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  2. Epix's modern day re-imagining of War of the Worlds starring Gabriel Byrne and Elizabeth McGovern Starts Feb 16
  3. All CM Punk ever wanted was a WrestleMania main event and Vince McMahon apparently owed him several times over and he never got. CM Punk talked about it in interviews as well. So the fact that she talked about it for two years means nothing to me. Just because she talked about it, she deserved it more? She was hardly the only woman talking about women headlining WrestleMania. If you believe Meltzer the plan is for Charlotte Flair vs. Rhea Ripley and Becky Lynch vs. Shayna Baszler.
  4. Innocent unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, buddy.
  5. I blame Jimmy Havoc. I usually do. Taurus & Low Rider's ring walk = Million Billion starts and that fucking Triple Threat ruled. I think I need a Taurus squash match singles run in my life.
  6. That's been the case in literally every other GTA game.
  7. Get him to “Madusa” the WWE belt that they give to athletes that win major titles, and give him a replica of the AEW World belt to hoist in public.
  8. I do find it weird that the idea to make the 100th version of Charlotte vs Becky mean something is to turn Becky heel. Like that isn't going to make it more interesting. Maybe they did it because everyone knows that she is Seth's finance/girlfriend and having her be the top face is awkward
  9. Whoever wants to hire him better have a hell of a moving bonus.
  10. I absolutely think they are in some kind of gimmick match at Mania. They have plenty of time to build to one.
  11. For the pub I'd have him come out and punch MJF in the face if he would do it.
  12. I honestly didn't have any interest in either team for Sunday but I guess now I find myself rooting for the 49ers. Funny how things work though if he's going to give them love then I would give him the VIP treatment when AEW heads to the west coast.
  13. The Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 5) #37 written by Nick Spencer, Ryan Ottley the artist in Time, For a Change. Spider-Man’s on patrol and uses the Clairvoyant device to be ahead of crime. This was a great issue for that, a fun recreation of the Civil War II #1 cover, a very funny page of superheroes reacting to Spidey telling them about the Clairvoyant tool and a shock cliffhanger through Kindred. This one issue was better than the entire 2099 event which hampered the title. The Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 5) #38 written by Nick Spencer, Iban Coello is the artist. Breaking News, Part One. J Jonah Jameson wants to help his old adversary Spider-Man. This was really good for Jonah on a scooter after Spidey and how he’s trying to help Peter since Peter revealed he’s Spider-Man. Here his help makes things worse.
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  15. I'm not sure what was supposed to happen with that 619, but I'm not sure MVP was ever coming back full-time - it's just not the vibe I got from him when he did the 'Where Are They Now'. I actually like it when things are a bit rough anyway; it's not like it actually 'exposed' anything. MVP probably wanted to wrestle Mysterio, but it probably wasn't the right match for him. Pretty sure Orton turning wasn't the original plan, but Styles isn't a lock for WM so they buried Gallows/Anderson and did this. And, with respect to A.J., I think this is the better Wrestlemania match. I think the issue with doing Rated RKO is that without The OC it meant inserting themselves into the Rollins angle, & I can understand not doing that. Personally I'd have been all for using The Revival as roadkill, and I am sure they would have been down...but the roster split makes it tough, plus they probably don't even want to put The Revival in such a big match. Miz and Morrison I suppose were the other option, but if I'm Fox I'm already salty about them getting tossed so quickly by Drew and Brock.
  16. He said he went to at least 6 non wwe shows over wrestlemania weekend, and he’s doing wrestling mannerisms in playoff games and then describing them to clueless reporters. I don’t think there’s any embarrassment or anything, he seems like a super fan.
  17. I'm glad Edge is back. He gives them some star power and he's extremely self-aware as a total package. Super bright guy. You got that from the podcast if you didn't have it before. That said, Orton vs Edge, no matter how good the angle setting it up, is not going to be great. They're going to give it way too much time. Edge has never had stuff to fill time unless it was in a gimmick match and he was a heel. I get that there's a novelty to this and I'm glad it's on the card, but you should be feeling looming dread in the back of your soul about watching Edge vs Orton for 20 minutes, not excitement.
