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  2. Yes, his forehead is bordering on eighthead / Grey Alien / The Leader status.
  3. The London games will be played on turf (MLB determined they don't have enough time each year to install real grass) It will be the first time a Yanks/Red Sox game will be played on turf
  4. I'm imaging VInce screaming all night in a coke fueled rage, the likes of which unseen since the No Holds Barred screenwriting process, at an intern who is furiously working on the 1983 green strap WWF title with a belt sander. GODDAMIT PAL WE NEED THIS CHAMPIONSHIP FOR TOMORROW NIGHT NOW PUT YOUR BACK INTO IT
  5. I think the fan response is still the same even if he reveals a hardcore title. Another fucking title that isn't treated seriously isn't giving fans what they want.. Lost in all of this is Cesaro's new entrance music. I'm not sure what to think about it yet.
  6. All of you are idiots for not giving any love to the Matrix callback in the John Wick 3 trailer where Winston asks John what he needs and he replies, "Guns. Lots of guns."
  7. The new WWE 24 on Becky Lynch is great. Again it is impossible to hate her after watching this and how far she has come. I had no idea that Barbie decided to do a set for the Wrestlemania 3 way match with Charlotte, Sasha, and Becky and didn't include Becky in it. And she was at the damn panel when they announced it. How can you not have a complex after that
  8. Slim? Looks like it's setting up something going wrong for Dolores after she gets out into the real world, but honestly, who the hell knows with this show. Aaron Paul mentioning something about the moon made my ears perk up and made me think about the fan hypothesis that this is set on the moon or on Mars.
  9. I love you too, brother. Peace be with you.
  10. There's a reason you didn't see both of them running out there for the 24/7 Belt. (Also, both should have been released 5+ years ago.)
  11. There's so much weird going on with this...There's a weird Ballers reunion type vibe going on with actors from that show working on this one, there's Goggins playing a really good guy, Goggins playing a family man, the material doesn't look completely terrible, and it's on network TV. I also can't tell if Goggins got hair plugs or is on some kind of hair regrowth drug or what. In any event, dude is always working. He has this, that Invincible TV series, Righteous Gemstones, Deep State, and whatever movies he's doing.
  12. @LoneWolf&Subs already spoke on the MI franchise. I can tell you Wick is amazing and I kind of envy you getting to see it cold for the first time. The world building and the action are both amazing. I found Wick 2 a little trying at times (jesus, another flying armbar into multiple gunshots!) and somewhat over-reaching but still very good. The first one is lean and badass. You'll love it.
  13. My gun love is fickle. I got a Triple Tap / Timed Payload Ten Paces hand cannon last night and my affection for it knew no bounds. This morning while hunting Ghost Fragments for Spider's upcoming EC bounties, I got a Duke M. 44 with Rangefinder / Rampage / HC Rounds / Stability Masterwork / Sureshot sight. That Ten Paces got sharded with the quickness because my new baby needed the cores and that Targeting Adjuster Mod.
  14. needs Norm MacDonald in there and you nailed it
  15. Tom’s completely miscast. He’s presented like a Ken Shamrock super tough guy with championship momentum. I get it, he does have a legit MMA background, and is a badass, but I don’t buy him doing it in a pro wrestling setting, like the Matt Riddle’s of the world. Also his offense looks rough.
  16. Odds that this bleak future he lives in is another park and he's an android?
  17. Legit just looked it up. Hawkins and Ryder. Boy, that's not great.
  18. Disappointing that it's already been 12 hours and we haven't gotten breaking Twitter updates from Cathy Kelly that D'Lo Brown has pinned Frank Stallone for the title in a Topeka Waffle House
  19. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL what the actual fuck The "Vince thought of this on Sunday so we needed a belt Monday afternoon" title.
  20. I wonder if the WWE 24/7 Championship was brought back to scrub who the fuck hired Raven from the record books?
  21. I like that she's wearing sensible shoes because they only film her from the waist up.
  22. Alternative proposal: R Truth holds it for like 800 days
  23. That book is in my local library. I really should check it out sometime.
  24. The Natural

    RIP Niki Lauda

    Very sad. The way Niki Lauda carried on shortly after that accident was something else. R. I. P.
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