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  2. That 1990 AJPW/NJPW Tokyo Dome show was fantastic. Zbyszko and Saito had a brilliant old school match for the AWA title, Kido/Kengo vs. Jumbo/Yatsu brought the interpromotional hatred which was then ramped up by Choshu/Takano vs. Tenryu/TMII in an incredible match. One of the best lariats I've ever seen leads to the countout finish. Sounds like a gun firing off. Then you have Vader and Hansen with the eye incident in the main event. Wild brawl. Great wrestling matched with a white hot crowd. Adore this.
  3. I like the idea of Perfect beating Flair for the title. Which my fantasy booking somehow leads us to Perfect vs Hart at WM for the title. With the two of them bickering like they would later at KOTR '93, but you know, for this show instead.
  4. I think it's ridiculous too. I can't remember if Pritchard verified it on his podcast a while back though?
  5. http://dailygrindhouse.com/thewire/stream-warriors-may-22nd-2020/ Basically, this article is A Guide to How to Find Cool Shit on Amazon Prime.
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  7. I'll never ever believe the story of Tito Santana being considered for a run with the title. Whoever told him that was just ribbing. I mean, come on.
  8. Maybe I was in bad form watching, but the FTR debut didn't do much for me. Could also be because ik not as aware of their NXT work. The truck was daft, they seemed uncomfortable in their movement (could be down to wearing street shoes though) and the turn on butcher and blade was far too obvious. Hopefully I'll see more of what has everyone else excited next time. Dug the battle Royal even if it had the usual battle royal issues. Some nice side story stuff like Colt with Dark Order as nd the continuing Avalon-Cutler lose-off. Glad to see jungle boy get an opportunity, there's money in him. Those elbows from OC were nice! The two tag matches were kinda just there. Liked having the Hardy costume changes pre-match, private party and Janela worked well together. SCU as a team don't do much for me, and Sabian needs a more defined character. What was the deal with the Hangman-Kenny CCTV footage? Weird use of them both. Loved the pep rally, the daft gifts, Ortiz and the ear muffs, Swagger the poet/Neeson. Not sure about the Tyson stuff. Not a UFC fan so no clue who the lads with him were and if they are legit dudes it wasn't sold enough. I did love Jericho's "KHAAAAAAAN" style shouting of "TYSOOOOON" at the end. Cody as a Trek fan must have enjoyed it too. Sounds like I'm down on the show but I mostly enjoyed, just a few nit-picky things that didn't work for me but YMMV.
  9. That N64/PS1 crowd... surprisingly worked. F'N fantastic storytelling with the tourney, seriously freakin fantastic. Leon Ruff sells like a videogame rag doll, love it! The Fight Pit is freakin great! I would love for it to be used again.
  10. On some wwe doc they talk about how much of a twat HBK was during the post show presser. Kicking the door open loudly just to nake sure people didn't forget about him on his way out.