  18. GET THAT BREAD, ANGIE HILL~!! FUCK YEAH~!! I am kinda pissed that this event was like three hours from my house, but fucking 1ID in Germany wanted a readiness training event to be held over the weekend so I got put on schedule just as I was about to buy a fucking ticket on Tuesday.
  19. While I am appreciative of the fact that this series pretty much dispels the idea that cheerleaders are failed gymnasts that still want to tumble, I couldn't sit through half of this without getting infuriated. Bad things happen when you have an entire population of Type A's under one roof.
  20. I finally caught Ti West's The Sacrament (now known as Eli Roth presents The Sacrament) on Tubi last night and found it to be pretty decent. it is basically a neo-exploitation flick using the 1978 Jonestown Massacre as a template. It is presented in found footage format, but it is far too polished and slick for that genre so it may kill your sense of immersion. West does an excellent job of ratcheting up the tension until bad shit starts happening all over the place and the horror that unfolds is brutal and totally unapologetic as it should be, otherwise you betray the victims of the actual event.
  21. So I am guessing AJ is missing mania? Orton-Styles would have been fun but Orton-Edge is going to be great. Put the OC with Balor in NXT and bring AJ back as a face to feud with Balor. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone.
  22. The crazy thing about the Kobe Bryant rape case is that all that all the reasons people discredit her story seem to be very consistent with the kind of things predators look for in victims. There is no way for me to know for sure what happened, but with a gun to my head, I know which side I'd choose. It is such a hard thing to reconcile at times like this, because we all have an opinion, but none of us really know.
  23. And as not to seem to be an SK apologists, yeah, the movie is based on Stephen King long prose so it's about a 35% chance you're going to get an ending that satisfies you. It doesn't help that IT is a million pages long and the Act II is definitely the weaker of the two story wise. I get it that King wanted to compare and contrast the power of innocence vs the power of wisdom, but the Loser Club as adults part of the story is not as well told as the kids part.
  24. There was a Women's Rumble on NXT TV a week and a half ago. There were callback spots to it in the Women's Rumble at the Royal Rumble event, which nobody on commentary brought up. If Vince cared about pushing the brand, they'd have been "If you're loving this action, you can see these NXT Superstars every Wednesday night LIVE on USA!". But, naaah.
  25. It was a good steak, but I don't think my mom is in the frame of mind to get Gyp another co-conspirator right now. You are correct in your assumption that Gypsy is smart enough how to figure out a way to blow something up. Thank God she seems to be fascinated by HGTV, so I can usually leave her in the house by herself to run an errand and she will chill out on the sofa and watch Property Brothers or House Hunters until I get back.
  26. I don't really worry about a high Resilience score in normal Crucible because level disadvantages are not enforced, so Hunters will tend to be squishy no matter what. I usually focus on Mobility and Recovery and do what I can to augment my speed and Super generation aka Traction and Dynamo mods. With a Dynamo mod, I can usually generate about two supers a match if I am diligent about using grenade to support my team, dodging when I should, and using my melee ability. I tend to pop my first super around the 5 minute mark so that I have enough time during the match to maybe get a chance for another run in the twilight seconds of regulation game time. Nothing ruins a team's day by having some asshole like me slash through or burn down half your entire team with like ten seconds to go in the match and stealing the lead.. In the IB, however, I personally find that it helps to be a little bit tanky so that I have a better chance of winning 1v1s with people who are lesser light than me, but still close enough that you're not a skull to them. It is possible to have two stat scores that are 100 if you invest in the right armor mods and masterwork every piece to get the stat bonuses. The trade off being that if you've burned all of your armor points with ability mods, that doesn't leave too many armor points left to spend on things like targeting mods, weapon loader mods, aim assist mods, ammo scavengers, or ability buff mods.
  27. The hallways to the locker room are much longer now.
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