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  2. Seth is in his feelings because his dream was to be WWE Champion and now he's here and it's at the absolute worst time since like 1996. Yes, the business side is making money hand over fist but the writing is on the wall. Ratings are way down. Live attendance is way down. The online community is shitting on WWE every day. He's stuck in worthless feuds with Baron Corbin where he isn't even going to be able to perform at a high level because the story they are telling has nothing to do with wrestling. Seth had no other choice but to try to validate his position and in turn back the company he works for. But then he got worked into a shoot because everyone dumped on him. Not making excuses for his tweets at all because he's coming off as a clown but I think this is how we got here. It's only going to get worse too with all the AEW stuff on the horizon and the new FOX deal which seems destined to fail. I don't think WWE is in trouble now but in 4-5 years? I could see it.. and Seth will be one of the guys known for being one of the THE guys who helped tank the business. Right or wrong. We all know it's creative but I don't think history will be kind to Seth.
  3. I think he might end up fighting guys like Bektic, Burgos, and Kattar. I mean Kattar already beat the brakes off Lamas in Chicago and Swanson has slid just enough that beating him isn't all that impressive. If Bektic beats Emmett in a couple weeks, where do you go with him? Jeremy Stephens is one of the last of the old guard at 145 who never fought for a belt or was champ at some point and he himself on a 2 fight skid. I mean if Aldo isn't fighting for belt, there is no real reason to protect if he is fighting guys who potentially beat him like Volkanovski and get that name on their resume. Aldo beating Moicano says more about him still being good enough to sort contenders from pretenders. So why not continue that if he plans to fight out the rest of his deal? Let him be that guy. Now once he starts to decline rapidly, I think it would be time like what happens with every fighter to let him make that decision to finally retire. A tier below those three guys I mentioned is Dan Ige, Sodiq Yusuff, and Arnold Allen who are solid prospects but definitely shouldn't be beating someone like Jose Aldo. Once he starts losing to those guys and they hadn't moved to showing their real contenders yet, then we will know he is someone who isn't a top ten fighter anymore.
  4. There's some trush in here. IIRC, that was the Sting match at Bound For Glory where Joe took that stupid fall on the stairs. I think even he's said his body wasn't the same after that one. He's had plenty of good matches since then, but it's been almost eleven years. Everyone slows down. Joe has his nights, but he's not hitting for as high an average as he used to. That said, presence and mic skills and reputation will carry someone pretty far. There are plenty of peak athletes in WWE today that don't scratch what Joe has in those qualities. So maybe Joe still deserves a shake. Though anyone who's holding out hope for a high-quality Joe title run will be woefully disappointed. They've become addicted to their "Joe gets caught off guard, looks shocked, lays in a sore loser beat down" finishes. That ain't changing even if he does win the belt. That's their favourite beat to have him play.
  5. He better not fuck that up. She probably has the dick pics, and she might be living her gimmick.
  6. I think studios put out the stuff digitally earlier is to help curb the piracy. My guess is because you give them the choice to pay and get it legally it'll be better for consumers who are willing to pay instead of risk pirating it. And thank you for the release info, I came here to ask that question. I'll wait for bluray.
  7. While they may not have the rings, the titles, or the respect of peers and fans, the Rockets do consistently lead the league in Excuses Above Replacement Player. Maybe they can hang that next to their "DID NOT PAY LUXURY TAX 2019-20" banner. In conclusion:
  8. He wasn't He was on a Sports Illustrated podcast BR just recapped what was said - they just were the first ones to do it
  9. I just read that too in the BR article and if it isn't working, that's pretty crappy. Like, "Syxx couldn't cut the mustard" levels of dickery. Austin took his ball and went home, so did Punk, Neville, Sasha whoever else. Moxley stayed the whole length of his deal and just went to play ball with other kids who don't make up shitty rules as they go along.
