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  2. And that's it. USA 2-0 over Norway and they draw Spain as their first opponent in the Knockout rounds. Game is on Monday.
  3. AWESOME! The Dynasty (Holliday and Hammerstone) come in to Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling as big shots from newly minted Major League Wrestling and basically take on the Basara-level tagteam of the Mane Event. The Mane of the Mane Event has to do with one of the members being a lion and the other being a lion tamer. So weird.
  4. Wait until he's tempted by that Saudi Money. For the right price he'd reshave Serena.
  5. Chile used PK! BUT IT MISSED!
  6. I hope we get Sanity-like Nikki back when she finds out Alexa has been manipulating her.
  7. You're right. Apologies to you and yout genitalia.
  8. Chile now up 2-0 on Thailand. They've got roughly 10 minutes to score again to get the chance to knock Norway out of the elimination rounds... (And now they're reviewing for a possible PK for Chile!)
  9. Bryan kind of lost me with the slagging on Koko B. Ware. If you're dropping a Sheephearders reference, chances are you know about his pre-WWE work.
  10. As you can clearly see from my post it was the natural that had said issue.
  11. With that second goal, btw, the USA sets the record with most goals ever in pool play with 18, beating Norway '99
  12. Watching Uncharted Territory right now and having been to a couple of their shows, I've never really noticed their ropes being especially high. Definitely a lot of short dudes though. I'm 5'7 on a good day and have had nearly eye-to-eye chit chat with a LOT of wrestlers. Speak of Beyond and UT, man does Josh Briggs actually show personality on commentary, goes totally against his I'M SO SERIOUS AND INTENSE ring persona.
  13. If my memory is correct, during the OG MLW run Court was prone to the odd meltdown online. I can’t remember if it was RSPW or somewhere else, but he would come on and defend his shows from time to time. Glad to see Tony back, he definitely made the show feel big time. I liked Cornette but he brought more of a carny feel to the show.
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  15. Someone taught Nikki Cross how to wash and condition her hair, I see.
  16. I’ve watched most of the show, and it’s enough to convince me that A: The Fantastics we’re easily the nights MVPs and B; This is the best night of Bobby Fulton’s career.
  17. I loved the deathmatch episode. It's been my favorite episode of The Wrestlers.
  18. @The Natural I'd consult a urologist about your aforementioned penile issue.
  19. "If you can't get ONE new stadium, go for two!"
  20. Just move them to Austin already.
  21. The third IB quest step in IB is annoying. Grenade Kills are so damn annoying to get. FFS even during Revelry that shit wasn't super easy. Any suggestions on what grenades are best for the hunter? I've been using swarm for a whopping 13%. Meanwhile my Super kills are at 42% and melee kills at 72%.
  22. Punk’s never coming back. Although he did do a run-in recently so it’s not like he’s completely left it.
  23. Mets have fired pitching coach Dave Eiland
  24. Well, at 2 1/2 minutes it appears the US aren't fucking around.
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