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  2. Shinsuke pointed this out on his instagram: The King of Strong Style is facing Roderick STRONG and AJ STYLEs. I have no faith that anyone booking WWE is clever enough to have done this on purpose, but it's pretty funny.
  3. So looking at the schedule. Will they be filming from the ship, or the Bahamans after Miami?
  4. At least you managed to find a trailer, I tried last month to so I could put it on here and there was nothing.
  5. Rusev should be more polite to the man who has unlocked the secret of first name recovery
  6. Ah. . . . the Dreaded Vote of Confidence. . . .Hopefully he actually means it(for the rest of the AFC East)
  7. Today
  8. I posted that yesterday, you bloody rip-off merchant. Also, @Flair's Shadow, you really need to have a look in the WWE Backstage thread. Like, urgently, yeah?
  9. I love the commitment to the gimmick.
  10. If Corey Graves thinks he's punk, why was his indie name not "Sterling Joe Strummer"?
  11. What's funny is I was going to make a similar joke 20 minutes ago but decided not to. Thanks for doing that.
  12. This "Provincial' federation would earn extra Canadian points if the Rough Riders take on the Roughriders.
  13. As @Log mentioned, it looked better on television. So in the 80s, the WWF made the ring and the cage both much worse for the workers in the name of TV friendliness.
  14. Jets owner Christopher Johnson has stated "Adam [Gase] has the confidence of the team... He has my trust. He's a good man. He's a good coach." Gase will return in 2020.
  15. Caught first episode of the Mandalorian last night. Dug it a good deal. Was pretty much exactly what I was hoping to see from it.
  16. Scorpio Sky will be the first one to pin Jericho’s shoulders to the mat for the 1-2-3 in AEW.. ....and it happens tonight!! The Shadow knows...
  17. Oh yeah this should be an interesting one
  18. T minus 2 weeks until Punk’s marriage comes crashing down.
  19. 3/16/16 The results for this show have Billie Kay being seconded by Sylvester Lefort in a dark match. I hope that pairing makes it to TV. The show starts with Sami Zayn cutting a promo about the 2/3 falls match, saying it could have gone either way and he's still predicting big things for himself in NXT. William Regal comes out and agrees, and says he's found him a huge opponent for Takeover. A video plays on the big screen showing Shinsuke Nakamura telling Sami he'll see him in Dallas. The crowd pops big and Regal makes the match official. I've heard really good things about this match, so I'm definitely looking forward to it. The Hype Bros Vs Angelo Dawkins and Kenneth Crawford: Oh shit, it's the Street Profits teaming for the first time on TV. Wasn't expecting that. Remember when Sawyer Fulton walked out on Dawkins? The Hype Bros pick up the win. Emma Vs Deonna Purrazzo: The two had a backstage altercation with Emma and Dana making fun of Purrazzo for her losing efforts against Asuka. Purrazzo said she was going to end the Emmalution. She doesn't. Emma pretty much squashed her, and looked good doing it. Tommaso Ciampa Vs Jesse Sorenson: I'm bored with Ciampa now. He had a great performance against Joe and looked good following up on it, but now I've had enough of his super-intense serious wrestler persona. Sorenson looks to have bulked up a lot. Ciampa gets the win with the armbar. Bayley and Asuka Vs Nia Jax and Eva Marie: This is much better than the Bayley/Carmella tag from a couple of weeks back. Probably because it was shorter, with less Jax and Eva on offense. Bayley pinned Eva with the Bayley-to-Belly. Afterwards, Regal came out and announced that Asuka is the new number one contender to the womens title, and made the match for Takeover. This Takeover card is looking stacked. Austin Aries cut a promo from his home I think it was, and basically said that Corbin should be asking for his advice, since he's been a champion everywhere he's gone. He's still using the 'Greatest Man That Ever Lived' gimmick. Standard stuff. American Alpha Vs The Vaudevillains: This is for a shot at The Revival's tag team titles. Good match. Started off pretty basic (not that there's anything wrong with that) and was looking like the typical formula AA match (Gable gets shine, then plays babyface-in-peil, hot tag to Jordan, go home), but they put together an exciting finishing stretch with a couple of good nearfalls, before the assisted German sealed the deal. I'm really looking forward to AA Vs The Revival, maybe more than any other match at Takeover. Episode MVP: Chad Gable. 3 star match: American Alpha Vs The Vaudevillains.
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