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  2. As far as I can tell, just from watching boxing for awhile, it seems like just being hit in the groin with the protector/cup on sucks period. Plus, you're dealing with folks who know to how to punch which doesn't make it any better. The punch was pretty egregious whether it was a direct blow or not. Is it a punch you quit over? Again, it feels like I seen this happen at least two or three times before where the guy who got low blowed and ruled unable to continue lost by TKO. I think they were all Friday Night Fights/ShoBox level fights though. Anyway, those blows IIRC were undeniably fouls and looked painful. With that said, I could make argument for those fights being technical decisions if 4 rounds were completed. I wouldn't necessarily say those guys were pussies just because they may have milked it and overacted a bit (in one case, one guy was on the canvas in pain and then popped back up when the call was made ruling it a TKO). And I'm the same guy who believes Anthony Smith did the commendable thing against Jon Jones back in March. The context is important. Maybe I'm spoiled from watching people like Herb Dean and Dan Miragliotta handle situations like that a little bit better in MMA, but that whole thing was strange as fuck. If Virgil Hunter wanted to stop the fight, there were plenty of opportunities before hand. That's one thing. Second, why was it so immediate that referee and doctor/physician make sure Khan was able to continue? If this was an eye injury or something like that caused by a foul where he was in danger of being permanently damaged, I would definitely understand. However, he got hit high on the groin. You don't need to check on him every 10 or 15 seconds. If he has five minutes or whatever the allotted time is in New York, go with that and proceed from there. Also, if you feel Khan was taking that severe a beating, you had multiple chances to stop the fight. So in my mind, it's not whether Khan wanted out or not. It's making boxing feel like it's tennis or golf where you can just end bouts out of the blue where there plenty of chances to reach a logical conclusion beforehand. Gvodzyk/Ngumbu was strange, but Gvodzyk wasn't beating Ngumbu anywhere close to what Crawford was doing to Khan. So if a guy has a random injury before any real action happens, it is what it is. With Crawford vs. Khan and people saying Khan wanted an out....you know what would have been a more sensical out? The referee interceding on Khan's behalf after he has been stunned by a third or fourth unanswered punch. That's an out. High level world title fights shouldn't end like what happened last Saturday. This ain't a six rounder in a casino ballroom jerking the curtain. End it when it makes sense or let the shit play out.
  3. If they actually get behind Robert Roode, this will be the best, most glorious era of RAW ever. He'll probably job back to Ricochet next week. That Bray segment was something else. Man, I knew they were brothers and all, but with his hair pulled back, you can really tell Bray is Bo's brother. Haven't they had significantly bigger than normal third hour drops every time they've advertised a Corbin main event?
  4. Ultimately, this is the big problem. Like @Burgundy LaRue said, there is no in-between here. Either this gimmick is going to be the single greatest gimmick in wrestling history, or it's going to be the cringiest gimmick in wrestling history. I trust Bray Wyatt is the type of genius who can pull this off. I do NOT trust WWE Creative to write it well enough to pull it off.
  5. Yeah, it''s really weird for Cesaro to come out to the Celtic influenced theme music. I thought it was just a screwup and someone teed up the wrong track, but they played it again after the match.
  6. I dunno... faction wars era ROH was pretty painful to watch James
  7. Today
  8. I find current RoH TV easier to watch than I did in last couple of years. Bucks would deliver on PPVs, but other than that I found them painful to watch on TV. It also didn't help that main faction would get most of their development either on their Youtube channel or in NJPW/All In. It got especially bad after All In when it felt like they had nothing till they all lost on Final Battle and left. And you can blame Delirious for that, sure. Or The Elite if you want. But my point isn't really that. Regardless of who was responsible it didn't really work and, long term, I think it is good for both RoH and The Elite that they parted ways.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if Bray came up with it. I would think it would lead to Bray brainwashing a new cult of followers, but I have no idea where WWE will take it. I mean, they pissed away sure fire gold with the Wyatt Family, so I'm going into this with no expectations.
  10. I guess "Adult Swim" infused creepy kids show host Bray has some potential.. but Bray's somebody who would twist any sort of gimmick like that. If they suggested a motivational speaker, Bray would end up doing things that would get accused of stealing from WFMU's Hearty White. If Bray was tasked with a Varsity Club revival, he would end up doing the things that Sullivan implied were part of the original varsity club. And so on.
  11. Maybe Lacey Evans should just stop throwing the Woman’s Right against Becky. Someone keeps forgetting to send her the memo that she’s suppose to sell it.
  12. Los Angeles Angels reliever Hansel Robles uses the Undertaker's theme when he enters games. It was mentioned by Yankees play by play announcer, Michael Kay that Robles is a big WWE and Undertaker fan. It was audible watching the game on tv. According to Kay, Robles asked the Angels staff to put together an Undertaker like entrance video for him with a white horse and the moon. Robles uses Taker's most recent theme "Rest in Peace". I imagine using the original funeral dirge at a ballgame would be incredibly awkward and unsettling for most people.
  13. Yes. Goofy dork Kurt Angle is my favourite version of Angle.
  14. If you've picked a perfect playoff bracket up to this point, what is wrong with you?
  15. Jackson really struggled this year. And I like Drummond a lot, but he's never really proven he can seriously help a team win. I still maintain they should've done a soft tank when Blake hurt his knee, just those last couple of weeks, and prayed for lottery luck.
  16. I don't like calling someone out. I have never stepped in a ring nor have been punched low but if his balls are where Crawford punched him then he has some anatomical issues
  17. Oh can we have Kurt Angle as Elmer Fudd, please please.
  18. You should be fine here. Rare when a spoiler comes out without warning/spoiler tags.
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