HEYA~! The New Death Valley Driver Video Review

Oh yeah… you are so very confused right now.

We are fancy… or at least as fancy as I can figure out.

Obviously I was dragging my feet on uploading the old content just because I didn’t want to do it twice. THAT CHANGES TODAY… or at least sometime in the near future.

For the short term – I have up the most recent DVDVRs, including the debut of DVDVR #173

The board is still found at http://deathvalleydriver.com/forum/ – I plan on turning off comments here to focus all the discussion to where it already is.

You – yes you gentle reader – will get to live through every time I change the theme because I am suddenly unhappy. It will be your own version of a mood ring.

Other than that – it is same old, same old.

Hopefully you appreciate the work.

Love – Rippa

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