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  1. Aside from Kingston still selling while Mox cut the promo, Excalibur still put it over as a brutal explosion on commentary. Definitely best to just ignore it and move on and not put it over as an Omega swerve as you make both King and Excalibur look like buffoons.
  2. Kingston is still selling in the footage where Mox puts down Omega's bad explosives in the post match, so it only makes King look like more of a buffoon. Also, not sure what the fans were expecting? You aired clips of Onita's past matches and had him on. Best thing was not to do it if that's what you could come up with. Now it would just be better to move on and ignore it instead of mentioning it on TV and trying to cover up.
  3. I won't call Seltzer a racist like other folks have over the Bad Bunny clip solely, but I find it funny he says he's not loved by everyone in the Latin community. I don't think there's a single person in any community that's beloved by everyone, so that's a meaningless thing to say. But yes, Bad Bunny is a household name in North America, South America and in several countries of Europe (namely Spain and Italy). Back to Bad Bunny, WWE is smart for bringing him in. He's a massive star and is actually a wrestling fan (as is DJ Luian who used to work with him and who's done appearances on local indy shows in Puerto Rico and was at Ric Flair's wedding, but obviously not as popular as Bad Bunny). Regardless of the show he's on, he's going to bring in a lot of viewers from the Hispanic community which maybe won't be reflected in TV ratings as the younger folks spend more time streaming stuff and on social media as proven by him breaking merch sale numbers and social media interaction. The clip he posted of him slapping the Miz got something like 26 million views or something in 1 minute. Just ridiculous. The other positive thing is he's clearly being used to elevate Damian Priest's popularity. Given there's not much touring Bad Bunny can do now due to the pandemic, I can see him sticking around after Mania. As I said, the dude grew up a WWE fan, so he obviously loves what he's doing and is making a ton of money, so he definitely wouldn't mind sticking around.
  4. Was bored and messing around with Premiere Pro, so I put together a Stop the Matsunaga video together with some cheap Kung Fu edits. This is the ZERO1-MAX angle I know @DEAN wrote about before. It's mostly just clips of him hitting folks with spike's while they bleed, so NSFW. Anyway, just thought I'd share it with you folks.
  5. Just wanted to share this. I know it will help many of you to listen to it. No matter what life throws at you, you're not alone. God bless and stay safe folks.
  6. Just saw Mikuru Asakura tweet he has 1.7 million YouTube subscribes. ? Was reading about the RIZIN ratings and the second portion of the show was the highest rating at 7.3% with Tenshin's fight drawing the highest rating at 10.7%. The numbers are way up compared to last years NYE card. 2019: 3.7%, 5.2%, 3.2% 2020: 4.1%, 7.0%, 6.0% The report I read was crediting Shibatar's YouTube following for the bump in ratings and they were encouraging RIZIN to continue to feature fighters with big social media followings.
  7. Matsunaga had a Batman belt in his boots. He pulled out pliers, a lighter, an icepick, etc. from it during the Stop the Matsunaga angle. That was later. That was a brutal beating. I remember Ki vs. Riddle getting booked for the first Blood Sport and Ki backed out and folks quickly pointed out how he'd end up with a toothless grill if he tried to take liberties with Riddle. The DHS and Low Ki vs. Special K match he mentioned was from a different show in Boston before that.
  8. Cc: @The Natural Solid little TV match as you would expect from these two. It's cool seeing Daniel Bryan continue putting on quality TV matches as he had an incredible in ring year last year and it's always pleasant seeing Cesaro pick up a big win.
  9. Just saw this. That was nuts. Darby's probably my favorite guy on the AEW roster. The match itself is pretty solid.
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