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  2. After coming down from the high of Double or Nothing, I've got BOSJ night 10 to watch today. It's a great time to be a wrestling fan.
  3. I’m not getting the Earl Hebner comparison with her. She’s more like female Tommy Young. That’s a compliment. Now she needs to make some questionable calls that piss off fans.
  4. I've only watched the first half of the show and will watch the second half sometime in the next couple of days, but so far my favorite thing is referee Aubrey Edwards staring down whoever who rang the bell early in the six woman tag and looking like she could kill them with a single thought. That's not a comment on the rest of the show, I just liked that a lot.
  5. Superluchas: AEW is already better than NJPW because they have women's wrestling. lololololololol
  6. yeah get rid of Alex Marvez. The throne spot I thought was a bit too much. But watching the show live, everything looked really cool. I'm curious to see how much Jack Whitehall will be involved going forward. I'm glad they didn't overdo it on backstage segments and no invisible camera guy BS. But man, Cody and Dustin probably had one of the best and most emotional matches of both guy's careers. I kind of assume from this Jericho will have the title when they go to TNT.
  7. Really enjoyed the show. Excalibur is basically a one man three man team because he had to carry Marvez and especially Ross through it all. I was into all the matches and never got bored, which happens a lot when I try to watch wrestling these days. I fucking hated the throne thing but hey it popped the crowd so whatever, it's all good.
  8. Beatles reference. “A Day in the Life.”
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  10. I believe he said he was going with the Alucard look in an episode of road to DoN.
  11. Cody might as well have been a Beatle, since there were two Freddy Mercurys on the show. Nakamura needs to step his game up. If the Battle Royal proved anything, it proved that even now, in 2019, Tommy Dreamer will take any spot from any Wrestler. Sonny Kiss could have done his headscissor stinkface spot with anyone. He did it with Dreamer. Jimmy Havoc could have done the staple gun elimination with anyone. He did it with Dreamer. Orange Cassidy* could have been lackadaisical with anyone. He was lackadaisical with Dreamer. * Presumably he was the original Joker card. And they didn't want to un-book him, so he just showed up apparently at random. I hope he's signed, they could do something with him.
  12. Total PPV buys for DON? Has it been made public yet?
  13. I think Cody has been listening to Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band a lot.
  14. I did appreciate Jericho bringing back the OG Walls of Jericho with the shin bridging over the back of the head - and I appreciated the fans in attendance catching that and cheering it on.
  15. First NBA Finals game in Canada, I believe. Happy for Toronto fans and even our own Lawful Metal for getting a win this postseason with Giannis' exit. There's your gift. Hot takes on Giannis have begun. Hope the Raptors grab both of these Durantless games in Toronto. Their best shot.
  16. Honestly nothing wrong with having a personality through your outfit as a lead guy. Gorilla had his colorful jackets, and tinted glasses. Jesse looked like a Long Beach pimp. Vince had those Cosby sweaters. King wore his gear. JR wears a hat. Just because today’s WWE has sterile looking announcers, doesn’t mean everybody has to follow there lead. That’s Vince’s fault for forgetting the need for individuality between lead commentators.
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