  10. What's bad is I kind of get Seth's point. He can look at Becky who had to put up with things from Irish stereotypical characters to just being lost in the shuffle. But however she got to be The Man she got there and that's great for her. So he sees that and thinks "Well, shit, it worked out for her so surely it can work for anybody." Except that's not always the case and he isn't the guy to talk. From the start of NXT he was seen as their guy and I don't recall him having to deal with BS like Dean did. But with Dean once they split up Shield he was pigeonholed as the wacky guy and nothing would convince Vince otherwise. So if one can't understand somebody else's perspective and situation then you end up with what Seth said. But it's sad that he would publicly respond the way he did and especially if he didn't try and discuss that with Jon first. But even though he's having that pointless and idiotic exchange with Ospreay I still don't hate the guy. He's a pretty good wrestler and is capable of having good to great matches. Heck, for Raw main events he works just fine in that role. But with all this I just shake my head in dismay more than anything. i figure at least he's not some true shithead like Hogan and Warrior and I'd rather reserve that hatred for Vince and Dunn anyway. Plus he has Becky so he can't truly be that bad, right? It's best for his sake to just let this blow over.
  11. Why is Seth being interviewed by Bleacher Report anyway? Isn't that a bit like Kenny Omega being interviewed by wwe.com?
  12. I eagerly await the Rockets team report showing Harden did receive enough votes to win MVP.
  13. This is spot on! To quote the great Clint Eastwood, "A man's gotta know his limitations!" In Clint's case he spent years learning his craft as an actor before moving up from the role as the mostly laconic hero who would get a few choice lines to a complete package as an actor, director, etc. Dave is very self-aware and it's quite refreshing to see someone in hollywood that knows what they can do well and sticks with it as they learn their craft. No one expects big Dave to be the next Laurence Olivier, and that's perfectly fine. What we are getting is a guy that gradually is handed more and larger roles as he proves that he can handle them.
  14. "Took his ball and went home" is such a Vince-ism that Seth's ass is probably sore from having the old man's arm up there.
  15. He's at worse the 5th best featherweight in the world right now. Unless he's fighting Max Holloway, I think he has a chance to win against anyone else in the division. He lost to Volkanovski, but he wasn't hurt or embarrassed. Frankie Edgar is fighting for the title next, and I'd take Aldo over him until the end of time. Keep him away from Holloway, Magomedsharipov, and Brian Ortega and he'd probably win at least 6 of 8. Let Mirsad Bektic and Shane Burgos prove themselves against the long time champion before making their way into the top 5. I honestly don't think there is anyone else on the roster he doesn't either pick apart for 3-5 rounds or knock out. Featherweight is really top heavy, he'd be in much more trouble at bantamweight or lightweight.
  16. The thing that was most frustrating about Rollins' interview is that he's well aware of the interviews Moxley has done. He's well aware that Moxley did everything Seth said you should do, which is raise your voice and blah blah blah. Shit, Moxley flew to Vince when his rehab was wrapping up to show him how invested he was in his own return and he wanted to plan out his return, but Vince wasn't having it. Moxley beat down Vince's door so many times. Also, he took his ball and went home? He completely fulfilled all of his obligations and didn't renew his contract. That's not taking your ball and going home. By that logic, everyone in American, Rollins included, should feel complacent for where they're at and never seek something better.
  17. That is the perfect sell. His legs went jelly. Perfect.
  18. If the roster allowed him to potato people like Japan did with Tenryu, you’d have a winning formula. Joe doing all this complicated looking shit doesn’t work for him anymore. He should rarely leave his feet against Kofi at Extreme Rules.
  19. People who universalize their experience and try to apply it to everyone else are so short sighted and ignorant. "It worked this way for me so why can't it work for you?" It's such a pet peeve of mine. Austin and Rock, both, I think, said the same shit. "You just gotta go knock down Vince's door and tell him your ideas! It's what I did!" Like Vince would have listened to day 2 Ringmaster Steve Austin with the same fervor he listened to million dollar earner Stone Cold. What a fucking joke. HHH and Vince listen to Rollins? Cool. It doesn't mean they'll listen to people they don't see as important or see as slotted at a certain spot like Ambrose. And the example he used was really a damning indictment of WWE, so that's just hilarious. "We're awesome! Did you people see that cruiserweight 3 way?!?!" Oh, the three way between guys Vince couldn't pick out of a lineup in a division the company ignores? That's the top guy's standard bearer example of how awesome their wrestling is? LOOOOL amazing. PS I got no dog in this fight. I fast forward Will Ospreay's matches. I just don't find his style entertaining.
  20. Last time I remember the Indian death lock getting that treatment was through Triple H in 2002-2003 and bringing it back on Seth Rollins in '17.
  21. England shitting the bed losing to Sri Lanka and Australia. Looks like England will have to beat India and New Zealand now.
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