In the full disclosure department – this is the one episode of NXT that I have watched before. Way back when, when I was rummaging around Hulu, I randomly decided to watch NXT and I picked this episode because the screen cap was nothing but William Regal’s face. It turned out to be a great choice because this episode is fucking awesome.


Justin Gabriel vs. Leo Kruger starts the show… again. What is interesting is that originally this all started because of Kruger attacking Tyson Kidd and even though that only happened a couple of weeks ago; the angle is now all “THEY KNEW EACH OTHER BACK IN SOUTH AFRICA! LEO KRGUER IS A CRAZED EX-MILITARY GUY WHO HAS SEEN SOME SHIT!!” These guys are good together in the ring so I would rather this than a bunch of other matches. This week, Gabriel is trying to act all hard… which consisted of him doing more hair pulls in this match than I have ever seen in a NXT women’s match. One of the reasons that I like Kruger matches is that (and I think I have discussed this before but I ain’t fucking looking back) he will work over a body part (usually an arm) instead of the “HEY! I SAW RANDY ORTON DO A CHINLOCK!!! I WILL DO IT TO!!! FACE OF THE COMPANY HERE I COME!!!” This match was really fun, and better than the first one, with the one caveat that I never want to see Gabriel throw a punch again. The story makes sense as Gabriel can’t put Kruger away, gets frustrated, which allows Kruger to go back to attacking the same arm where he eventually gets a submission win. Tyson Kidd might wanna find someone else to avenge him.

Regal’s apology to Kassius Ohno is as great as one would expect when Regal is given mic time. And Ohno is wearing his “Fighting Spirit” shirt so… what a mark that guy is or something. I love love love Regal as the devil trying to atone for his sins. It’s even better when you realize the whole point of the Regal/Ohno feud is that Ohno is pissed that Regal is ashamed of his prior deeds. “DON’T BOO ME!!! I AM TELLING THE TRUTH!!!” Yeah, Ohno is fucking great. Alas, if only Regal hadn’t taught Ohno to not be such a doughy fatboy. Anyway – Regal’s tipping point is the Vince McMahon Kiss My Ass Club so as Ohno brings that up, Regal decks him again and then acts all despondent.  Yeah – this is your fucking feud of the year.

Luke Harper vs. Adrian Neville is really fucking outstanding. Harper can dish out a great big man beating on a little man ass whooping (especially when he hits the big boot) but he can also sell really well for tiny guys which is what makes this work. When Neville starts getting his hope spots in, they are totally believable. Of course, Harper fucking murders him with the lariat for the win. Then the chaotic brawl happens AFTER the match which is really the way it should be.


Tony Dawson’s “This One Is Over” count – 4 ½. Does no one provide him with any feedback?

Sigh… I am gonna get the Rock/Cena hype video every week for the next month aren’t I?

Bayley finally shows up on NXT. She is taking on Paige. Ignoring Bayley almost landing on her head on a snapmare the first move of the match this affair was fine. It probably should be on the other half of the column but this is a really strong week for NXT so the bar is higher. Just lots of little things – like Bayley worked over the shoulder that Paige had “injured” a few weeks back but no mention of that from the announcers and then Paige gets a submission win out nowhere. And Summer Rae does a weird fake run in. Oh and since the match was so short, there wasn’t much time for the crowd to get their masturbation money’s worth.

Ugh… I guess Punk/Taker hype videos too.

Fucking hell – next week is a Road to WrestleMania show??? That might be a pass.

They probably should stop announcing Luke Harper as being from Rochester, NY.