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  2. I gotta watch these, because currently I’ve binge watched the Mission:Impossible film franchise, and this to me is the greatest American action franchise ever.
  3. Yeah the extra pounds did nothing for him. Credit to him for being able to cut weight as an older fighter but he has caught some breaks with Burnett getting hurt in their fight and Tete getting hurt. Nonetheless doesn't matter how you win and he is getting some paydays at least
  4. I never watched the last one. But I liked Legacy more than two out of three previous movies. And not because Legacy was any good.
  5. I like to think the other two don't exist, Brian. You'll get a chuckle at the following...I fell asleep at the cinema watching Jason Bourne. I saw the first 15 minutes and the last 10. When Jason Bourne premiered on TV, I watched it and learnt I didn't miss much. Surprised how it turned out with Damon and Greengrass saying it had to be a great story to bring them back after The Bourne Ultimatum.
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  7. Oh Paul, a trilogy can't have five movies. (Unless Douglas Adams wrote it)
  8. That Swan Vs. Pillman was such a throwback. Swan’s heel work was straight out of the territory days. Jawing with the crowd, using heel tactics behind the refs back, manager interfering... The finish even reflected that. None of the zero heel work you’ve seen with somebody like Sami, who ignores it to do 50 super moves to an opponent. The only thing was the crowd wasn’t really behind it, but you have to do it more to get back into this work. I wonder if they put Cornette on the booking committee. This match screamed him.
  9. “No I don’t watch. I used to.” Oh boy lol. I saw the clip of R-Truth winning the belt. I have to admit I loved it. The reveal of the ref in the front seat was a nice mob movie double cross. I was actually expecting him to do the Jackie Brown trunk double cross, but this was even better. This is the best comedy the WWE has done in years. And they don’t really need the writers for these. The wrestlers can think of all the funny pinning situations themselves. Actually I don’t know why Vince even bothers with the drama part of the WWE. He clearly likes comedy the best(even if a lot of it doesn’t land). The 24/7 title should be the main belt for both brands.
  10. The sad thing is, they could probably fix the 24/7 concerns, give it gravitas besides "something for lowcarders to get face time", and handle this in one fell swoop: The 24/7 title is automatically vacated the day of every big event (PPV/overseas major show.) Whoever's 24/7 Champion going into the event gets a guaranteed shot at either: US/IC Title (for the heavyweight men)/Cruiserweight Title (205 men)/North American or UK title (NXT workers), or the women's title of their brand if a woman is champ. The next night another scramble happens.
  11. See, this is my issue with the belt, ugly as sin looking thing that it is. There's a lot of fun and creative things you can do with this in the age of the network and social media. But this company shows zero reason to give them any goodwill that they will even remember this thing exists or will be seen outside of main event within the next month. It's another shiny new toy to amuse a senile old coke fiend that he is going to get bored with and forget about.
  12. It's crazy that Donaire is still chugging along because he looked washed in the Walters fight and then the fight with Jessie Magdaleno. Granted, part of that is obviously going down to 118.
  13. Incubus went from being a genre bending slightly experimental rock band to being a fairly straightforward rock band. Sugar Ray went from being hardcore punk to bubble gum pop.
  14. In other big KO news this weekend Nonito Donaire would be advised to skip his flight and just concede defeat to Naoya Inoue
  15. Morning View is an almost perfect album and I won't hear any different.
  16. My one question about this, when they said all five brands are open for this... ...if Zack Gibson wins the title, would it instantly become the 24/8 Title?
  17. Remember when Bad Religion was a prog band?
  18. Is Bran Bloodraven? Does Bryden Rivers sit upon the Iron Throne (or whatever they use now?)
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