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  2. Did Flair invent the flop or was that something he saw Ray Stevens or someone else do first?
  3. Nope. I've been getting hit with Fusions all over the place during the IB this week.
  4. Wrestling is a lot more flexible than that. In a few weeks time the top star of the 80’s WWF went from a short, but “realistic” wrestler with a legit amateur background, to a large, and almost comic book-like superhuman orange monster. Completely changing the status quo of their business.
  5. It seems like most of the tag teams are “shades of gray” rather than aligned along a clear face/heel dynamic. So I would have the Revival come in and tease a Bucks confrontation, only to have a clear heel team jump the Revival to serve as their first real feud and hold off the first Bucks match for either All Out or DoN. My first thought for the heel team would be H2, because I think Revival could get them over and could be good bases for them. But the more I think about it, I think Spears and a partner may be a smart choice. They obviously know each other, and if the Revival can’t get Spears over, no one can. You could also use that feud to align Revival with Arn. (Which is also part of my “Instead of Arn turning on Cody, he corrupts him into being the Flair of a new Horsemen group” fantasy booking.)
  6. Fucking hell, when Hiroshi Tanahashi and Kota Ibushi can't drag a decent match out of you, you might want to consider a change of career. However, I'm all in on Golden Aces vs. Zack Mephisto.
  7. Things that would make me possibly watch a BL movie.: 1 - not live action 2 - First scene has Scooter come back from the dead and strap Rhys and Vaughn to a rocket. He then launches em into the nearest sun while hollering a triumphant catch a ride. Neither of them is ever mentioned again. 3 - Every subsequent scene includes at least one of Tina, Torgue, Tannis or Wainwright Jakobs
  8. In a rough about-turn, and against my better judgement, I'm going to give S3 a go as it looks like it might actually emphasize plot over cerebral fuckery this time
  9. It's the same with anything else. If in Avengers: Endgame Captain America started shooting lasers out of his eyes then it might not be any less "realistic" than him being able to boomerang his shield but it would be against established norms.
  10. I guess I just feel like in the last week I have run into a million of them But it could be that everyone has finally stopped using linear fusion rifles
  11. If people were going to take issue with the size of AEW (male) wrestlers, you have to get past Marko and Darby before you get to Orange. Plus, he's actually pretty ripped, even if he isn't bulky.
  12. Downloaded the first ARN podcast and I am cracking up for all the references to Boaz, Alabama. Years ago at our Vegas convention I was out wandering around the show floor when I came upon their booth... they must've gotten in at the last minute because they were all the way in the back of the LVCC South Hall (S2 on the handy dandy floor plan), nowhere near any of the other municipalities. No man's land for all intents and purposes. I was doing the company man thing chatting with their booth rep and asked him how the show was going for them. Their foot traffic must've been nil because he was like, "you all the way back here, either you looking for us or you lost." Does he talk about his SMW run teaming with the Rock N Roll Express on any of the episodes?
  13. I don't think Sweet Biz ever left the meta. I think new players are just discovering it for themselves. God help us next season if they are running Titans and really take a close look at the benefit that the perk for the Actium War Rig provides.
  14. But if Kathleen Kennedy is gone who will be the one to hire the hawt flavor of the month director?
  15. Fuck it, Sonic the Hedgehog was fucking awesome. i think I wanted to see it more than my kids. Maybe, maybe not. One of them actually dressed up as Sonic for Halloween. it was great and violent and funny and Jim Carrey and James Marsden were great and not totally upstaged by the blue devil. And like realistically probably has a huge kill count.
  16. Nevada State Athletic Commission has once again banned face-to-face between Wilder and Fury during the weigh-in.
  17. Today
  18. Speaking of Auto Rifles - it was only recently that I noticed Sweet Business had become the new hottness
  19. So not only is the full game still 70% off on Euro PSN Store (was supposed to end on the 19th), but now Entrance Craft is 28% off (£15.99 £11.49), and Stardom Collaboration 1 is 40% off (£15.99 £9.49). Worth it?
  20. First episode of season 7 of Clone Wars is not bad and sets up a horrible tone for the first story arc. Hopefully we'll get more on these new guys next week.
  21. TWAB has previews of coming attractions and most of them are nerfs. There will be a new Grandmaster difficulty for Ordeal Nightfalls and probably other PvE content. Izanagi's Burden will receive a nerf. Outlaw perk will be replaced by No Distractions and Reload Speed will not buff the reload animation for Honed Edge. The Icebreaker rule is now in effect since we're all about trivializing encounters by killing shit before it can engage us. The buffs to Sniper Rifles in PvE that were put in place in Shadowkeep will now be removed. Grenade Launchers will also be nerfed. All Aggressive Frame GLs will be converted to Rapid Fire frames and their damage has been reduced to account for the RoF. GK damage in general to Major level enemies and above will be reduced by 10%. Good bye Swarm of the Raven strat in Crown of Sorrow and Prospector cheese in Last Wish. LoW will receive yet another nerf. Release the Wolves perk has received an accuracy nerf to make it more of a close quarters weapon. Prior to the nerf, RtW allowed LoW to have the same damage output at a longer range as the default setting. They are calling this a fix, but I am not sure. Tons of adjustments for Last Word just in time for my Luna's Howl struggle. Hip Fire damage will be buffed and ADS damage will be slightly nerfed to encourage Fan Firing, but precision shots will have a larger damage modifier than body shot damage. This feels like something of a nerf, but Last Word precision damage from Hip Fire in D1 was insane so this may be a good thing. I won't know whether I like the changes or not until I shoot someone. Shotgun target acquisition will be altered so that there is more freedom of aim, but ADS no longer adjusts effective range. Shotgun apes worldwide are probably setting tires on fire in the streets right now. Similar adjustments are being made to Fusion Rifles, thank God. Range is being nerfed along with zoom. RIP Erentil FR4. I will not miss being cross map OHKed by that fucking thing. Auto Rifles will be receive damage buffs depending on the frame to allow them to be more competitive with pulse rifles and scouts in PvE and PvP. The era of the Hard Light meta has returned and Titans and Warlocks with Monte Carlos will be all over the place.
  22. I mean only paying the players a max of 250k for the extra game if they're under their old contract when it starts is a pretty big slap in the face.
  23. Empyrion Foundation is currently at Stage 6 with close to seven billion with a B fractalines donated.
  24. In, I want to say 95, I saw a triple bill of Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, and the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow. We were on the floor, maybe 30 feet from the stage. A dude in front of us puked during one of the Sideshow's acts. That's when you know it's such good shit pal. Same! My dad, a huge boxing fan, would always scoff at the 10 punch in the corner.
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