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  2. It's certainly better than the last shot of the show. Though it is very fitting that the last image the audience gets to see is a horse's ass.
  3. I actually kind of rolled my eyes at that shot. But not as much as I rolled my eyes at the hackneyed trope "What brings us all together? STORIES!" Sooooooo played out.
  4. Yeah, they said on WO that Black's tattoos would offend the Saudis over there so he's basically not allowed for that reason. But at least he gets to spend more time with Zelina which I would think is preferable over going to that fucking country.
  5. @jaedmc heading out for Vegas and Double or Nothing weekend but will sign up for one of the sessions when I return next week. Looking forward to it.
  6. FYI for anyone looking to get Gloomhaven, Amazon has it for $93 today - still expensive but cheapest ever for a new copy on Amazon
  7. Brightburn is barely fresh at 63% on RT. I was hoping for better.
  8. What if Akeem and Saba Simba were tagged up? I'll show myself out.
  9. Yeah the whole "It's All Jamie Kellner's Fault" angle is bs, besides what's been stated before both TBS and TNT were sort of directionless before he came into the picture and there needed to be re-organization. Also I can see the AOL\Time Warner execs being leery selling and giving airtime to a WCW headed by Eric Bischoff the man that bankrupted the division along with the company backing him not having that much money.
  10. I was thinking that. But the fact that they turned him heel to fill a roll quickly basically confirms the company had no faith in Owens in a new face role. Really if they needed a heel to fill that spot for Bryan, they could’ve brought up The Undisputed Era, who are really doing jackshit.
  11. Seems like a crazy idea to do it 15 issues earlier than planned or whatever. Better to have a complete intended run to release later in trades or what have you. He was so hyped about finishing the run in interviews in the last month or so with whatever that status quo change was and how crazy it was, to him, that it got approved up and down the line. You have to figure this is about that.
  12. Jericho or Omega as the inaugural champion makes plenty of sense (hype, ratings, prestige for the belt, etc). Plenty of people in the Battle Royal that would make a viable opponent..MJF, Jimmy Havok, Joey Janela, maybe Darby Allin, maybe Hangman, maybe a bigger surprise. Whoever wins it, if they save the first Championship Match for AEW on TNT’s debut that puts that guy over as a top guy. And would no doubt be a great match. My money is on Jericho being the first champ as well as possibly becoming IWGP champion and that being the thing that advances a NJPW partnership. I think with the cards it’s a 21 card deck with 5 of each suit and a joker card. The 5 guys who drew the same suit will be in the same group to either start the Battle Royal or be in the group of five that enters every three minutes. Whoever draws the joker is #21
  13. One of the best things about that Timothy Olyphant interview is that I read everything in his voice.
  14. It's on PPV and also on B/R Live's app. The B/R app has the event for $50. Signing up isn't too bad and at least in my case it'll be available even if I end up seeing it next day. Considering I have a cookout Saturday I'll be starting this Saturday and finish it Sunday. If you used the Fite TV app it sounds like similar to that experience though unlike Fite the B/R purchase only has it on demand for 45 days.
  15. Today
  16. I liked LoT a lot and lost my shit seeing The Monitor eating popcorn. Going to miss Zari though liked how that all played out. But next season already looks pretty amazing with all the evil souls that will be unleashed.
  17. I'm pretty sure he's in there...check him out dropping in front of the cage, almost in the center...between Yokozuna and Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat. Thanks Morelock! If you hadn't mentioned that I wouldn't have had my own lil' game of "Where's the Wolverine?! Chris Benoit"?! That was fun. Preish!
  18. Yeah, I like Shield but considering it's pretty much a new story and setting it'll take a couple episodes to get a good feel for what is going on. But so far so good.
  19. KO got fucked over by the post-Mania Bryan injury. I hated that he was using the Stunner, but a face run is exactly what he needed to be freshened up. He should never have been turned back heel.
