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  2. I tried to keep my thoughts on the hush for the folks like me that waited until doomsday to go see it, but yeah. I believe that Arthur's mental deterioration explains away how nearly everyone in the movie that he encounters is a horrible person. After all, this is the guy who says himself that all he has are negative thoughts. It is frightening to slowly watch him degrade to the state where he doesn't recognize innocence anymore. The only real pure souls he encounters are the kid on the bus who he tries to get to laugh and Sophie and after a while the madness takes hold and he objectifies everyone. Once you do that to people, it makes them easier to kill without regard.
  3. I was 9 when the original Phantasm was released, so there was no way I would have been allowed to see it in a theater. Though I do have vivid memories of tuning in an old black and white television to a UHF station to see it a few years later. (If you've never seen classic genre films on a static-y UHF station, you're really missing out.) It was, however, probably the first film I can remember that was a mindbender. The concept of non-linearism, multiple timelines, timespace, etc... storylines didn't click with me until the mid-80s. (Even though I had been a Doctor Who fan since the mid-70s!) The combination of the chemistry of the main cast, the Tall Man, the 'Cuda, and the overall fantastic tone of the film hooked me hard. It's a film I love to revisit often and am really looking forward to WellGo USA's new box set with the remastered Phantasm II.
  4. Clearly, thats NXT:Japan in the making.
  5. Even some of the supporters are apeshit crazy dour assholes. Yes, society can be cruel. No, no one deserves to be abused or bullied. No, the story of the Joker is not a revenge tale.
  6. Yeah, I think your final point is sound. So much of the movie has to be viewed through that lens. Especially the sequence starting at the stairs at the end of the movie. But frankly, Thomas Wayne's story is generally told by someone who didn't know him (Bruce), or who has an active interest in keeping him sanctified (Alfred, Wayne Co., etc.), so I wasn't that put off by that. Mainly because it's a generally unexplored story.
  7. I was always a fan of that character design. Even moreso when Adam Hughes in a fit of brilliance cast Audrey Hepburn in the role of Selena Kyle.
  8. My general answer to this is “the fuss is people who wanted to hate the movie for a moral high ground hated it, surprise” and that’s it.
  9. I think that might be Seth Petruzelli who is a striking coach there. If so then at least he works there and it kind of makes sense for him to train Tyson (working on worked punches)
  10. AJP, W-1, DragonGate will team up on Osaka Edion Arena 12/31. Wonder Carnival.
  11. Eh, at this point until it's verified what happened I think it's best to just move on from it. Could be a scandal, could be a mental health issue dealing with increased fame. Both shouldn't be ruled out yet if she's trying to move on with wherever she wrestles then I'd rather not speculate further on this.
  12. So yeah. I finally saw Joker over the weekend. It was fucking great and I also don't see what all of the fuss is about. Joker's origin is indeed very tragic, but the monster that Arthur eventually becomes is not a sympathetic creature. One thing bugged me:
  13. Please tell me that he actually did hurt his ankle taking a shoulder tackle. That isn't a promising sign Also I assume the person training Fury in wrestling isn't actually an NXT coach which makes the segment even dumber
  14. Or one in which Chris Masters has Shelly Martinez' foppies inexplicably growing out of his chest?
  15. Those look so goddamn good and I need both immediately.
  16. When Crown Jewel is done, He will have a long and profitable career as a referee.
  17. That is interesting, I always thought it was based on the gym where Kaientai Dojo ran their first shows. Are they still talking about doing a move editor DLC or was that just rumor?
  18. Replace Luger with Cena and Crush with Mark Henry, and you've got a hell of an angle.
  19. I made it to that post credit scene but have flushed the revealed details from active memory over the past few months.
  20. I'm waiting for later today, as apparently Twitch is doing a Twitch Rivals with 2k19 players today. So that'll be fun.
  21. How do you not notice Braun fucking Strowman casually walking into the ring.
  22. J.T.

    Feeling Poptimistic

    I had crushes on both of these women in my misspent Middle School and High School years. I hate both of you for reminding me.
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