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  2. I may have been watching way way too much Fraggle Rock with Princess Sandy because the final episode just makes me cry, especially the last song and version of the closing theme. Having Doc deliver the final "Down at Fraggle Rock" was so damn apropos! James
  3. It was a rental so in case it comes on Showtime I won't be seeing it again. Go ahead and throw all that shit behind a spoiler tag cause I'd kinda like to see just how bad it really is. This being Zahler's opinion really disappoints me because I even used to read that guy in Metal Maniacs.
  4. Seth Rollins, WWE Poster Child, is the bitter end of a decades' long monkey's paw wish. We're all complicit in our own way. All of us. Even DEAN who somehow hated Mocho Cota at one point.
  5. Nah, but that's because Twitter has come about and made Scott Keiths of us all. Truly, we live in the Information Age.
  6. I still glance over at SK occasionally, but is he really that big of a voice in IWC circles anymore? I'd say not unless you started reading him 18 years ago like I did.
  7. Is there anything better than those early 90’s WCW themes? The ramp, “Smokin” or Vader’s theme playing. GMC on the introduction. Vader or Harlem Heat talking shit into the camera. Good times man.
  8. @Tromatagon You can’t make the LU comparisons with AEW. AEW is designed to be a traveling wrestling show. LU was a novela with wrestling as the backdrop. Like you said they were on a channel that nobody. It’s if WMAC Masters decided to film TV at MSG, and nobody showed up because maybe the masked ninjas in Florida have heard of you, but I bet no ninja in New York has heard of Willie “Bam” Johnson.
  9. I don't know what this is in response to, but you're 100% right.
  10. LU didn't get really good until Matanza Cueto showed up, IMO. The problem with LU was that it got good in season two, stayed good in season three, and then fell off a cliff in season four. AEW, on the other hand, seems to be coming in hot, though of course that's off the back of one-off shows and not weekly TV like Nitro was doing when it started hot.
  11. Masai is staying in Toronto! HUZZAH!!!
  12. Just popping in to post that I was able to snag a ticket to the Super J cup show at SFSU. Meltzer noted in his update that the WA show tix were on sale, but within the same link/ release the other shows' ticket links were included. I bought last night, and double checking today, the SF show is listed as SOLD OUT.
  13. It's got a way better chance. Hell, it's on a network available in more than ten homes.
  14. Well for starters AEW isn't in a contract situation with AAA like LU was so for that I like their chances. At least if things go belly up with the AAA collaboration they won't be up shit creek. And yeah, I think I'm trying to get people into it like you were with LU. But I also feel way more optimistic about their chances than I did with LU even though some friends dug the first two seasons.
  15. Seth can't blame creative (I suppose he could but..) so who else is left to blame? The fans. But here's the thing, the match received those chants because it was a fucking terrible boring mess. Nobody cares about Corbin. Sorry, I know some people like her character but nobody cares about Lacey Evans either. They proceed to have this terribly booked predictable match that really belonged on maybe an episode of RAW, not a PPV main event. So of course fans were going to shit on it. They popped for Becky so I suppose people in the back where like "SEE! It worked! HAR HAR" but nah.. it didn't work. They popped to see her but they also popped because her coming out ended the boring shit they were given. If it truly worked then people would want to pay to see Lacey or Corbin get their ass kicked or people would want to tune into RAW to see it.. that's not happening so it is clearly not working and Seth can bitch and moan it is his own creative team that is shitting the bed and it starts with Vince.
  16. It's because Kenny is too good for that. He's too good for the zero chill wrestling scene for the most part. I don't feel like Seth or Will are smart enough to consciously try to use this to draw press away from Fyter Fest or anything, it's just kind of funny that it's happening.
  17. It's probably the most encouraging thing you could say about Kenny that he hasn't wandered into a petulant "best in the world" twitter debate--especially considering its largely between the guy New Japan slotted into his old spot, and another guy who has name checked him a couple times while swiping moves.
  18. I did this stuff with Lucha Underground and then it got bad and died so I don't have the heart to do it again.
  19. Speak for yourself, sir. I think I managed to get three lapsed fans to check out the show and I hope it's good enough for them to consider following AEW. I guess we'll see after Saturday.
  20. Man the WWE guy and the New Japan guy sure have people talking about everything but Fyter Fest, which is pretty hilarious even though not intended.
  21. I might not have fully thought that part through so my apologies. But I still maintain that who his girlfriend is aside I like various things about him and don't hate him like I would certain others. But while I don't expect him to reverse course (too late now) he would be best off just dropping this.
  22. I had a friend at the show on Sunday who told me that the show was fun, and the crowd was good, but that they chanted "C.M. Punk" during Seth's match, which honestly might be the nadir of being champ in that company. Having a title match where you're supposed to be the company's face and you get chants for Punk. I'm sure it drove him completely over the edge if he wasn't already there.
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