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  2. The Chinese Government thing ain't complicated. Either you're for human rights, or you're for money. Yeah, probably shouldn't miss business and politics, and Morey probably cost the Rockets a ton of money, but he's still the best damn GM in the game. And, honestly, if the Chinese Government didn't want people paying attention to the Hong Kong protests and cops shooting protesters and shit like that, they probably shouldn't have Streisand Effect'd themselves by making a bit shit about all that stuff. And Joe Tsai can shut the fuck up. I doubt most Chinese people couldn't give a shit one way or another about Hong Kong, but since the Chinese Government can imprison and torture anyone that shows any dissent (if you were a Rockets jersey you're a terrorist), it is what it is. And, hell, that sounds like a good reason to protest. And be clear, this is a Chinese Government issue, not a China issue. I'm fine with Morey and the Rockets not addressing it anymore, because there's nothing good that's going to come of it. LeBron should shut the fuck up too. And Steve Kerr. And Steph Curry, too. I don't think he's said anything about it, but he should just shut the fuck up.
  3. Maybe he can teach his amazing injury-preventing perfect mechanics.
  4. Impact... Please... I'm begging you... Be better than this.
  5. Hoo boy. I set up Deranged to be recorded on Comet and they must've cut about half the movie out. Why'd they even bother showing it? It is still really freaky seeing the old man from Home Alone play Ed Gein though
  6. And yet, this has still been better than the RAW/SD drafts by a mile.
  7. My thoughts on the Draft, as if anybody cares: Overall, the entire Draft concept was poorly done and a total flop. Moving forward, though, I think it looks like RAW will actually be the better show based on their roster they now have. Usually it's been SD that has the more "workrate" roster, but now with Heyman in charge of RAW and SD on FOX, that has shifted. Obviously, none of the current champs were going to switch shows, so they just should've said that the champs are ineligible to be in the draft. Solves that one problem. Also gives a bit of weight to any title matches they may have had leading up to the Draft as the champs would want to retain or the challengers want to win to stay on their current brand. And it would've meant a little more when the Raiders then won the RAW titles and Ziggler/Roode were immediately then drafted away to SD. I mean, I just came up with that in 30 seconds. It doesn't take long to add a little logic to these things. And Charlotte Flair gets drafted two rounds before the current SD champ Bayley. Way to put over your champ. On one had, I kind of understand from a TV and storytelling standpoint keeping some "bigger names" like Corbin and Nak and Rey in the pool for the later rounds so that every round had a few upper card guys in them to make every round seem more interesting. However, thinking from kayfabe, it ultimately just makes those guys look worse when low card guys like Lucha House Party and Humberto Carillo get drafted before them. I think maybe only the very first Draft when Heyman and Bischoff were on stage trying to outdo each other as GMs of the brands was the only time they did a "draft" correctly. Each pick seemed to make sense and it seemed like they were actually trying to out pick the other strategically. Ever since, it has been horrible. I think the "shakeup" idea was much better. Keeps things more as a surprise where you don't know who's been moved until they come out and made for more interesting TV. Could've even said that FOX and USA already did the draft behind the scenes and we have to wait until the show airs to find out who was moved.
  8. They don't, though I'd like to see it. The Leviathan Hellraiser docs are on there though. Best Worst Movie is also on there and I should probably watch it since my friend that owned the horror store is apparently a talking head in it.
  9. Few things were better than Hogan being beaten down on the Brother Love Show, then later the Funeral Parlor.
  10. I need to check Shudder to see if it has the documentary on the making of Night Breed; Tribes Of The Moon.
  11. Pretty much, there've been to many people talking about it for it NOT to be going down. Although Naito seems to be out of it (at least for now) and heading into a match with Taichi, so unless they run White/Goto at Power Struggle, White's gonna be the IC heading in.
  12. So with all this talk of double champions, the night two main event has to be IC Champ vs IWGP Champ if they're running Ibushi/Okada on night 1.
  13. Eric: Oh man, you know what... They got fudge at the bottom of the bottom, y’see? That enables you to control your fudge distribution as you eat your ice cream. Zack Ryder: I never met a man you knew so much about nothing. Eric: Thank you...
  14. I've got Island from '32 sitting on the DVR still, thanks for the reminder. Shudder really needs the documentary on the failed Richard Stanley version in its lineup...
  15. I honestly can’t think of one. Jarrett on top of TNA was cringeworthy but he was a heel. Roman was heavily boo’d of course but never had an issue coming across as authentic, love it or hate it. Same with Cena. Rollins really is the worst.
  16. “That Eric Bischoff is a real so and so” ”You know who I hated? Vince Russo” ”Eric Bischoff isn’t that bad a guy!”
  17. Did he fall into the same bottle of red food dye that Shane and Brock did?
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