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  2. Ben Simmons would probably be really good surrounded by four shooters, like a lesser Giannis. But since Embiid is the better player, Philly really can't try to build that kind of roster. But they can't really dump Simmons, because A.) He's too good and B.) Embiid's health is too questionable to risk dropping the other guy the process produced. And, I mean, he could be lethal as a cutter occasionally, but he seems to drift off to sleep on offense when the ball isn't running through him.
  3. I think it was Liger I was watching yesterday that should be in the elbow drop conversation, his was bitchin'.
  4. I don't love Ben Simmons but what would he do without the ball? I don't think Paul will be traded isn't he due some obscene amount of money.
  5. Oh yeahhhhhh, that Joe/Rusher cage match is the jam. So '70s they should have both come out to "Black Betty".
  6. I think the best we can conclude is that Rollins isn't able to move the needle positively. But neither does anyone else. I know Rollins is instant fast forward for me on my DVR. And when I do actually watch him, his reactions are way down from a year ago.
  7. FWIW, I got Tacoma, Washington wiki as my third result.
  8. ...and Shinsuke replies "Don't think, just enjoy your moment." Questionable advice considering...
  9. Speaking of Daikaiju Eiga, when Godzilla: The Return/Godzilla 1985 is delivered tomorrow, I'll be down to only three Godzilla movies I don't own on disc (Son of Godzilla, Godzilla vs Billoante, and Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla, though I have the dub of the last one on digital) In addition, I also only have the dub of King Kong vs Godzilla. (I'm not counting the three Netflix animated movies because they haven't been released on disc as of yet)
  10. Rollins isn't completely blameless. He's particularly ill-suited to the role. But no one on the roster would have been great in that role, because the role is Stone Cold Steve Austin, and he doesn't wrestle anymore. I'm not convinced I would have given more of a shit about RAW this week if someone better was in Seth's place.
  11. Trade Paul to Philly for Butler straight up! Who says no?
  12. Where the hell are they going to get cap space for Butler (outside actually finding someone that wants Paul)
  13. Let's not forget that the Rockets recently fired all of the assistant coaches for D'Antoni. It's probably coming from some disgruntled ex assistant coach that didn't expect to be fired. Or Kevin McHale.
  14. I find it highly unlikely Goodwill made up the rumor. So, if it's not true (and Morey is fiercely denying it), who told Goodwill? Usually these kind of leaks are either someone in the front office trying to make the player look bad, or the player's agent, trying to put more pressure on the team to get a deal done.
  15. Well, I mean, yeah, RoH literally started as a Dream Match promotion that Gabe started booking a strong undercard to bring people back.
  16. It wasn't a bad hour i was there the match was really fun live,.
  17. I like Venditti, Van Lente, and for the most part Lemire. I am currently reading the Book of Death trades. Of the original Valiant properties I am most familiar with X-O Manowar, Quantum & Woody, Rai , Magnus, and Solar (of course the last 2 aren't in this comics universe). I am willing to give them a choice. Diversifying my bonds and all.
  18. That’s probably fair. Rollins’ act is awful, but it’s probably not all his fault. I’m sure part of my criticism of him is based on my personal taste, rather than reality. He’s a great athlete. Prodigious, even. There’s just nothing about his moveset or promo delivery that separates him at all, and nothing about him that I can identify that would cause a lapsed fan or casual viewer to seek him out.
  19. Is ROH still considered a dream match promotion? Didn’t they just give us Lethal/Taven for an hour? Who’s dream is that? Or are we talking about going back in time to ROH circa 2002-2004? (If so, sign me the fuck up.)
  20. With no TV and only a handful of major shows, you've got to burn some big matches to make them seem important. There's still plenty left in the tank. Until they get TV up and running, it's hard to judge what kind of promotion they're going to be.
  21. I was gonna post this in the NXT thread but it is interesting enough for here. KUSHIDA has posted a couple of these since joining NXT and it is a interesting look at someone trying to adapt to over here
  22. Today
  23. Hey, maybe Houston will be stupid enough to trade us Paul straight up:
  24. I would have to agree. The quicker they get to being another dream match promotion, the quicker they become ROH with a better roster. I’m concerned they are burning through matches in other promotions as it is. I would like to see them take influences from other places and try to add to their super match fans rather than simply placate them over and over.
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