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  2. Big upset but I also didn't think the Badgers were in the elite class this year. I think on a neutral field they'd get walloped by the top 5.
  3. Yeah, that's one I really didn't expect.
  4. First really big upset of the season.
  5. Wisconsin beats Michigan 35-14 Michigan beats Illinois 42-25 So, obviously, Illinois beats Wisconsin.
  6. It's not working for me and it should be, I'm 100% that audience.
  7. Stakes, Surprises, Serialized Storytelling. Even one of the three would be nice.
  8. I could completely be misremembering, but I feel like there was one Raw where there was only 20 something minutes of actual bell to bell action. TV matches were constantly only 2-3 minutes long, and fans would start chanting boring at the first sign of a headlock. There was a period in the early 00s where they basically had to re-educate fans to accept longer matches.
  9. Man, the singer from Ghost looks like shit.
  10. Today
  11. JR commentary incoming.
  12. Finished it. Last fight was kinda underwhelming
  13. What an entertaining card. Lauzon's nasty Reverse Nelson, the Yair Stephens fight was gold, Reyes with the fadeaway, and Cormier and Cruz bugging out over that inhaler, this show nearly had it all.
  14. I was trying to give like the briefest possible overview because the best possible outcome of putting it out there is someone goes "oh hey maybe I'll play this WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON"
  15. Vince has about 25 years left in charge so buckle up. Shit, with how tired HHH sounds, I think Vince might out live him.
  16. They didn’t play his music so he refused to come to the ring.
  17. I remember the internet complaint in 1998, while both shows were popping massive ratings, was about how little wrestling there was and how short the matches were. now, the “fun” part of everybody being somebody’s favorite is that also means somebody will be annoyed online when anybody gets squashed (either really squashed or just something seen as a squash). So, your options to get somebody over means annoying somebody else. For the complaints over 50/50 booking, I suspect if then veered away from that, there’d be some sudden nostalgia for 50/50 booking. maybe the WWE found a way to do Indy supermatch style matches in a way that doesn’t appeal to casuals or hardcores.
  18. Honestly, I think that it's possible to do both of those things- please Internet hardcores and make the Wrestling industry like 1998 again....because wrestling in 1998 was basically an updated version of what worked in the 1980s boom. All you have to do is remember every wrestler is someone's favorite and simply give everyone on the roster something to do, make sure that if they're doing something, it's seen as important to them...and then give it a little time to gestate and work people into a frenzy for it. Tyler Breeze's career is a good example of this: People may have whined he deserved some big push before and after the Fashion Files...but during the Fashion Files, no one was whining, because Breeze was doing something, and they gave it the time to make it clear it mattered to the show. That's really all you need. Just give everyone something to feast on, and people will be happy, and when they're happy, they'll watch.
  19. Let’s just say that matches long enough that they go through multiple breaks probably isn’t a crowd-growing experience if it’s done every show. No live sport goes to commercial during action. If you’re a predetermined live sport, then you have the power to not have to deal with that as a regular thing.
  20. @BurningBeard I wouldn't be so quick to write off all of the current guys' promo abilities. It's true that as a whole it's not even close because for the indies since the rise of ROH the emphasis has been on in-ring and for those working within WWE, it's all scripted, sanitized, and over-coached. But, there's a pretty clear delineation between those who believe in themselves and what they are saying and those that are pretending. David Starr is 100% the former. Guys like Eddie Kingston, Samoa Joe, Juice Robinson, Kevin Owens (at least back in the day, I don't know what goofy shit he's up to now), Sami Zayn (Mark Henry said he's the best going today), Moxley, and Bryan can all give promos where it's clear they have conviction. Starr, for me anyway, is one of the best promo guys of this century. The WWE people often have to turn it up past 11 but they are more than capable of delivering great stuff on the mic. There are others who are clearly talented speakers and/or charismatic but aren't super believable, like The Miz, Jericho (though his current gimmick is basically just him turned up), and Wyatt (because of how outlandish and previously incomprehensible the shit he spews is/was). It's not a lost art so much as its been de-emphasized and perverted, but it can make a comeback. NXT, I believe, doesn't script word for word (please correct me if I'm wrong) and AEW is bullet points as far as I know, so there is some big platforms for wrestlers to deliver at least partially their own stuff and fail and learn. edit: Fuck, I forgot Juice. How can I forget JUICE?!
  21. The discount DVD company? (Where my movie board peeps at?)
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