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  1. Jesus. ND survives, USC survived, seems like these two teams are destined for each other.

    Sad to see Duke’s QB go down with a bad looking ankle injury on the last play.

    Hell of a game plan by Mike Elko. Still miss that dude. Best DC that ND has had in forever.

  2. The Shouts/Powers ultimately matter very little. I often forget to even use them. The main time I do is using the anti-grav one when I need to get alien samples without killing any aliens. I also use the Dash when trying to get powers. The other ones just don't seem to matter or I don't see a decent use case for them.

  3. 22 hours ago, Death From Above said:

    I can say this safely without posting any real spoilers: there's a quest that's part of main story fairly late on called Entangled which is probably the single best quest I've played in the game. Super creative and interesting design.

    I'm not sure what I did to trigger the Crimson Fleet stuff. I don't actually think I committed a crime, although the game's script implied I had. Maybe it's an auto-trigger for Space Scoundrel at some point based on your past? Anyway that's a great questline too. Honestly, if Bethesda Quests are your jam you probably love this game, and if planetary exploration is your jam probably not so much. But I really have enjoyed this game thouroughly. The amount of hate it's gotten online is absolutely bonkers to me. I think my biggest gripe at this point is that outposts seem completely optional and don't really have any particular use that I can see. I'd bet anything one of the major DLC's will address that though.

    I just did the Entangled stuff this week. I’ll second everything you said. It reminded me so much of…


    Titanfall 2

    So yeah. Highest possible praise. Looking forward to doing that one again, but making some different choices.

  4. Well done Cubs. Lost about every fucking game to the one team you don't want to lose to right now, Arizona, then lost 2 of 3 to fucking Pittsburgh, and then gave away 2 out of 3 games against the Braves.

    It's like the Cubs hit 82 wins and were like, ok, yeah, we're good with this result. They are who we thought they were.

    Although the biggest winner for the Cubs is Bellinger. That dude is going to get a huge fucking contract next year. Way to go out and show your worth.

  5. You'd think that with WGA getting most of what they wanted that there's no reason for SAG to not get the same and get the industry moving again, but greedy motherfuckers are going to be greedy and all that.

  6. Also, I started getting a little bummed because I feel like I'm getting close to the end of the main story where it sounds like I have one more artifact to collect, I have two more "space shouts" (TM Rippa) to get, and I was thinking I completed about every big side quest out there.

    Then I realized I didn't even start the mission to infiltrate the Crimson Fleet, I haven't done any Ryujin stuff, and I haven't done any of the companion quests for anyone except for a couple people (basically Sarah and Barrett). So I probably have more to do than I thought, but I still haven't run into anything super funny except for Vasco's hilarious shit talking during combat.

  7. 1 hour ago, Raziel said:

    or you build it on a planet where 1 hour is north of 100 hours UT and sleep on your ship.  There is(was?) an xp cheese that had you do that with nickel, aluminum, an industrial workbench and basic braces that worked off that. 

    Woah, this is something I was not aware of. Again, 100 hours into the game and I'm still learning shit. 

    I mean, Elden Ring was probably the first Soulsborn game I actually loved and completed, including Milania, but I'm getting a little tired of the Soulsborn approach to video games where so little is actually explained.

  8. Also, my last two play sessions have been totally consumed by trying to setup my first outpost. Yes, after being 100 hours in, I finally had to setup an outpost because I got a mission to gather TWO THOUSAND units of Argon. TWO. THOUSAND. That led to me fumbling around with one, finding a suitable planet with Argon (Akila works for this), and then trying to figure out how to get the Argon out of the ground. I thought that it probably had to do with building an outpost, but then I couldn't place an outpost anywhere. From this I learned that you can't place an outpost if you're near a point of interest. The only problem was that I was nowhere near a point of interest or at least the closest one was 500 units/meters away. So I went back to my ship and it turned out where I landed on the planet was a good enough spot to put down an outpost.

    Then came the part of getting enough materials to put down a harvester. I think I was short on nickel and copper so I had to go planet hopping for the copper. Went back, built my harvester, and then discovered I had to power it. Guess what? Wind turbines, solar panels, or any other power source also need materials. So then I had to go back out and farm even more materials for a wind turbine. Then I learned that there's a hard limit on the amount of a gas or resource that can be harvested, which meant building another harvester, except you can't have two harvesters in too close of proximity to each other. I also had to farm the materials for that. AND THEN I learned that the only way to get the materials from the harvesters to your ship is with a storage unit and so I had to go and get materials for one of those and that was the real pain in the ass. A storage unit requires lubricant. At first I tried finding planets with flora and fauna that would have lubricant and couldn't find anything. Then I did what I tried not doing, which was looking up where to find lubricant in Starfield. Akila city actually has a store right near the entrance that sells it. So I did that, completed everything and after another 100 hours of game time I'll probably have enough Argon to complete that quest if I stick with just two harvesters so I'll probably need to build more harvesters...and more power supplies...and more storage buildings. 

