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  2. Pretty sure DX were babyfaces at the time, albeit attitude era jackass babyfaces
  3. Wasn't the DX vs Nation of Domination feud entirely heel vs heel? And the Nation vs Los Boricuas vs DOA deal?
  4. Speaking of Martel, he did face vs face matches as AWA champion. I know there are a couple against Jim Brunzell floating around youtube. There was also at least one vs Backlund but I've never seen it.
  5. Just found better things to do over time. Discovered tape trading in 2001. Was a better use of my time than sitting through a RAW aired super late that I'd already read the results of at school earlier that day. Started full time work around about the same time people stopped buying tapes and downloading instead a few years later. Watched where I could. Smackdown 2005 is still the worst hangover cure known to man. Still watch but have better priorities. If I'm home sick on a Tuesday, I'll watch it. If not, so be it. It's no bigger a part of my life than any other TV show I watch, and their respective ebbs and flows of creative merit.
  6. HBK/Razor 2 probably on the medal dais also.
  7. Bobby Roode looks like the sort of guy that spends hours carefully curating dick pics
  8. Today
  9. I've never heard anyone in my life say "a split" ------ It's not exactly good, but Rick Martel vs HBK from SummerSlam '92 is a lot of fun. Actually, that show was loaded for same alignment matches. Were any of the Flair/Kolof matches good?
  10. Mance Warner vs. Sami Callihan is Ole Mancer's best MLW match to date.
  11. Preferably nothing I have to buy a new player for. But eff it, I like a challenge.
  12. When I first saw Roode with the 'stache I instantly thought he looked like Joey Ryan's uncle.
  13. Also, I barely even care it was my team getting embarrassed here, look at this shit
  14. Suns fired what's his name head coach after just one season, justifying my decision to never learn his name
  15. Could be. Dexter is the last series I watched on Showtime.
  16. Wasnt that last week's episode of Billions?
  17. I always like Heel v. Heel matches where they're both cheating leading to hijinks. Silas Young and Christopher Daniels had a pretty good one in ROH in I want to say 2017.
  18. When do they do the very special Firefly Funhouse episode addressing the real cause of Lars Sullivan's unprovoked attacks? That he is ashamed of uncontrollably shitting himself whenever he is aroused, anxious, or confused (in other words all waking hours) and lashing out at his fellow wrestlers is his way of regaining control over his life.
  19. I would gladly go back to that or anything Gabe did over Adam Pearce, Jim Cornette, and most of Delirious.
  20. In some fairness, the article says they're donating proceeds from some merch sales, so that kind of counts even though it probably comes out of the wrestler's cut too. Still, you'd think a billion dollar company would like to avoid the press of one of their "superstars" having to set up a gofundme.
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