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  1. Zach Makovsky vs. Josh Sampo at UFC 170. Awesome fight.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBDT4l1sSyc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-T3bgu3kJ4
  3. Ned and Stacey? Gavin and Stacey.
  4. Came here to say Virtual Pro Wrestling 2. One of the best wrestling games ever. And Super Smash Bros is fun too.
  5. Upon giving it a third shot, I can say Gavin & Stacey is great and one of the best sitcoms of the last decade. Highly recommended.
  6. Not sure this has been mentioned before, but Bad Education with Jack Whitehall, Matthew Horne and Michelle Gomez was one of the best sitcoms on TV last year. I know many people don't like Whitehall, but that sitcom was hilarious. It's a sitcom about a high school. Whitehall is a clueless, idiotic, childish history teacher and his classroom is full of a bunch of teenage kids with different personalities. Whitehall usually does most things wrong and ends up a bunch of messes. Hilariousness ensues in every episode. For those of you outside of the UK like myself, the episodes are usually on YouTube and I highly recommend you guys check it out. I'm sure someone from the UK who's seen it will chip in on how good it is.
  7. What's the backstory to the Kudo/Ozaki feud from 97? I know they had 2 matches (which don't hold up that well), the street fight from JWP with Ozaki teaming with Rieko Amano and Kudo teaming with RIE and the no rope barbwire death match from FMW. Aside from that, I haven't seen any other matches between them. What's the backstory to it though? Were they just fighting for the queen of hardcore title or something?
  8. They're moving everything that doesn't air on TV regularly to Fight Pass I believe. In short, yes.
  9. I have no idea why anyone would pay to watch Jason High and Dan Lauzon fights.
  10. Wee vs. Galera was a snoozer too. Kikuno had the most awkward non Kikuno like debut, but I'll blame that on Mulhern not being a UFC level fighter or very good at all. Kawajiri looked dead after he chocked out Soriano. I don't recall ever seeing him that gassed before. Good debut performance either way. Saffiedine vs. Lim was good fun though. Also the ref. for the Kang vs. Shimizu and Kawajiri vs. Soriano is a worse ref. than all of the UFC American refs'.
  11. Hey guys, just thought I'd let you guys know that I had the same problem as sicknote and KJL, I did what they did and then changed my email back to the one I registered with and it worked out fine.
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