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  2. *Undertaker sitting up GIF goes here*
  3. I am assuming its more that in the regular format they were the top wild card team in the East already. Now they have to play an extra round
  4. I saw some NMS streamers say it was coming to Game Pass in June.
  5. I wish I could do a FOIA request for the production and sales of some of this merch. I assume the WWE is practically print on demand, able to get small print runs as they need. What merch did they overorder and get stuck with? What stuff was just prototypes and never really made? Did someone's nephew design that Rollins shirt and they printed a gross to humor them? Is it hip and I am out of touch? Who buys all those Miz bobbleheads? Why are there no Capt. Lou Albano workshirts for me? (I know the answer to that one really) aaargh, RAF
  6. As of the start of All-New Marvel NOW!(2014), 13 years had passed since Peter Parker got bit by the spider. So at this point I would say Jean is probably in her early 30's, Emma would be in her mid to late 30's, and Kitty should be in her early 20's.
  7. Dan Harmon’s right there.
  8. Charlie has cancer. Because of his heart murmur, he is not a candidate for surgery. 6 months left at most. I'm gutted.
  9. Why do you all hate my posts but take the word of the robot?
  10. Yeah, I always see her and Shaw as older. bronze age Emma alsways struck me as a cougar type.
  11. I am amused at all the people bitching about the season ending so stats stopping. Like OMG! OVIE'S 50 GOAL STREAK IS BROKEN! THIS IS SO UNFAIR!!!
  12. Also, this will end 3 of the top 5 playoff droughts in the NHL with Phoenix, Vancouver, and Florida all making it. ADDITIONALLY... Carolina apparently voted against this. Wonder if that's because of who they'd have to face in Round 1?
  13. PWInsider is saying VICE has picked them up for a third season, so that's good news.
  14. Apparently there's a lot of speculation that Conor McGregor will be on the first Fight Island card.
  15. We had some hope we might be able to watch Stargirl with the almost 8 year old because Johns hammered the "family friendly" phrasing in interviews, but between language and slut talk, that wasn't a thing. Ah well.
  16. Okay, so here's what they've announced. Ten cities are under consideration for Hub City status. Each conference would play in whichever city corresponds to their conference. The regular season is done. 24 teams have made the playoffs. The remaining 7 teams are going to the draft lottery (Ottawa by way of having their, and San Jose's pick are the favorite to get the #1 pick). The Top 4 teams in each conference play in a round robin to determine Seeds 1-4. Seeds 5 through 12 will be in regular bracket play. These two tweets show what the brackets will look like if this goes down.
  17. I mean, yes and no. The platforms are new, but the NEWZ~! is not.
  18. I enjoyed Stargirl again this week, and the show felt tighter this week than the pilot did. Honestly, it feels like it's going to be a fun little show in the long run. My only real gripe is that Luke Wilson's character is a total pushover, but maybe they wanted to avoid making him the standard mentor character. Would also like to have seen Courtney go through a few more growing pains with learning how to use the staff and everything. She seemed like a seasoned pro already.
  19. Youtube version of the show is currently premiering. You can go back to the beginning or if you see this way after I post it, it'll just play normally. Everyone wants to see our handsome faces so fuck an audio version. Come see my dope Sabu hat.
  20. I like how she knows they about to be comin to her crazy for random stuff. also its topical with the New Day pod this week and their graphic designer who helps them design their gear.
  21. Well, this thread won't be needed any more.
  22. I was scrolling through my IG today and was floored by just how MANY IG accounts that are "WHO is going to debut for AEW this week? Check my Story for details!", "Find OUT what WWE Superstar might be returning! Check out my story!" etc. etc. and I thought how crazy the whole wrestling industry is in that the biggest company buries so many of its own stories, under-reports its own news, and leaves so much under-discussed that it gives rise to thousands of news accounts on IG, Twitter and Youtube by guys who have absolutely no connections, but re-report stuff from other sites, do their own half-assed commentary on it and are able to thrive doing so.
  23. Today
  24. I'm actually not super fond of Riddle, but Riddle vs. Braun, Bryan, Nakamura, Roman, Cesaro, & Gulak again are all things I really want to see.
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