  20. I need to dig up the DVDs since it's been awhile. But the first video he has does break down the individual poses (I think he called them the Diamond Dozen) It did give me a good feel for the individual poses without the quick transitions. The first couple routines did have the quick transitions but I had no issue just pausing the damn thing until I was ready to move on. I've heard great things about the app but haven't had a chance to check it out yet. I have heard though that it does have easier to get into routines but not sure about the quick transition part of it. But reading his latest book does have me wanting to try these again so we'll see what happens. I will say though I do like the link with the starter poses, may be best for me to give them a shot first. While I still have a long ways to go I have been spending the past month going to the gym at least two or three times a week. I used to do strictly weight training but have started to get back into cardio. I'm to the point where there's actual progress with certain exercises and I generally feel pretty good. What helps is that my work opened up a gym that not too shabby. I am not one for showering in gyms so I mainly use it to try a set of slightly higher weights to see if I can do it. The biggest killer for me is what I eat but I'm trying to not be as dumb with my choices.
  21. Oooooh, a fun and wacky cartoon mural of wrestlers, designed to make us remember all the enjoyable things about wrestling! Don't forget to include the guy that murdered his wife and child!
  22. So, I have noticed that the old raids are becoming more popular, but the catch is that LFG groups are only accepting party members that have an Outbreak so that they can group melt the bosses. It's "Please Have Whisper" all over again. What a bunch of lemmings. YouTube is the bane of all multiplayer games. Oh, and I got so hemmed up with Reckoning clears that I never got around to running Weak Curse chests. I may have some time next Tuesday morning to get it done since I work swing shift from Tuesday to Friday and will be off during the morning / early afternoons all of next week.
  23. But why would he need to vouch for two dudes that had already spent years working for the company?
  24. it figures. The Heroic Adventure after reset was The Mindbender, so no fucking armor drops.. The Mindbender did do me the courtesy of dropping another Death By Scorn sidearm to replace the sidearm I shredded ages ago for cores to finish masterworking my first piece of Notorious Reaper armor. Hopefully I will be able to sneak in some game time between now and Monday so that I can take a shot at getting a Breather helmet and a Scorned Baron vest to drop for me. I have a set of Woven Blacksmith boots with Traction to wear with them along with a set of 700 Shards of Galinor arm armor that is sitting in my vault. I just need to find a cloak to wear with that gear that isn't too terrible looking. I'll use that gear for GP Invasions when I am working on the GP Invader Helmet bounty. Once I get a full set of Notorious Invasion armor, I can put that armor in the Vault. So, yesterday it was Prism and Grenadier in addition to the weekly singe (Arc) for the Reckoning. I got put into groups of rubes that could not make it past the Bridge. I started to get discouraged until finally I got matchmade with a three stack of guys from the same clan. Those dudes were serious. I used Nightstalker since they had a Well-lock but no Tether dude and then it dawned on me that I had just finished grinding the catalyst for Hard Light and maybe it would be a good idea to break it out. It was indeed a good idea. Once you have a catalyst for Hard Light, it pretty much becomes an orb making machine on the bridge. Just point and shoot at groups of Thralls and the orbs fall like rain. We got the clears I needed to beat the Reckoning weekly challenge in four runs. We pulled Minos on Run Three that booped all of us off of the bridge. The AoE stomp that the giant Taken Minos have is total bullshit. Anyway, I am two armor pieces shy of a full set of Notorious Sentry and Notorious Invader armor. I have enough synths to craft a full set of Sentry armor, but the invader armor is going to be a pain in the ass because I will have to knock out two Helmet bounties before any Notorious helmets will drop for me naturally.
  25. And if you haven't seen this, I think it's pretty bad-ass. Roddy throwing down, video game style from the movie "They Live".
  26. As I said when Mikaze was the champ - Kofi was gonna keep challenging until he won the title. Speaking of Mikaze - he said in one of the comments, that the Behind the Scenes stuff of Kofi's win is some of the funniest stuff he ever witnessed and he was trying to get the UUDD folks to release it
  27. As @RolandTHTG and @Victator already said, this is just not correct. You know what corporate decision makers like? Money. They also like being able to take credit for making said money. Hot WCW, making money and beating WWF, would absolutely not have been cancelled. It makes zero sense at all. Even the most anti-rasslin suit would hold his nose and keep it on the network to keep getting that money.
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