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  2. Hopefully being a full time employee, he will be.
  3. The only problem with that is he'd have to be up to date on things.
  4. If Marvez gets a lot better, I'd be down with that. For one thing, it definitely felt like JR was wore out by the end of the night. And, I mean, he is 67.
  5. They've been playing that (sans the reveal) every night on the Super Jrs tour when Juice is present. He sells the fuck out of it already.
  6. So this technically belongs in the Japan section but I'm also placing it here because it appears these selected "international dates" extend to New Japan which to me shows that the door is open for AEW and NJPW talent exchanges. That would be huge. Also, this vignette is fucking great...
  7. I think JR would be best served in a Mike Tenay on Nitro type of role. Let him explain the background of the wrestlers, the type of training they do, that sort of thing.
  8. I was talking with my buddies after the show was over and I felt that maybe JR would be best suited to call the big matches that are heavy on story and let someone else call the spot fests for lack of a better term. He seems to get lost on flips and dives but he can still be very good on capturing emotion and moments.
  9. The one thing I found odd was that Marvez kept taking over the play by play duties while Ross, the most famous PTP guy in wrestling, slipped into the background.
  10. John Wick Chapter 3 has already passed the total gross of both the first two movies. I sincerely hope they just keep making these until the heat death of the universe.
  11. Posting this in two spots...because it's fucking awesome.
  12. I want to believe in a timeline where Bret didn't get injured by Goldberg and never had the stroke, Bret still was wrestling in the mid 2000's and he and Dusty ended up having a match in some random indy in Kentucky.
  13. Today
  14. I can’t see this show as anything other than a solid success and it definitely exceeded my expectations for production / major league feel. I was satisfied by the end of Jericho’s in-ring promo...and then Moxley shows up unannounced (literally - no music or titantron started playing illogically, he just burst out of the crowd) and its a huge hook for what’s to come next. That was a theme for the night - solid, sometimes predictable booking (e.g. Battle Royale) that made sense and set the stage for the next chapter. Dustin/Cody was another example, with the heartfelt promo that was truly emotional without being melodramatic. I can’t remember the last time I watched a non TakeOver PPV live end-to-end without getting distracted or bored. Like someone else mentioned, the variety was probably the reason for that. The announcing / production slip ups are forgivable at this stage, but will be less so 8 weeks into the TNT show. They have a solid foundation, and Excalibur was a revelation having not watched any PWG. Wade Keller made a good point in his Roundtable discussion that Excalibur not only made the save when JR/Marvez gave a factual error or missed an important story beat, but did so in the smoothest, most respectable and professional way so as not to embarrass or undermine his co-announcers which is so refreshing after the WWE 3 man booth’s usual antics. No idea how/if the weekly show will be shown in Australia, but will definitely check it out if I can.
  15. AEW will put wording in their talent's contracts to work outside events like NJPW, but AEW is to be their priority. So expect Omega v Ibushi for the Dome.
  16. Morrison is easy a top 5 pick for me in terms of superhero writers. He's up there with Waid and Claremont in terms of overall satisfaction. I'd love to see him do a run with say The Atom and really go nuts with ti! James
  17. So whats the deal with AEW and New Japan then?
  18. Really loving Moxley being away from WWE. I'm sure he's digging it too.
  19. With Moxley, Jericho, (and eventually Omega) doing NJPW, I'm wondering if AEW's weekly show will borrow a talent and book Pillman Jr. vs. Liger to open their TV show.
  20. Grant Morrison is my favourite superhero writer. I've read Morrison's 2006-2013 Batman run, Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth, All Star Superman, Final Crisis and New X-Men. Need to read JLA and Gothic.
  21. Me too. One of the best matches in NXT history.
  22. Juice's secret opponent has been revealed for the finals.
  23. ^^^Still my fav of Nak's WWE run.
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