  11. Don Cherry used to do it all the time during NHL hockey but it was along the lines of "Here's Mitch Marner coming into the rink tonight. Nice suit. Pretty good looking guy!" At no point, though, was there any semblance of attraction or lust in his voice, much the way there is when male commentators comment on females
  12. A smaller batch of stuff, some of it rewatches but mostly things that could/will end up on my list. Amazing Grace (Hulu) was more interesting than good. Heck of a set of performances and something of a technical marvel that they managed to cobble it back together, but the article I read when it was released made it sound better than I felt it actually was. Not to the level of the documentaries I have included on my list. I'm not sure they actually credited a director for it at all, as Sydney Pollack is in the Thanks rather than a proper credit; could be the only movie in the whole set to have that distinction. The rest of these are HBO. Dragged Across Concrete made me wish the movie had been 2:43 of seeing someone being dragged across concrete, rather than what it was. Mostly ridiculous and full of itself. Though "bad, like lasagna in a can" was something of a keeper. Nocturnal Animals was Tom Ford's second feature film, and I gotta say, I do like the way his movies look. I'm not sure the story quite lives up to the stars in it or the way it looks, though. Having said that, the ending is pretty devastating. This won't make my list, but it's an interesting take on a lot of different genres. BlacKkKlansman would have been more memorable if John David Washington were half the actor his father is. And it didn't need the Charlottesville chunk at the end to get its message across. The rest of it was like the very, very best parts of Mad Men, where it splits its audience into 3: the people who marvel at how the world used to be, the people who wish the world were still that way, and the ones with brains who realize nothing's actually changed. This is on my list, but not super-high. Winter's Bone is a million percent bare-ass obvious Hero's Journey to the core, but damn if it isn't one of the most awful sets of circumstances to watch a person get dragged through. It's one of those films where I feel like I could leave it off my list entirely, or I could end up throwing it in the top 50 and not feel bad about either decision. It's got its flaws, but it's really got some great great great moments, too. But Prisoners was probably the big winner out of this cohort; I could recall not being super enthusiastic about it when I watched it maybe 5 or 6 years ago - it does drag just a bit in the middle when the case takes a turn - but I don't think I've had an opinion of a movie improve this much since The Big Lebowski finally clicked for me on about the 3rd viewing. Jesus this movie is so tightly wound and so well-executed. Quite possibly Hugh Jackman's best performance, this or Logan, and it's kind of crazy to think Gyllenhaal was in the middle of a run of End of Watch, this, Enemy, and then Nightcrawler. Holy fuckballs. He's had some real shit this decade - I mean, he did Prince of fucking Persia - but still. The hammer scene about an hour in sees Terrence Howard in the background, not saying a word but managing to completely fucking steal it just with the devastated look on his face. The insane, blurry, strobing rush to the hospital towards the end is just so well-done. But still, probably only Denis Villeneuve's third-best movie behind Arrival and Blade Runner 2049. I should really rewatch Incendies, too...
  13. At best, he is a naturalized citizen, making him ineligible for the office. Can you imagine the outrage once people find out he used to be a headhunter?
  14. I loved it. LoT is my favorite show on TV, period. I've just started a podcast where my co-host Travis, who's watching the show for the first time and I talk about each episode. We're in the middle of season one, which is an entertaining train wreck, much like our podcast is as we get used to recording with each other and deal with recording tech issues during the first episode. It's called Gideon Guys, because the concept is the same as Gilmore Guys and I'm not above ripping off my favorite podcaster, Kevin T. Porter. And I guess what is family friendly and what isn't is based on the age of the kids watching and parental choice. Cause Stargirl is so wholesome and obviously a show for kids it feels like the best CCM TV show ever. If they started talking about Jesus it'd fit right in. And I love it. I'm a HUGE JSA nerd, therefore I'm all in and I'm loving it. Brain Wave was expertly cast, and they're setting up Brainwave Jr. Oh and when Pat was talking about the JSA members who were killed he specifically mentioned Hawkman and Johnny Thunder. That tells me that we are going to see Jakeem Thunder. Why else bring up the most obscure JSA member, and my favorite Golden Age character? And Hawkman can be resurrected, so maybe they're gonna take another swing at the Hawks, who haven't been done well yet ever in live action. As we talk about on Gideon Guys. Oh yeah.
  15. For those wondering why Bray isn't challenging Braun at the June ppv....
  16. Minneapolis is going to be burned to the ground by the weekend. Holy shit.
  17. Bill wasn’t never going to work very long in any place that he didn’t run from top to bottom. I imagine WCW would have found a way to mess it up like they did every idea they ever had. Vince goes national no matter what. Whether or not it spawns it’s own unique era of wrestling and entertainment in general is the only question.
  18. That was Musberger, also. "“Fifteen-hundred red-blooded Americans just decided to apply to Florida State." For reference, only: (Probably SFW but spoilering anyways)
  19. What if Bill Watts becomes booker in 1989? I've always heard that he was offered but declined because he didn't want to answer to Jim Herd. I wonder if his run is viewed more like Flair's 1989 or more like Ole Anderson's 1990, who gets pushed, and how long he lasts in power.
  20. I'm here for you. Getting through the real ending of 999 is a door you can never un-walk-through? Yeah.
  21. I know we're not supposed to talk politics on this board, but....
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