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  2. Will he give up his UNO spot on UUDD? ONLY TIME WILL TELL
  3. Kip Sabian reminds me of a flippier Alex Wright who did keto and lost way too much weight. And I don't think Sabian is all that bad. I think he's pretty decent and comes off as a smug dick. Him being with Penelope makes that whole deal work. The one thing he does need is a different gimmick because Superbad is fucking shitty, the leather jacket that has Superbad painted on it with what looks like White Out looks fucking shitty, and I think I said this back with one of AEW's first shows, but his ring gear looks like every generic CAW ever. Calling himself Superbad makes me think of McLovin. That's not good. I will say this though, I do like the dynamic where he's basically more of a valet for Penelope that also happens to wrestle than the typical reverse of that where it's the woman who is a valet that sometimes wrestles. Penelope is where the money is at with that couple and Sabian being a smarmy dick and interfering on Penelope's behalf only helps both of them more. Just, ugh, ditch that leather jacket and that Superbad name. And the Marty Scurll glasses. And the Joey Ryan lollipop.
  4. I can see already we'd probably get 2 or 3 incredibly tough groups. I love this idea. Give it to me.
  5. I hate clickbaity shit like this. It happens every time Cole shows up at an AEW afterparty. He's there because Britt is there and there's probably nothing more to it than that. But those SBN sites gotta get their clicks so whatever.
  6. His girlfriend works there!! What a steaming pile of a non-story.
  7. Regarding Riddle to Smackdown, Alvarez and Meltzer were somewhat surprised Riddle didn't go to Raw because that's where Heyman is. I think Meltzer then mentioned that Bruce runs Smackdown though and I think that's exactly what's going on here. If you listen to any interview or podcast with Bruce where he talks about who he thinks the next big thing is, Matt Riddle is always the first name out of his mouth. I'm thinking and hoping that this bodes well for Riddle and he doesn't wind up like Ricochet and other can't miss wrestlers who WWE fucked up. So if history shows us anything, it's either Riddle will do very well as long as Vince likes him or Bruce will wind up being on the outs or gone because he's Riddle's biggest cheerleader.
  8. I mean, you can *plan* on having people in the stands. Weither you do or not is a different question. I suspect we won't be able to tell the difference with LA.
  9. I remember they did another one of those at the beginning of a Raw between LOD and DOA that took place in the loading dock. Taker casually walked in, beat everyone's ass, and entered the arena without breaking a sweat.
  10. I actually just finished Spider-Man last month, even got my first platinum trophy. Easily my favorite superhero game. Call of Duty doesn't do much for me since I can already play Warzone for free.
  11. Tyson is gonna make an appearance on Dynamite this week too. Someone's getting KTFO and my money is on Sammy Guevara
  12. Richard Herd, the character actor best known as Mr. Wilhelm on "Seinfeld," as died at 87. https://variety.com/2020/film/news/richard-herd-dead-dies-seinfeld-mr-wilhelm-1234616352/?fbclid=IwAR2x3Na-_3MW0843SvcNkZ6X6mzGxgtDK5KpqpV29_UmaKjlD5JIf7zAJoE
  13. I started seeing out FCW in 2009/10 or whenever because Dusty was on commentary. That was the big draw for me.
  14. From the vitriol of the IWC as the face of Raw during the bland split in 2002 to being everyone’s darling for what he built with NXT up to 2018ish, Triple H was definitely in contention. I get the impression it’s reverted back again in recent years though EDIT: I was going to fix that typo but it sums up the period perfectly to me...
  15. I thought Dusty was in charge of the Promo classes and not "the booker" per se. Need to get the scoop from Naylor on this one.
  16. Have people forgotten that the US title is nearly meaningless and has been since Cena had it? It's almost always the jobber belt. Nearly everyone who has held it either never defended it (lol paperwork) or lost repeatedly in non-title matches. People got excited when Samoa Joe won the US title and then they proceeded to do what they always did with Joe. If Crews starts successfully defending the title and doesn't lose in non-title matches or take the fall in tag matches then I'll change how I view him winning the title. Until then, it's exactly like the Revival said - Outside of the world title, titles are completely meaningless and a carrot Vince dangles in front of you like that will be the thing that makes you want to stay.
  17. I remember reading an interview with Luna before she passed and she mentioned this, and that Owen was the only one who came up to her to say great job etc.
  18. He’s actually had a decent storyline running that’s built up to this. He was fed up with Gable’s silliness on Smackdown and seemed more serious, was traded to Raw where he had a good, long match with Black that proved he could still go, pulled off the upset to qualify for MITB, got injured by Andrade and lost his spot, came back and got revenge against Andrade. Simple, straightforward stuff.
  19. Credit: Hulk Hogan & Shawn Michaels vs. Davari & Muhammad Hassan - WWE Backlash 2005
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