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  2. Thank you, Edge. Great main event as well vs. The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXIV.
  3. Cerebral Palsy effects my legs more than anything else and I'm in a bad spell of that.
  4. Make Your Own Simile Contest Using Ric Flair to hype up Edge vs Orton as The Greatest Match Ever is like... Having Martin Scorsese hype up Capone as the greatest gangster film ever made.
  5. Impact's women division is really making me wish I could watch their show, but I don't get AXS. Kimber Lee and Deonna Purrazzo are two of my favorites, fuck.
  6. I'm so sad I was denied watching NHL All Star Goalie David Rittich shit the bed and cost the Flames a playoff spot on the final day of the regular season, which was absolutely destiny. But I'll get over it as long as the Oilers get by Chicago I guess.
  7. The Rock loved murdering everyone with chairs. It's hard to watch now.
  8. I was thinking that was the case too, and The Butcher & The Blade will go through a repackaging with her.
  9. spandex wrestling tights sliding on a padded leather seat sounds like a fart, which is basically as bad as a sneeze
  10. We know there are chairs in that building. More than enough to seat that many spectators. It’s funny because we get to imagine what weird bug up his ass Vince had about the idea of them intermittently sitting. To turn around what you said, I also don’t quite see the big deal.
  11. Oh so that's who that was! I was confused by Excalibur just flatly saying "It's Allie" like I know who that is.
  12. I mean... there were no chairs in the crowd so I don't know how they would. I've also been to many wrestling shows and concerts where I was standing the whole time for a similar reason so I don't quite see the big deal?
  13. Well, looks like the owners are going to fuck this up. They're proposing sliding percentage pay cuts based on the amount they make. Starting at ~55% cuts for the minimum guys to nearly 80% cuts for the top guys. The players are uniformly telling the owners to, capital F, Fuck themselves.
  14. So what were they? I'm loathe to even check if they're on Shudder Prime yet.
  15. Yeah, Shoney's was the spot for me. Any place you could make your own sundae. When we finally got a Chinese buffet in town I ate there constantly. And now Scott Steiner owns a chain of Shoney's... I wonder if he partakes of them after the heart attack... EDIT: And you know what I really really miss now that we got the 'rona? Shitty Chinese buffets.
  16. While I concur with the above statements it'll be interesting to see how this plays out. I don't see a QT heel turn though it could lead to a few weeks of wondering if he should or shouldn't. But for all we know she's still with the team and is bringing him into their trap.
  17. SI's Chris Dufresne died today at the age of 62. Take about 5 minutes to read the last thing he published. You'll be as furious as I am: https://www.si.com/college/tmg/chris-dufresne/covid-19 Take this seriously. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.
  18. She's getting that old lady neck nowadays according to the Snowpiercer trailers. I think it'd work since that make her finally not look eternally 17 years old.
  19. I fear this conversation may lead places that will get us both banned, but you'll note I said nothing bad about the pants.
  20. She... She... She looked great in those pants. I’m not sure her getting paired up with QT is any better spot for her. Unless this is some sort of setup for an eventual double cross. When I first saw her out there I thought “Oh they are setting up a tag match between the Natural Nightmares Vs. B&B”, but that seems not the case.
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