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ON THE ROAD – 2004 Super 8 & CZW (04/03/04)

SHAWN DAIVARI! don’t know what you can find, why don’t you go with him on a MAGIC CARPET RIDE~! AUSTIN ARIES! is Back on the CHAIN (WRESTLING) GANG~! NICHO! is back! The man behind the MASK~! JAPANESE POOL BOY! says GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD~! LOW-KI! Might as well JUMP~! MIKE JOHNSON’S BUS CREW! NO! We […]

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1001 MATCHES: Medium One (Part 2)

50 matches to get 700. Part 1 can be found here. 676) SAMOA JOE vs. TAKESHI MORISHIMA – RING OF HONOR (02/16/07) (Note: Because apparently I can’t tell the difference between a 0 and 1 – this ended up in the 2017 section. I wasn’t blowing up two pieces to put it in the right […]

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1001 MATCHES: Big One (2000s)

(by PHIL RIPPA) Third part of THE BIG ONE~! All matches took place between 2000-2009 446) CHRISTOPHER DANIELS vs. MIKE MODEST – APW (01/22/00) Mike Modest and Christopher Daniels had two awesome matches that helped people discover the Cali indie wrestling scene. One was 1999 and one was 2000. I am going to be totally […]

ON THE ROAD: NOVA Pro Wrestling (11/25/16) Read more

ON THE ROAD: NOVA Pro Wrestling (11/25/16)

(by PHIL RIPPA) BACKSTORY NOVA Pro Wrestling has been running shows for a little over a year now. Using a hybrid model of Northeast and Southern Indy feds – NOVA is a welcome new addition on the scene. For those not familiar with the geography of the area – NOVA runs their shows in Northern […]