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  2. Yes, 500 isolated incidents.
  3. My god. Kieran Culkan - the coolest Culkan by a mile.
  4. The head of the English FA after the game: “I was up in the stands with some of the FA staff. We heard some sounds which sounded like monkey chants. We had a pre-agreement with Gareth that I would come down if the game was interrupted. I heard some more chants and saw some activity which was appalling. I wouldn’t want to describe it but it was appalling, and I had a chat with Gareth at half-time.“We were told by the officials that 500 people in the corner who caused a lot of trouble has been thrown out at half-time. They said after that there were isolated examples of racist behaviour, not massed examples, and the protocol deals with massed examples of racist behaviour. They’ll have to collect more information from live footage of the game. “I’m happy that Gareth was in control from our side. He got the players together when the first incident happened. Then, when the second incident happened the referee said, ‘Do you want to carry on?’ He said, ‘Let’s get to half-time and review it.’ He sat down with the players; they wanted to get out there and play. And I think – and this is only my opinion – there was less racism and chanting in the second half. Any of it it appalling. I spoke to Gareth at the end and he felt they made the right decision to end the game. “I would like to see a very stringent review by UEFA. I know they take racism very, very seriously. If we say we’ve got zero tolerance for racism, then one person making money chants is the same as a hundred. To be perfectly frank, we also need to address racism in England. We have it throughout the pyramid. We shouldn’t take the moral high ground; we should join a movement to drive it out of the game. UEFA are going to have to think very carefully about the level of abuse they are willing to let players tolerate, and they are going to have to make an example of somebody one day. We have to be so proud of our team and our backroom staff, who stood shoulder to shoulder in the face of abject racism and showed they were stronger than racism.\
  5. Man, I REALLY want to know what it was that set him off. I'm glad Kingston seems like he's in a good place mentally. Love the guy.
  6. You could get the deal with the free membership when it was running.
  7. 4 goals for Pastrnak, Pastamania runnin wild.
  8. I don't object to Archer becoming USA champ, even if the means were not ideal and it is likely going to be a short reign. I'd probably have Juice win it back before WK and have Juice/Mox III at WK. Will/ELP was what probably everyone expected it to be, but I found ELP doing certain moves a bit too much. Feels like he was killed a bit here.
  9. It'll probably take at least three hours to scroll that Twitter death thread. One omission I noticed: Sky High. I'm also holding out for them to release the shorts... you can't tell me a collection of, say, the Goofy toons like "How to Ski" shouldn't be there.
  10. Today
  11. Great ending to Righteous Gemstones, although I'm not sure what would really carry Season 2 outside of Jesse getting back into everyone's good graces.
  12. The cast in that movie is just so godamn great. The sequel slightly improves the already great cast, gives the movie a way the fuck better story, and gives Ricci more to do and it's one of my favorite 90's movies.
  13. That was the most fun I've had with this game, and all I did was sit on the edge of that precipice in case I needed to do a quick run in to prevent that thing from resetting. I never even saw what he was fighting. I desperately wanted it to go godlike, and I wasn't disappointed.
  14. The actual new moves mostly look great! There's even an Okada-y tilt a whirl tombstone! I will talk shit about this then end up buying it when it's pathetically cheap and fastidiouly update the bad movesets of downloaded edits, without ever remembering to actually wrestle a match!
  15. 1st Tuesday AXS is the October 29th and Twitch will air it Tuesday and Friday for us Comcast people.
  16. Since it appears to be the Jets, I assume Wahoo (for Dont Call It Colimbus Day).
  17. Lmao at their cynical preorder bonus being a load of thrown together gaga shit headed by a character that ended up DOA because Vince can't book and Bray can't wrestle This looks...remarkably bad, and most of the additions seem like they were made by people who don't like wrestling, to appeal to youtubers who don't like wrestling And they took out the ability to make the AEW title, which was probably more out of ineptitude than spite Can u imagine the sheer scale of the day one bugs
  18. I take back all of the bad things I said because they included the original Tombstone with both legs on the one side. Lots of Okada moves too.
  19. Not quite. Front row, second from the left...
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