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  2. I loved Maverick putting his feet on the drivers seat as he pinned R-Truth to gain elevation
  3. In this argument The Uso's are The Smoking Gunns of this generation. I'd love to have a Quebecer's.. or an Owen & Davey.
  4. Today
  5. Apparently Anna Akana did call him a psychopath who tortures and sexually abuses women in 2017 when Bright came out, but I don't think it got much traction, because I have zero recollection of it.
  6. Other than Joanna? Nobody. It's like a bigger gulf than when Silva ran roughshod over the middleweight division at his peak.
  7. Using that logic you must've backed Roscoe & Boss Hogg in their pursuit of The Duke Boys.
  8. Was about to say, there needs to be a Super Dragon match for the PWG Anniversary show...
  9. What matchup at 125 isn't that with Valentina?
  10. Shenmue 3 has been announced as a one year exclusive for the Epic Store. Lots of upset people because of that.
  11. That's how I used to get PPVs to work in the late 90s.
  12. I mean you get a free pass into the second round and more time to rest after the tournament starts.
  13. To really put it over the top, Dillinger should have run away, flailing his arms while screaming for security once the brawl started. In a total "We don't give a fuck and it shows" move, WCW should have given Dillinger the gimmick of the world's most useless security guard.
  14. Bryan is going to be an amazing heel commentator someday if he wants to do that. Bryan vs. Otis is going to be amazing. WHY IS HE DOING THAT WITH HIS HIPS?
  15. I think you mean, "He Locate Me". Thank you, I'll be here all night.
  16. He Found Me? Anyone...Anyone. Is this thing on
  17. Good photo. Liking the Coach Tony embroidery on the tracksuit top.
  18. Doug Dillinger was the most inept security guard ever, even worse than Bully Ray.
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