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  2. With Prichard's promotion and the draft out of the way...
  3. TONY FALK! that was awesome. Fun show overall. Really good opening recap of last week's events. Into the Fire gets me hyped, love that as the intro. Always dig Allysin Kay and Ricky Starks is star quality. Solid squashes/showcases. Nothing as great as last week's main event but the promos were definitely good all throughout and the show flies by.
  4. See, Tony Stark didn’t even cross my mind. I actually kept typing former NY Knick John Starks name, before I settled on Tony.
  5. A lot of these guys are “castoffs” honestly. Anyway, the matches were nothing to write home about, but I thought almost everybody delivered on the mic. Like I don’t know who Tony Starks is, or he’s about, I still loved the confidence he displayed in his promo. He reminded me of all those promo tests from NXT that leaked on the internet a couple of years ago, and showed how much everybody was being wasted by reciting a poorly written script.
  6. Hour 1: 2.521 million Hour 2: 2.318 million Hour 3: 1.997 million. Anyway Raw's the b show.
  7. Trevor Murdoch, baked potato with arm and legs he may be, was the best thing about the show tonight. Decent enough follow up but 2 'WWE castoffs' debuting (I'm not including Murdoch) was maybe not the best look.
  8. The Bischoff stot If Fox execs didn't like Bischoff, they're going to like Bruce Prichard even less. Rumblings are that Fox are unhappy and beginning to wonder what what they've involved themselves in.
  9. Oh good, Shitty Gary showed up tonight
  10. Leslie Nielsen was a major part of SummerSlam 94. So I’m going to post this.
  11. Trying to summon the Loch Ness Monster while on vacation in Scotland last week.
  12. https://io9.gizmodo.com/hell-yes-moira-mactaggart-is-getting-her-own-solo-x-me-1839063005 Exciting mystery writer. Big timeline removed from PoX 8 since they didn't want to lock things in.
  13. You can't trust Pluto or some of these other apps to show the gory stuff either. I noticed that in From Beyond, they removed the eyeball scene.
  14. BTW - this is how you know how much the WWE wants promotion right now Meltzer just posted interviews with Becky Lynch and Ric Flair
  15. Today
  16. They stripped someone because they missed a scheduled show due to a funeral. The rules are if you get injured/sick and don't have a defense, you're good. If it's scheduled and you miss, automatic strip. That's been the way the promotion has handled it since 1972. The only exception is if you get hurt and know you're going to be out for months (Chono, Hiromu, etc), then you give it up without a scheduled defense.
  17. This is what happens when Ishii and Goto are otherwise occupied, dammit.
  18. Some people can make windmilling and hardcore dancing look cool. Seth isn't one of them. Of course, it helps to have a big circle pit.
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