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  1. RIZIN coming through. $25 with English commentary, however they have not announced who the announces will be. Also, everyone if Miyuu pulls off the upset and ends the year with a title:
  2. Don't think he wanted to a take flat back bump.
  3. If you could get this stuff on YouTube or Daily Motion, it would be great. I got some Shin FMW videos from BAHU a little while ago and they were entertaining. One of them had a match with Super Leather, but I don't think it was Corporal Kirchner, I think it was Tony Myers or someone else. DO? Never heard of that promotion. I know Ichiro Yaguchi also is a musician, so wrestling seems more like a side gig for him. What's the source for this stuff? I'd def. wouldn't mind getting my hands on some of these sleazy indy videos. If you can make mp4s of these, I'd be more than gladly to send you some bucks for you to get these on Google Drive or something.
  4. I like both Goto and Yaguchi. I thought Goto was underrated as he never gets much recognition and he was great in many of the early FMW bloody brawls he was involved in. Yaguchi is good too, but whenever I see him in it's mostly in those chaotic Onita multiman arena bloody brawls. Speaking of sleazy Japanese indys. I always related the student pro-wrestlers to being strictly untrained backyarders and while they are backyarders, from what I've read they are considered student pro-wrestlers because they are actually university students. They create promotions at their universities and those are their home promotions where they wrestle. I know a good portion of the wrestlers who've come up through the DDT roster were student pro-wrestlers when they debuted for DDT. I know HARASHIMA, MIKAMI and Kota Ibushi were all student pro-wrestlers. Japanese indy pro-wrestling is fascinating. They will literally put on shows anywhere and everywhere.
  5. Seems Leatherface was another Memphis gimmick. I guess all the W*ING monsters were Memphis ripoffs, not QuiƱones creations.
  6. So you are one of the folks Triple H was talking about.
  7. Hey, they hired Cornette and he made that tasteless horrendous joke. There ya go.
  8. TIL the Freddy Kruger gimmick was done outside of W*ING and reading his Wiki entry, it says he actually wrestle as Freddy in Memphis before than the gimmick even debuted in W*ING. I know Jason worked in Stampede and in Puerto Rico before W*ING. Now I'm curious, did Leatherface or any of the other monsters show up elsewhere outside of W*ING or Japanese indys?
  9. This could be pretty cool. They have the money and resources to make this memorable. Let's hope they don't botch it and it doesn't end up being WWE New York 2.0 at Universal City Walk or Disney Springs.
  10. I haven't been following RIZIN closely this year as my interest has shifted elsewhere, but I will say Tokoro vs. Ota is the fight I'm hyped up to watch the most.
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