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  2. I don't think there's any way it's 5 hours. I guess it's possible the air the pre-show stuff in the first hour, the PPV stuff in the 2 to 3 hours after that, and then the extra time is just there for overrun. The other possibility is that the show is only 2 to 3 hours and as soon as it ends they start re-running the show in whatever remains for their 5 hour block.
  3. I love the recent M:I films, but I can't give that title to a franchise with M:I 2 and 3 in it.
  4. I can imagine the 24/7 title is also one of Vince's ideas to get people interested in attending house shows again. I recall during the last few years of the Hardcore Title (particularly around the time of the original brand split), a Hardcore Title defense on a house show usually consisted of the belt changing hands 5-6 times in the span of a minute, with the guy who came in as champ ending up scoring the final pin and leaving as champ (that's what happened last house show I ever attended -- 2002 in DC with Bradshaw as title holder). It would definitely work as a U.S. equivalent to the Ironman belt in DDT -- having a referee, announcer or inanimate object win the belt could definitely be a "viral" moment, though I highly doubt Vince knows what that means and would squash it if it got that far. (And thinking about house shows, getting a local celebrity like an athlete or media personality to hold the belt for a few seconds could garner some attention).
  5. I like the 24/7 idea. It's not like No Way Jose will ever contend for another championship. This a way to give mid-card folks some TV time and their names in the WWE record books. It's all in fun. A lot of it will be done over social media, which guys like Drake Maverick and R-Truth excel at. Imagine R-Truth has the belt again sometime only for his riding buddy Roman Reigns to pin him on the side of the highway for it. Braun Strowman is built for something like this, then have his buddy Drake take it off him. Someone is totally going to win it on UUDD. The belt is hilariously ugly and the name is sort of goofy. But it utilizes people whose creativity otherwise doesn't get used. We can debate the cause of the non-use, but this being a by-product of it isn't a bad thing.
  6. Trish and Terri won it as well.
  7. Three hours for a wrestling show is fine when it's a special show. Five hours is approaching WHEN THE FUCK WILL IT END territory even for good shows. I think it's because I went to all three days of BOLA 2015. It took a lot out of me.
  8. I am so happy with all the stuff getting repeated here that is in the RAW thread
  9. Technically the Hardcore title was intergender since Molly Holly and one of the Godfather's Hos won it. Yeah - I think they just don't want to use the phrase "Hardcore" to avoid potentially scaring off advertisers. Or it just could be Vince really really really wanted to have that goofy ass belt
  10. Final Brightburn Trailer Nothing that hasn't really been covered in the first couple of trailers
  11. Another Stuber trailer Feeling real good about my RT placement of this movie
  12. Is there even that much of a difference between the new 24/7 title and the version of the Hardcore title with 24/7 rules? It's the same thing to me, but with a different name. Naomi on Twitter is saying the title is intergender, so that's something I guess. But it's a comedy belt at this point, so who even cares really.
  13. Looks like a sign for a Diner off I295 in Jersey.
  14. The WWE 24/7 Championship introduced on RAW last night:
  15. What number do you think Tony Khan would be happy with when it comes to PPV buys for DON? 70,000 to 80,000 buys? What do you all think?
  16. I haven't paid attention to Minoru Tanaka in prolly 10 years but I really dug the Daga match. Total Worldwide 97 feel.
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