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  2. We should be wary of giving refs too much personality/focus. Going that pathway may lie the creation of a new Red Shoes or Tirantes.
  3. Which is weird because I thought SmackDown would have the more sports build and have more in ring action, but most of the best workers wound up on Raw.
  4. Vikings vs Dolph and Roode and Buddy vs Cedric are worth watching. Erase the rest.
  5. Marty debuting at the end of the Thanksgiving Eve episode of Dynamite would blow the roof off of The Sears.
  6. RAW has a deep singles roster. Beyond Rollins, Styles, McIntyre, Owens, Ricochet, Orton and Lashley. They then secured Black, Joe, Andrade, Rusev, Cedric, Buddy and Mysterio. That's 14 guys.. 14 ! who can fucking GO in the ring at a moment's notice. I don't know if it'll make a difference in the quality but if you cannot produce a good show with that amount of talent you're a fool.
  8. can't believe Fox didn't get Charlotte. the SD womens division is fucked with Carmella and apparently now Lacey as the only babyfaces. pending "blockbuster trade" at least. Sad that Sonya and mandy were undrafted. Cool win for the Vikings, crowd was hot for them as well. why is Seth wrestling twice at SaudiMania. is he gonna get hurt against Bray so that Hulkster has to step in for the tag.
  9. So since I was at the movies, should I cherry pick watch anything from this show, or can I just erase it from my DVR?
  10. Sure enough, part 2 of the draft was just as dumb as the first. Daniel Bryan is drafted by SmackDown and they make a huge deal about Raw losing him. THEY DIDN'T FUCKING HAVE HIM TO BEGIN WITH Most of these picks were just ones to keep the shows as they were drafted a year ago. Then you look at the picks that were made and the order they were made in and it makes zero sense. Some of you can try to twist the logic into a way that makes sense, but the reality is that this company didn't put half as much thought into those picks that you did. Ultimately, they just kept shit the same and made good workers look lesser than in the process. Yet another person commits arson against Bray Wyatt. Coooooool. I hope to hell Randy Orton re-tweets himself from a month ago when he called for this exact thing to happen. And on top of it, Bray will job again or we'll get another non-finish because 50 Cent: Blood in the Sand is basically just a glorified house show. Sorry Bray, you've been Ryback'd. Braun and others can give you more details about this club you've joined. I used to like Seth too. I didn't think he was nearly as bad as you all made him out to be, but now he's just been saddled with one lame ass storyline after another and the scripts he's given are dogshit. Like, he's great at memorizing them, but his ability to act those scripts out isn't good enough to inject any charisma into charisma-less dialogue. Didn't care for the closing tag match either. About the only positives I can say are that it's cool the War Raiders are champions and I really dug not only Buddy vs Cedric, but Buddy winning as well. I'm hoping that next week things wind up better and the quality of these shows have gone down because they've been saddled with booking around the draft. So maybe with the draft out of the way Raw will be somewhat watchable again like it was a couple weeks ago.
  11. Just watched bte, this is such good shit, pal. The world is not ready for pentagon on Wednesday. I love pro wrestling.
  12. Lio Rush is more talented than Mike Bennett. He should be thankful Vince is a crazy old man throwing around $500K contracts at anyone who ever wrestled in ROH.
  13. I feel for Bray Wyatt. Rebooting himself as a kids TV show host of the Firefly Funhouse and as the sinister alter ego, the Fiend...to now. Both guises felt hot and different. In the lead to Hell in a Cell, the Fiend was making more appearances than he should but the real damage was done at Hell in a Cell. Fiend needed to squash Seth for the WWE Universal Championship but that didn't happen, getting drafted to Smackdown where Brock has an iron grip on the WWE Championship and now this. Fucking frustrating.
  14. refreshing to hear him not sacrifice his journalistic integrity for the sake of extending undeserved benefit of the doubt. sadly he failed to make the final logical leap: it isn't that the league can't see what we all see, it's that they've decided this is, from a business standpoint, perfectly fine.
  15. I'm not arguing they shouldn't be pushing Bray. I thought HIAC should have ended in five minutes with Bray murdering Seth and taking home the title. With characters like the Fiend I think its a case of Vince not fully getting it and Seth being the type they feel should be champ despite the previous heel run and current run showing he should in no way be there outside of a cup of coffee length.
  16. I swear these cuck storylines are gonna lead to a surfacing Linda/Ahmed Johnson vid with Vince holding the camera yelling, "What A Maneuver!!!" I'll see myself out.
  17. However, reportedly he actually isn't getting any money from it (the record label is though) because he sold all his rights years ago.
  18. well, if you factor in that the OT who actually committed the penalty happens to be white and the DE who got called for it happens to be black, you've got the oldest ground in America
  19. It's been a very popular sports anthem. It's also somewhat less known here than in England that Gary Glitter is a convicted pedophile.
  20. Remember, the Lions are the team that got penalized for a Bears player's action a couple years ago. This isn't even new ground.
  21. Dismantle blue, greens, and legendaries that don't have a roll outs you like. Vault the stuff that does have decent roll outs (stats and effects) but is either too weak or you aren't actively using. You can also dismantle exotic weapons that are weak since you can pick them back up from your collections.
  22. Nothing to do with Roman, really. It's creative boxing themselves in a corner and then instead of pulling the trigger on the hot act let's stay the course for.......reasons. Let me ask you this. Is Seth Rollins a draw? No, I mean the obvious answer is nobody is a draw. Ok so if that's the case then why not do something different with The Fiend?
  23. I thought it was an anthem for hockey teams and that one scene in The Office.
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