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  2. I’m trying to figure what regional TV show it was I used to watch every Sunday afternoon on Fox 31 out of Albany, Ga. It came on during an afternoon block of wrestling that included Worldwide and I want to say Mid-Atlantic. I could have swore there was a team called “The Masked Man Number 1” and The Masked Man Number 2.” I clearly remember them being called individually but never as “The Masked Men.” I’ve since found a few The Masked Executioners (NWF) matches on YouTube and the announcer referred to them individually and as a tag team. That sounds close I guess this was it.
  3. Now that Davis is in, yeah he'll have a good argument if he doesn't sneak in.
  4. If my math is not wrong they need 4 shows with 10 singles matches. My guess would be that opener will have 10 matches and last three shows before the finals.
  5. Watch her jump Moon and steal her spot in the match to piss the IWC off.
  6. YOU GOTTA BE JOKING ME on the front DID YOU GO TO JOURNALISM FOR THAT? on the back print the shirts and let Billie bury the interview clones forever
  7. I know I've mentioned this in a thread a few years ago, but whoever was in charge of hiring backstage interview/ring announcers had a type and went on a streak. Between Charley, Andrea Ocampo, Dasha and Kayla (and even Cathy Kelly if you want to stretch), they were all dark haired, kinda racially ambiguous women. With Dasha gone, I wonder who they'll pick up next. FYI, looks like Devin is a CDB connoisseur and is hawking vegan smoothies on her Instagram nowadays.
  8. Fried Calamari is my favorite bar snack. I'm from the South Jersey Shore, and we use squid for two things, bait and delicious breaded fried rubber bands that you dip in marinara sauce at a bar while watching sports. Here in Colorado, fried calamari is a delicacy. You'll pay eight bucks for a small plate. Where I'm from it's served in giant heaps on platters for eight bucks. Last time I was home I tried Buffalo calamari with bleu cheese to dip it in. It was heavenly and there was so much I had to get a take out container and snacked on it for a week.
  9. Hey, I've got a hockey game to go to on Friday!
  10. I tuned him out after about 30 seconds. It's how I used to get through the Bray Wyatt monologues.
  11. By far the creepiest of Rowan's masks: The John Wayne Gacy Mask I feel like Rowan's masks, or maybe just the Gacy mask should be hanging on a wall in the background of the Firefly Funhouse.
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  13. Deadline is the 28th, though I need to check because I think I might have everyone already except maybe one. If you haven't decided which of your options you want to go with, I'll do it for you when the picks close.
  14. Caught the highlights of the Manchester Derby and United's defense is still terrible, De Gea continues to prove he's exceedingly overrated and Bernardo Silva looked incredible on attack.
  15. There goes the Barry Trotz Derby.
  16. When was the deadline for picks? If we gave you options, when are you picking which to use?
  17. Because Vince never had the talent to be a successful movie producer no matter how much he always wanted to be. But anyway, the title of that movie just reminded me of this EDIT: HOLY FUCK HOW DO I KNOW ABOUT THIS MOVIE BUT I'VE NEVER SEEN IT?!?!
  18. I have hope for the Rucka and Fraction Lois and Jimmy books. Not much else there at the moment.
  19. Please, those are mild compared to what I could come up with. The one I decided against involved flexi-straws. I'll just leave it at that.
  20. Nope not viewing this thread at work anymore
  21. Given the two posts you left up, I shudder to imagine what this was.
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