 13 minutes ago, Dolfan in NYC said:


    Look, this doesn't need to be written by Aaron Sorkin... but this is a fucking HELL of a thing to admit in a show that's ABOUT A LAWYER.  

    Yeah...I saw this too and, man, that's not a good thing to admit at all. The other I saw was that it drew more inspiration from Better Call Saul and Fleabag than something like Ally McBeal. Look, I love Better Call Saul and I love Fleabag. I don't think those two flavors mix at all. And there's more to courtroom stuff than just Ally McBeal. Watch some episodes of Boston Legal or, well, literally the millions of other courtroom dramas or comedies out there. Fuck, binge a season of Night Court at the very least.

    The more I hear about She-Hulk, the less enthused I get, which is a shame because Tatiana Maslany is great, She-Hulk is great, Jameela Jamil is great, I'm just now very uncertain if this show is going to be good and that's with me looking past the awful CGI.

  5. Well, it took only less than a week for everyone to be way too fucking good at Rumbleverse. Those first two days were fun. A few days later and I'm getting KO'd really fast.

    I do think the one thing the game needs is music during the actual match. It's too quiet, which makes it a little boring and empty feeling. It's a huge city with usually less than 40 players at the start. I spent one match wandering around forever until I actually found somebody.

  6. I don't see how Jimmy slips back into being Saul. Everyone else inside has his back because he's Saul, but he looks like he's living out a simple life as Jimmy, getting to cook and bake bread and not pushing inmates away that want to love him because he was Saul. It's prison, what would be a better way to ensure your safety for life? Let everyone else embrace you for who you were, or try to fuck someone up on day 1 and then risk getting shived the rest of your days?

  7. What an insanely beautiful finale. For me, it was perfect in every way. I don’t think time on the inside for Jimmy is going to be all that bad. No one is going to mess with him, I could see Jimmy being friendly with guards, he gets to work on the kitchen, etc. And Kim, maybe my favorite tv character ever, gets maybe the best ending anyone from this universe has ever received.

    This, more than the ending to Breaking Bad, more than El Camino, was the best way to close out this universe and give a sense of finality to everything.

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  8. ND at #5?



    EDIT: To put this into context, the AP knew ahead of making this that ND practically has no WR corps. So putting them at 5 when you're hoping for the best from the WR that are left is just a little weird.

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  9. Badger and Skinny Pete would make for a good series.

    I'd be down for a one season deal of exploring what life is like for Skylar, the kids, Marie, the DEA, etc.

    It seems like there's more to learn about Madrigal.

    Yeah, I think there's plenty of ideas and content to mine from the BB universe, but there's also no need to jump back into it right away. Give things a couple years or so to breathe.

  10. 9 minutes ago, Log said:

    I'm still processing last night's finale. I don't know if I liked it yet.

    I did, overall, like this season a lot more than the last.

    I like that we're heading back to Westworld, seeing as how "loops" are a theme in this show.

    I have my own stupid idea for the series finale. The show ends with everything going somehow even more wrong that things already have. We cut to Ford and Arnold. They've been running a simulation this whole time. They look at each other and say, "Uh, no." and they toss the plans for Westworld in the trash. Wacky music plays. Fade to black.


    I....yeah...I really don't know what to think. My first feeling when the episode ended was, "I don't like this," which is a shame because I thought the season was really good. I started thinking of the overall journey of this series and while I've been a fan, this season gave me a sense that this series might not be good? I don't know.

    Season 1 deals with a couple of the hosts becoming self aware, Ford plotting his own death, and shit goes haywire. Dolores wants to kill all of the guests. Season 2 has Delos trying to regain control of the park while we discover things like, you know, Shogunworld... Yeah... But anyway, Dolores and a bunch of other hosts want to kill more guests, Delos and Maeve want to stop Dolores, Arnold is bouncing back and forth between different timelines but he's on the side of the good guys, real Charlotte is killed and host Charlotte smuggles out a bunch of the host marbles to bring them to the real world for nefarious reasons, and Maeve succeeds in sending a whole bunch of hosts into the Sublime. Oh, and William makes it to his destination, the forge. which is many years in the future, it's a deserted facility, he meets his host daughter that presumably replaced his real daughter, and she does the fidelity test on William. Season 3 takes place in the real world with Delores and Maeve, who has entered the Matrix, running about. Rehoboam now basically treats all humans as hosts and gives humans a path for them all to follow, which leads to humanity thriving instead of collapsing. At some point William says he's "going to save the fucking world" by killing the rest of the hosts. Dolores wants to destroy Rehoboam to set everyone free? Maeve still wants to stop Dolores, but they're also seemingly fighting for the same thing? And then we have season 4.

    There's just been too many people changing alliances, changing heel and face and back again for no reason at all (William, for example), and it's nice that we had that episode midway through the season that finally explained things as they are now with nearly all humans infected with a parasite and Charlotte controlling them, but then we get to a point where Charlotte wants to shut the whole thing down because the humans are making the hosts want to kill themselves, and then real William is a heel again and says that everyone should be killed despite him saying that he was going to save the world. Not only that, but the bad guys win. What's the point of Caleb even getting Frankie out of the city if they're just going to be dead in a couple years anyway? What a weird thing to build to and have us watch for it to ultimately be pointless. 

    And now we're right back where we started in old Westworld and Dolores is basically Shinji from Neon Genesis Evangellion and she has to decide whether sentient life should live or not.

    Typing that all out makes me actually dislike that finale even if the season was good and better than the previous two seasons, but I also like the series less because it's just all a mess. No one is ever truly dead, everyone keeps changing allegiances, they keep fucking with multiple timelines within a season, and the gaps in between seasons are too big which makes this shit so hard to remember. I would be interested in seeing what someone's experience binging this show is because watching it week to week and season to season makes it very hard to follow.

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  11. On 8/13/2022 at 12:33 AM, twiztor said:

    i may have already said this, but if not:

    if AEW: Fight Forever was the EXACT same game as WCW/NWO: Revenge, but with AEW's wrestlers instead of WCW's roster at the time, it would 100% be my favorite wrestling game of the last 2 decades. Anything extra they've added is unquestionably a bonus. day 1 purchase unless the reviews are absolute dogshit on every level.

    I'm right there with you on what would make me pretty happy about this game. My concern is that it's going to be some shit like that TNA game. It's been way, way, way too long now for most people to remember, but AJ Styles was talking up how his favorite wrestling game was No Mercy and that's what the TNA game would be. And of course that game was dogshit. I'm just hoping Yukes doesn't fuck this up.

    More over, I'm hoping this paves the way for a NJPW game if the game engine is good.

  12. 2 hours ago, Jiji said:


    Also, how on earth did Death Triangle and House of Black feud for half a year and we did not get a single straight-up PAC vs. Black match? 

    Because one or the other was hurt and things never matched up. I also wouldn’t be surprised if you checked cagematch and found that Black was mostly involved in tags because his back is all fucked up.

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