    I think I spent two hours doing this shit. At least base building is better than it was in Fallout 4.

  9. 18 hours ago, tbarrie said:

    So question for those who finished the Mantis quest:

      Hide contents

    Did anybody figure out the password for the letter grid puzzle? I picked "Shrapnel" as a random 8-letter word, and walked over "Shrapne" only to find their was no "L" in the last row. So I picked "S" and made it to the other side with no turrets firing.

    But I kind of doubt "Shrapnes" was actually the correct word, and most likely I hit a bug and any 8 letters would have been fine. Did everybody else have the same experience?


    I figured it out on my own based on recordings. The word is...


    Tyrannis, as in Sic Semper Tyrannis.

    Now, where I had a lot of difficulty and that made me question if that even was the word was because I thought it was spelled with a U instead of an I. That led me to try other words, but I kept going back to the correct one and on the attempt that worked I thought, well, let's just try I instead and that worked. I felt pretty dumb.

  10. 6 minutes ago, Raziel said:

    I mean, that's been my chief complaint about Star Wars in total since the Disney buyout.  Aside from Rogue One, everything that's occurred in Disney Star Wars requires every single character to basically be either a Spaceball or a Spengo for any of it to actually work.  

    I think this week's episode basically brought me to where you're at where now I'm just very frustrated at how unbelievably dumb the New Republic is. It was sort of amusing to see it in action during S3 of the Mandalorian, but that senate hearing for Hera was just maddening. And I can't really blame Filoni for it or anything because he's just playing the hand he's been dealt, but there are better ways to get to "Leia was right and all them rich New Republic government folks got what they had coming to them in TFA" than going the route of, like you said, making the government look like Spaceballs every time they're on screen.

  11. Wow. There sure is a lot to unpack over the last few pages...

    I guess I'll just focus on 1) being surprised that Deeb is married to Marty and what a fucking dummy you'd have to be to bring Marty backstage to anything without asking and 2) man, I really like Danhausen calling dudes out on the internet.

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  12. My god, the New Republic just looks more and more really fucking frustratingly stupid. Why was that one stupid fuck who did all the talking even a Senator? They really are the most head in the sand government ever. I wanted to reach through my TV and smack all of them upside the head. Even Mon Mothma. MON! YOU WERE THERE, FOR, LIKE, EVERYTHING. You were there for the ascendancy of Palpatine, you were witness to Order 66, you remained an Imperial Senator until Palpatine dissolved it, you helped fund the Rebel Alliance, you were witness to the rise of Luke Skywalker, you know the force is real, you know there are Imperial loyalists serving in the government you're a chancellor for, you can't possibly believe Imperialists or a more powerful brand of them (COUGHFIRSTORDERCOUGH) won't rise up again, and yet...HERE YOU ARE! Surrounded by assclowns! Letting it all happen! I feel like Philip Seymour Hofman in Charlie Wilson's War.

    Like, based on everything written that takes place pre-TFA, I get that the New Republic was pretty fucking dumb, but this is getting to be a little ridiculous now. Based on how dumb and naive they are, they shouldn't have even been able to form a government on one planet, let alone an entire system. 

    The rest of the episode was pretty great, but yeah, it's hard to swallow that this was the penultimate episode even if they possibly do a movie or another season. There is just so much to wrap up or touch on with one episode left to go and knowing Disney's past, the final episode will probably only be 50 minutes.

    I hope they pull it off though because I've really enjoyed this season or series or whatever you want to call it.

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  13. I didn't really care for Matt Smith's run as the Doctor. That was more or less the Amy and Rory show for me with the Doctor just kind of being there. Plus I haaaaaate River Song and that comprised a lot of Matt Smith's time. I thought Smith was fine, but Amy and Rory are very S-tier for me.

    Probably loved Tennant the most, then Capaldi starting near the end of his first season as the Doctor, then Whittaker, then Eccleston, and finally Smith.

    Strong honorable mention for John Hurt.

    For older Doctors, I think they're all outshined by the newer ones, but I do remember Colin Baker the most. Not sure if that's because he looked like a fucking clown or because it felt like he had the most time spent with episodes about Gallifrey and I always found Gallifrey to be really interesting as a kid. The Chicago based PBS was what aired Doctor Who over here and it seemed like they showed the McCoy run the most. I could never really get into Tom Baker's time, but maybe that had to do with me being a kid and thinking the show at that point still looked really old.

  14. I swear, it seems like most of what I've done over my last few sessions has been fucking up local and planetary governments by outing people's shitty deeds.

    The governor of Mars even said he knew who I was. If that was the case, he should have known that I would blab everything to the news.

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