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  2. Today I realized Kenny Powers stole his look from heel Nick Patrick.
  3. Dustin, Cody and Kenny will have blood is my prediction. (3) But I also believe there will be one more wrestler who gets a crimson mask and it’s the poor soul who gets his head bashed in by Moxley. (4)...unless it’s Omega who is gets his head bashed in by Moxley.
  4. I agree. Omega will be flowing red. Omega will be blind and Jericho is going to knock him out with the Judas Effect...something like that..lol. I should have thrown in Dory Funk Jr, Harley Race & Terry Funk in as well as those who I grew up with watching. AEW won’t be close to the same style but I’m just hoping their vision can get people into investing themselves into matches because of the wins & losses matter component. This whole thing might go pear shape tonight and AEW might lose me as a buying customer. We shall see.
  5. I could see Cody and/or Dustin being tempted as well, but I'll abstain from predictions.
  6. Truth needs to never lose the title
  7. Geez. So much nervous energy for this game! The 6ix will come unglued tonight if we get the W.
  8. Over+ Under- on how many blade jobs tonight. I got it even at 1, with Kenny being the only one to blade tonight.
  9. Preach. Hopefully not the Austin Aries losing at Bound For Glory kind of disgust though.
  10. I watch WWE few times a year. I’m quite a bit older than most posters here I imagine. I grew up on Nick Bockwinkle. And I know the Young Bucks and these wrestlers won’t be anything like Bockwinkle in terms of how they will perform...but I do like the sports centric part of this vision as long as there is drama involved. Let there be blood tonight. Let there be actual disgust and heartbreak inside a character once they lose a match.
  11. I need to not watch it live but will be ordering it tonight and finishing it throughout the weekend. Seeing John Wick 3 first.
  12. This right here. A ton of bands made a bad mistake in the '80s trying to play different, and there's only one that I can think of that went back and got better, and that's Bad Religion. EDIT: Okay, I will accept Celtic Frost. Maybe not got better, but still.
  13. New Saint Vitus is exactly what you think it would be with Scott Reagers back... AWESOME. ...as is this album.
  14. That belt in the Rocca picture looks magnificent. AEW will become my new favorite wrestling ever if their championships belts have 5 side plates on each end of the center plate, which will hopefully be comically large.
  15. Today
  16. I'm buying it through traditional PPV. It's a little more than I wanted but I got a couple people coming over to watch. First thing I've bought on traditional PPV since I think Tate/Nunes?
  17. I'm imagining a world where Sam Presti re-signs Harden instead of trading him for Steven Adams' draft pick and a bag of magic beans. And perhaps in that same world, they convince Westbrook he's better off as a cutter/slasher while Harden is the primary ball handler. I envision two things happening: - All the Durant chatter never happens, because, for a couple of years, OKC out-performs GS; and, - Lawful talks an INCREDIBLE amount of shit about James Harden's game because he's in the wrong uniform. These are both funny.
  18. Do you watch any wrestling? WWE? Impact? How long's it been since you watched either?
  19. In the US it's on B/R Live, but there were issues getting the site to load this morning.
  20. Well that's a shame. I was considering buying this but I'm a cord cutter.
  21. I just bought DON. I’m hoping it’s good enough to where it can sell hope to a wrestling fan like me who would be considered a “lapsed fan” in the manner Tony Khan describes fans like me. I don’t expect this card to run smoothly. I can’t imagine the production value will be as highs as WWE. But I’m starting to think this model might work. But I could be dead ass wrong. Have fun tonight you all
  22. This thread is already scheduled to lock in a few hours. You don't need to speed up the process!
  23. That number sounds nuts but I hope it happens. There's definitely a market for cricket here, even if the stadiums aren't there yet (if they ever will be).
  24. Yep. I'm a big fan of Morrison on the whole, but I find him incredibly hit and miss. The highs are so, so good, but a lot of his work just hasn't done it for me. One of the articles on King leaving Batman stated/implied that we might get less Batman but more Mister Miracle. That's a tradeoff I can get behind.
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